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Lakelands/Red Fell types

Discussion in 'Patterdale Terriers' started by old duffer, Jun 15, 2020.

  1. 763F6406-985F-4DB4-8605-01B825C70BFA.jpeg Hello All
    Got this little Lakeland 18 months ago,very happy with her,suits me well ,I generally mooching about the local fields/farms etc.She got a bit of leg on her but is solid and got a good nose,how much fire? I don’t know yet,hopefully get an answer to that this coming season.Anyone else keeping Lakelands/Red fell types on here?
    Atb Duffer
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  2. AGK

    AGK Super duper pooper scooper Administrator

    Beautiful little girl!
  3. Box Bulldog

    Box Bulldog Premium Member Premium Member

    My brother has two Lakelands. They are crazy little dogs all out all the time.
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  4. david63

    david63 CH Dog

    Yes they are.
  5. Cheers AGK and Boxbulldog for replies,she’s been a diamond,I had a couple of Patterdale bitches in past and didn’t know this girls breeding as much as I would of liked,Sires an Irish import and Dam is Welsh home bred farm dog.Anyway she’s flying,dropped in a pipe at ten months,no encouragement,disappeared up it like a hoover sucked her up,a few steady bays and quarry was out and off,as soon as she gets a nose full now she’s on it.Glad I took the chance ,always wanted an old school red type.
    Cheers Duffer
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  6. Cheers David63
    She is on point as soon as the collar goes on,she took up residence indoors and gladly is horizontal,my nine year old daughter is forever sneaking her on her bed...dogs not complaining!Kept all my previous stuff in kennels up until me and the ex split,it’s taken five odd years to get settled somewhere affordable that has a yard,I say yard we live in rabbit hutches in England,it’s got about 15mx4m on the back,plenty for what I need for a couple of kennels.
    Cheers Duffer
  7. Box Bulldog

    Box Bulldog Premium Member Premium Member

    My brother does ground dog with his.
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  8. Box Bulldog

    Box Bulldog Premium Member Premium Member

  9. That a white one there BB?

    All the best Duffer.nice little dog you got there.
  10. Box Bulldog

    Box Bulldog Premium Member Premium Member

    She was darker when young she got lighter after a year or two. She got even lighter after having pups almost white. She is a ball of fire I personally like my brothers black male better he can turn on lots of drive but he will also relax a little, the bitch is like owning a tasmanian devil that needs 5 minutes of sleep per week.
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  11. 1918A71B-17FC-4CEC-9FA4-CD295BF69938.jpeg FD1AD6EE-0D26-4BDB-84C2-B3D7BD8B2BB0.png Hello Soze,how are you,still plenty of knowledge being shared on here by yourself and a few others,always good to see others passion for whatever type you keep or have kept.Yeah liked the bitch so much went back to mid Wales few weeks back and picked this lad up,same Dam the original Sires son is his Sire,haven’t dropped her in for a dig yet hope to meet a mate this way who will know a descent spot,got a couple of false earths in his permission too,he’s been out of action as he’s knocking on and had hip replaced!Puts it down to digging believe it or not,started in the seventies,told me some tales of even working Coypu back then.Hope you’re well yourself atb
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  12. Ive never seen a white one in the flesh BB but the Middleton dogs threw them.he says in his book they just as hard as the tans or the tan and blacks.
    he makes a fair bit of mention on the white ones,theres even a full chapter in his book on them.the chapter called "the white lakeland".
    Its great to see there favored so far away man!

    Hello Duffer...i new strains of terrier were still worked in Wales,its a good place to start.
    Coypu are huge man.i read some are over twenty pounds in weight.big that mate for a rat type creature.they look like a huge musk rat.or a small Beaver.
    according to Plummer(he we go)there was estimated over a hundred thousand of them in the uk in the 1950s.and the ministry of agriculture actully issued people licences to hunt them.(somthing they would never do now i might add)Plummer also claimed to have hunted these creatures and said they put up a poor fight, and a rat half its size would be more formidible.
    however dont absorb that as i just wrote it for some thing to write.what i would soak up are the storys your freind says about them.
    i beilve they were completely extinct over here by the 1970s,but lads have told me they have still killed the odd one down the years.but yet again-dont soak that up either!
    Ive never seen one in the wild.i think they were released from fair farms in the late 1940s?similare to the way Mink were realeased...i think?
    I think they American?
    Intresting beast.

    All the best folks.
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  13. Likewise BB,good to hear there about your way,sound pretty full on that bitch
    Soze,looked into that Little Croc dog,I believe the bitch they trying to get some pups from is Black Domina(deadsea kennels) all went into lockdown after a failed mating attempt and haven’t heard how they getting on yet.
    Atb Duffer
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  14. palooka

    palooka Premium Member Premium Member

    done a lot of digging with lakeland types, some too game for their good. regarding the white ones, go to any working dog show and the russell classes will be mainly lakeland bred , white lakelands and showing played a part in the decline of the old fashion russells, nobody seems to keep ugly workers anymore :)
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  15. Don’t think they come ugly anymore,hehe,patts are all pretty tidy now as well,mate had a red bitch/Wisp think it was from Neil Dewhurst,great worker,he used to say if things get blocked up she’ll unblock it,think he got a bit pissed off though with her for not being abit steadier but he was hunt terrierman.Your stuff out of any names Palooka,think these two have some Middleton maybe somewhere,sires a square dog.
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  16. palooka

    palooka Premium Member Premium Member

    was a while back OD, been a few years from a done any digging, no fancy names behind the dogs just honest worker to worker bred terriers
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  17. Yep,honest sorts,that works for me to,looking forward to getting out and about again,melting hot in uk right now,33 degrees today
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  18. F0FECC97-5E7D-4B59-B1F0-AA2DF5C43083.png E15610E2-1728-4AB4-951A-D08497051489.png The boy ,puts his food away,the bitch was the fussiest water I’ve ever had,he’s hoovering up ,should turn out alright ,gutted the vet was shut due to corona and by time they gave me heads up was to late for the snip,seems quite short at the moment hope it stays that way,won’t effect his attitude and at 15 weeks today doing just fine.
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  19. You may or may not be able to see photos,working on that!!
  20. Talking about his tail!and bitch was a fussy eater!phones

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