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just sharing a story

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by AGame, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. AGame

    AGame CH Dog

    So, My GF's family came up from texas and we were shooting the shit about bulldogs and her aunt tells me of this APBTxDOGO Argentino mix she has and says that she cant control it and that so far this mutt @ 8 months old mind you has bitten 6 times and has bitten a 20 month old child in the face and every attack gets worse and asks me what advice i can give her so i told her bulllet and shovel time so she cries and comes off with this story of how she cant because it was a present after her loved one passed away it means to much......Now my question to you people is what the fuck could make someone want to keep a HA aggressive mutt like this..... anyway i told her straight up she is just gonna contribute to the pit bull type bite stats and ruin it for the rest of her family in texas who raise honest bulldogs hope to hell she gets rid of this mutt
  2. lqaddict

    lqaddict Big Dog

    I hear you, man! I have a friend with a deranged cocker spaniel, and "what should I do with my dog?" shit is getting tiring, I really feel bad for his 3 year old daughter who already suffered a bite on her face. What makes it worse is that I paid a half for that dog that came from a puppymill, I got bitten by that dog, everyone in their family has been bitten by it, and it is still alive. I am just mad I cannot take it into my own hands, they will not allow me...
  3. lovemybull

    lovemybull Big Dog

    IMO she is being very selfish and she needs to put a bullet in its head. She should ask herself if the loved one who passed would still want her to keep it even though its HA. Probably not. Not only is doing wrong by the APBT community but she is also asking for a lawsuit. I feel bad for the poor kids (in both posts above).:(
  4. Dream Pits

    Dream Pits CH Dog

    I say OB training or a dirt bath. I understand her situation but she has a obligation to protect her child...
  5. AGame

    AGame CH Dog

    Yes, i understand she is still a pup but the thing is from what i have read on here most dogo x's or dogs bred from the US seem to be human agressive which im sure is not the case of all the breed (which i know nothing about mind you) so im gonna stick with the bullet, and apparently the father of the female dogoxapbt was very HA also is what she was telling my girl
  6. :0047:

    I hope she can think about this from a rational point and realize that she needs to do this.
  7. junkyard

    junkyard CH Dog

    a friend i knew a while ago had a fila that was a killing machine, he made a living hoggin for a few years, and it was his no 1 dog the thing was a people eating machine and he was the only person that could get within ten feet of it. meanest dog ive ever seen a normal day was this thing acting like cujo on cocaine. he has four kids and twelve other pig dogs and they are all great finders and luggers but this machine can find off the ute find the hog bay it, bail it up and lugg a pig ten times its size [if they exist] and do the job of three dogs. he kept the dog for five years in a twenty by twenty pen with solid mesh roof and concrete floors, and only used it to work. it died at nine years old and even though every dog he had had besides this one was awesome with the family he chose to keep this animal because of its standard, he took the proper precautions and due too that the dog never had the chance to attack a person. soit can be done.....................but i wouldve shot it for sure.

    i was nearly killed by a dob when i was a pup and i am in no way going to make the same mistake my parents made. ha= dead unless its its job.
  8. NewSchoolDogMan

    NewSchoolDogMan Top Dog

    Damn, that Fila wasn't bred right then. Filas are supposed to be suspicious and wary of strangers, but these dogs have ROCK SOLID temperaments with family and if the owner is present, these dogs become like any other dog. They will come up to you and be petted, when you are sitting in your friends living room, he'll come and investigate you, etc. Granted, they don't show as much enthusiam or get as excited when they are being shown affection by strangers, but they definitely will not bite a stranger when the owner is present, provided the Fila is bred right. Also filas are extremely protective, but they aren't the type of dog that will go on a rampage and go through the gate in order to get at any intruder. Half the time, they just lay there and will ignore you if you are just passing by. Only when you tresspass or don't act right will they show their fila traits.
  9. junkyard

    junkyard CH Dog

    newschool, ive been around a few and aided in the training of two, and yes this thing wasnt a typical fila, it was the devil, my point was that even though this dog was the epitomy of evil, the owner of the dog had a very good reason to keep it for its purpose and did it safely.
  10. viegas703

    viegas703 Top Dog

    If a dog is that agressive, to a point where you cant control the dog. it should be put down. Theres no reason to have a dog like that. I understand there are dog breeds that are human AGRESSIVE, but that doesnt mean they should attack every human for no reason. I have owned german shephered and dobermans and the yare human agressive when need be. A dog that is agressive like that all the time is just not acceptable. if training doesnt do it, then you need to put it down. but i dont agree with HA=death. Alot of dogs are human agressive guard dogs, but that doesnt mean theyre gonna kill everything.
  11. seriously blows my mind that people consider keeping a dog that is aggressive to children:(:mad:

    she really needs to put a bullet in that dogs head. :(
  12. i agree with you. :(:mad:
  13. outrightmike

    outrightmike CH Dog

    :mad::mad:yep should have been in the dirt already.
  14. Have you heard about POISON? It's one solution that your aunt can't blame nobody about if executed properly. Be careful with that shit though, might end up killing someone unintentionally. I've tried several ways of putting dogs to sleep. Bullet in the head, potassium chloride, etc. But if the problem dog is not mine or somebody might send popos knockin on my doors when the shit hit the fan... good ol' cyanide will do the trick. Like what I've said BE CAREFUL WITH THAT SHIT.

    Some dogs are worthy to be loved and some dogs need to be put to sleep. It's one fact that all of us can't deny.
  15. NewSchoolDogMan

    NewSchoolDogMan Top Dog

    Oh yeah, I got your point. I just wanted to point out that not all Filas are like that. Also I believe that if the dog has a purpose, isn't FA, and you are responsible enough to keep that dog secure and away from humans for the lifespan of the dog, then and only then should the dog not be put to sleep.
  16. baconffa

    baconffa Pup

    Red Farm desel
  17. Nico326

    Nico326 Pup

    Only 8 months and already bit a kid in the face? I get the sentimental value but I'm sure whoever gave it to her would rather see a dead dog than a dead kid. That's exactly where this boat is heading.
  18. 179pitman

    179pitman Pup

    I'd give him a dirt bath
  19. JamesT

    JamesT Top Dog

    If your aunt doesn't have the heart to do whats right.Tell her you found the perfect home for it on a ranch or something.After she drops the dog off and leaves,put a bullet in that shiteater and be done with it.Sometimes its a outta sight outta mind type thing and if you can get her away from the dog she will probaly soon forget about it.
  20. AGame

    AGame CH Dog

    Well im in TN and she is in TX but i told her what to do, Now she did end up taking it to the shelter and she asked them to put in writing that they would put it down and so she said they wouldnt so she brought it back home ...... now this sounds like fishy as hell to me im thinking she is ot being truthful hell at the very least she should have the bastard on a chain inside a kennel but the damn thing is in the house

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