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Mcnamara kennels ??

Discussion in 'Breeder Discussion' started by Jessejames247, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. In The Game

    In The Game Big Dog

    His price to high i think higher then ya know i wont say his name because then we will have a thread on him. Mcnamara kennels might be a great guy and all but where are his dogs working??? . Dont forget we are a gamedog thread game working dogs = bred game working dogs= people who work there dogs get it???. Seems to me hes breeding bloodlines and that dont mean the dog will work . I would get a pup from a person who works their dog with crapy bloodlines before i would buy from a great guy with a great family and a great car and a great house that dont work their dogs . where are the dogs being worked ?
  2. In The Game

    In The Game Big Dog

    We are talking gameness and drive what are you talking about ??? Thats what these dogs were and are bred for
  3. sega

    sega Big Dog

    Hey preme I tryed to find a price even called n couldent get in touch but I can tell u I saw something asking for a 500 dollar down payment so he's prolly trying to be a tom garner, I wouldnt buy a dog from him or garner, go fuckin meet people n you'll find your dog stop just searching the web OP. Jesus Christ it's not rocket science but if I gotta spell it out then Maby just goto garner
  4. sega

    sega Big Dog

    Ohh and oringinal poster, if you were sopposedly a " dogman " u wouldnt have to ask strangers on a forum where to get a dog from so take your lying ass somewhere else with that bs, u almost as impatient as a cop waiting for a snitch 2 call
  5. BigP

    BigP Pup

    I have just been told FUCK YOU! by Brian Mcnamara after I asked him where the papers for my pit i bought from him were.... I put my $500 down payment for my pit from Mr. Mcnamara around June of 2012, I received my dog on 12/17/12 without my papers or proof of shots. I spent my holidays hand feeding her water because she came with coccidia and round worms from the kennel. I spent hundreds at the vets for her shots and medicine because she came with no proof of shots and I need them for licensing with the city. NOW lets get to the real point... I spent 1800 on this dog because shes suppose to be of great linage but I have yet to this day of 04/27/13 have not received my papers. I contacted him nicely several times over the last months asking about the papers and he keep putting me off. I finally toady 04/27/13 put my foot down and demanded the papers or a refund and he told me FUCK YOU! If that's the kind of breeder you want to deal with go ahead but I would save my money. I am currently in the process of contacting all proper authorities and filing suit.
  6. bamaman

    bamaman GRCH Dog

    ok so you put 500 down which sounds like wasnt the full payment right?...And he let you make payments until the remaining balance was paid and then you would get the paers?
  7. does B Mcnamara have a web site ?
  8. ursaminor

    ursaminor Premium Member Premium Member

    Yes, looks like a peddler to me.
  9. Magic12

    Magic12 Pup

    I got close to buying a dog from this guy last summer talked to him on the phone seemed ok but something about him wanting me to put a deposit on dogs that hadn't even been bred yet. I'm very pleased with dog I got from my current breeder. He loves to work and awesome prey drive
  10. BigP

    BigP Pup

    To answer the first response; I put $500 down by check and than I paid $1300 one week prior to dog being shipped to me to complete my end of the purchase. I have yet to receive my papers and he is not co-op with me in any sense of the word. Also I never received any papers from the vet proving it had shots, which i need in my city to license the animal, so I had to pay additionally for those although he said the animal would come with shots. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND NOT BUYING YOUR ANIMAL FROM BRIAN.

    Here is his website:


    Whats even worse about losing the money is his whole sale bit is that his dogs are super friendly and non aggressive and he only breeds dogs that don't show sighs of aggression but it has taken me a lot of time training my dog so she doesn't nip at strangers hands and ankles.
  11. BigP

    BigP Pup

    Lucky you I wish I would have known better...
  12. BigP

    BigP Pup

    If any body would like evidence of my post or to talk further I would be happy to supply canceled checks, transcribed texts, emails, and vet bills or anything else to prove of his actions.

    Brain has robbed me and I will do all I can to either get my money back through legal matters or at very least make sure he does not do this to anybody else.

    Please feel free to contact me at bigporking@yahoo.com
  13. bamaman

    bamaman GRCH Dog

    you sound like your straight and got and got the evidence you need..and hey it sucks but everybody gets screwed sometime..And it aint no way he can make garuntees on how a pup gone turn out anyway.Good luck man .I hope he makes it right with you.
  14. bamaman

    bamaman GRCH Dog

    Big P ..keep us posted and let us know how things turn out..If he dont make it right you may save someone else from makin the mistake u did.
  15. wow I'm sure glad BIG P posted what he did.

    sure he's only 1 dude ; but imho any decent person don't put you off about papers and definitely don't bullshit when it comes to having paper work on shots etc. not whee they are charging $500 + shipping & especially not when they charge $1800 for a pup.

    at that price this due is not loosing any $$ that's for sure, like more accomplished breeders always seem to do on the regular. btw that's not my opinion that's fact .

    i recall back in the day carl mims charged 250$ for pup, but you had to pick the pup up cause he would not ship a puppy.

    Is this the same Mcnamara who used to own a kennel on Maryland's Eastern Shore. i have a feeling it is. if so though i knew of his kennel and may have spoken to him back then. i didn't know of anyone who ran to his yard to get dogs to do any boar hunting:wagtail:

    lastly there is no excuse to treat any one who buys a pup form you and not have the registration papers & shot records arrive once final payment has been received. treat him like the freaking plague that he is imho.
  16. ursaminor

    ursaminor Premium Member Premium Member

    I spoke to the man briefly last year and although he has good knowledge of these dogs and seemed like a straight up, family man what he was asking for a pup is just daylight robbery. That kind of money don't grow on trees and he had nothing to back-up his animals unless you consider papers (which he apparently doesn't give) or having the dog jumping a 6ft fence an accomplishment...? You can get a dog from working lines with a guarantee from honest dogman for much less than that and I don't know anyone involved with the dogs.

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