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Mcnamara kennels ??

Discussion in 'Breeder Discussion' started by Jessejames247, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. Turbo12

    Turbo12 Pup

    McNamara is a good guy and got topnotch bloodlines im from louisiana and get dogs from him and will continue too
  2. bamaman

    bamaman GRCH Dog

    dam all those good dogs in louisiana ..the home of the Eli blood.
  3. he seems pretty str8 up to me i have a nice eli male that he wants to bred bck to y whould he wanna do that if he was a bullsh$tter if ur broke and cnt afford to pay for a dog thats one thing to bad mouth sumone witout ever doin business wit em dats just wrong
  4. Bleu13

    Bleu13 Pup

    It's getting harder to find that real tight stuff right now don't know why
  5. Paleopup

    Paleopup Pup

    Just bought a young dog from him. A classic example of the great American Pit Bull Terrier. I think Brian is a real talent when it comes to an eye for great dogs. This female rocks. So does Brian. I think what he charges for his dogs is more than fair, it is appropriate. Maybe this great breed would not be suffering so much if they were really expensive, 'cause that might weed out the lightweights.
  6. TripleJ

    TripleJ CH Dog

    Dont know the man at all ,But I have to agree with the Da truth on thisone. Whats too high?? I know a man that paid 40,000$ for a dog and he seemed very happy so what is too high?? im not defending any one that is a peddler, But there is a reason why people charge alot .One is to stop wasting time all the time with bullshiters, 2 it seems the more some one pays for a dog the better they treat the dog (waiting on it to grow up and feed it proper you know raise it right), So I understand it, and I know I have spent alot of money in my lifetime on dogs and it floors me what some people offer you for a pup hell it cost alot to breed and feed good dogs, and if the man has good stock and people are happy with them is sound like he fair to me. And you know alot of guys will work with you if you are real about things.
  7. Savage101

    Savage101 Pup

    Don't know him but I would live to learn more
    Some times you got to pay for what you want.
  8. Savage101

    Savage101 Pup

    Kk love that ped he got some heavy shit some of the heaviest I've seen in a long time.
  9. thanks savage he is one hellava bulldog.in every sence of the word.thanks k/k
  10. lefty

    lefty Pup

    i hanve also been looking into possibly purchasing a pup from mcnamara kennels.. ive been around dogs pretty much my whole life with my step father heavily into game dogs. through conversations and listening to other conversations ive heard of these dogs and have heard of many of the dogs in this bloodlines pedigree. look and sound like some good dogs if you ask me and price shouldnt and doesnt matter in my eyes. your gonna pay good money for good dogs its just a fact. hopefully the dog will turn out as others have said. thats all our hopes.. one thing that really stands out when i check out the kennels website is how much info on the dogs as well as the reasons and this breeder isnt about the looks its about more than that. All around good dogs it what i get from it
  11. mma316

    mma316 Pup

    Nicely bred dog. I had a bitch back in '98-'99 that was tight Zeus McNamara on the bottom. Her mother was half-sister to a dog named Czar that made a decent name for himself in the box, around here in my area. The bitch that I had was by sired Thorn a Mtn. Man bred dog(Homer/Jeep/Red Ed), that a guy named Rudy owned. She didn't turn out to well for me. I tried waiting on her a little longer, by the time she was damn near 4 I gave up on her. I gave her to a old man who had dogs of his own. I don't know what happened to her. The only thing left of her around here is her ADBA paperwork.
  12. lefty

    lefty Pup

    been looking at these dogs my self and have started to like his banshee female. lots of good dogs in her pedigree and am thinking if i were to get a pup from mcnamaras than i would definately want a pup from her litter. on the other hand does anyone know of this female named banshee?
  13. preme

    preme CH Dog

    WAt does he charge for a pup I see everyone complaining just would like to know does he have different lines or work with one family of dogs thanks for your response
  14. carmelo

    carmelo Pup

    I have a 11 month puppy from McNamara prime and Sophie....best dog i ever had....
  15. Some things are better not said on this forum in front of the public to see as far as testing gameness. If you fucking retards are not smart enough to figure that one out than nobody can help you guys. As far as peon, I just met the fucking forum troll.
  16. BoogiemanBlood

    BoogiemanBlood Premium Member Premium Member

    All you fucker can reel it in a little please.

    cody when you post something as fucking stupid as somebody tests their dogs for gameness yet don't fight their dogs, well expect the replies you got. Your post was downright stupid from beginning to end. If the breeder saw your post here saying they test their dogs they should drive straight to your house and kick the ever living shit out of you. There's dumb........then there's dumb! If you want to dry snitch on yourself, well so be it. Dry snitching on others is a turds way of doing things.

    I strongly suggest you don't reply to me with one of your moronic rants either.
  17. Lets Get Ready to Rumble!!!!!!!!
  18. sadieblues

    sadieblues Premium Member Premium Member

    Enough Said!!!! Get em boogs
  19. Kimo615

    Kimo615 Banned

    His Bulldawgs do have nice peds....I looked at them myself. I believe i liked the Prime/Onyx breeding. Floyd B stuff is what it was. He did want quit a bit. But at that point i didnt know anyone with his dawgs or had done any dealing with him. Not saying hes bad or his dawgs are...But that was my reasoning. I may circle back around in the future. From what i gather hes been a dogmen for along time. Yall enjoy those pups from hi8m. Im glad to hear they turned out nice!

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