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Medical Marijuana for dogs

Discussion in 'Health & Nutrition' started by Michele, Oct 12, 2016.

  1. Michele

    Michele CH Dog Super Moderator

    NEW YORK (FOX5NY) - Medical marijuana is being prescribed to help people with a variety of chronic diseases. But what about using it to help sick pets?

    Antonio rescued his dog Coco a couple of years ago. Antonio had never heard of medical-marijuana for dogs. But -- like most pet owners -- said he'd consider anything that might make Coco more comfortable.

    Dr. Alana Redfern at Blue Pearl Veterinary Hospital in Forest Hills, Queens, quickly points out The Food and Drug Administration has yet to approve medical marijuana for pets because no research has shown its effectiveness. But Dr. Redfern also said she could at least imagine instances where some cannabis products might ease a pet's nausea, stimulate its appetite, or make it more comfortable while suffering from pain or joint conditions.

    Medical marijuana for pets?

    Medical marijuana for pets?
    Medical marijuana is being prescribed to help people with a variety of chronic diseases. But what about using it to help sick pets?

    More than anything when it comes to cannabis and pets, Dr. Redfern worries that pet owners might feed their animals medical or non-medical marijuana intended for humans, which can be toxic for dogs.

    As human medical marijuana prescriptions have increased, so too have hospitalizations of pets who accidentally ingested it.

    Dr. Redfern said she would absolutely not recommend that people give their medical marijuana to their pets.

    No vet in this country can write a medical marijuana prescription. Pet owners have to buy these hemp-based pet products online or at a dispensary on their own.
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    Theres a lot of variables when it comes to the reaction animals and humans have when consuming cannabis especially for the first time. The weight, size, age ,of the animal. The potency of the cannabis, if its consentrate, extracts or flowers (bud) etc. I truly believe from experience that it can control and even cure many illnesses and conditions in humans and animals.
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  3. better to use than 80% of the crap most dogmen and yard put into their dogs
  4. CrazyHorse

    CrazyHorse Big Dog

    Works wonders on elderly dogs and in keep.
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  5. Saiyagin

    Saiyagin Chihuahua Premium Member

    Its ok officer my dog has a prescription for that. LMAO
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  6. mamaliga

    mamaliga Pup

    Medical marijuana for dogs is a widely used technique in veterinary medicine and among owners as well. After the operation on our dog's ear, we gave him not marijuana, but CBD oil, which was recommended to us by a friend of mine who runs a kennel and understands these issues. My dog endured the healing period of the suture calmly, without pain or suffering. I am grateful to the people who came up with these oils because the condition of my dog was important to me and if your pet is going to have something like this, be sure to buy it
  7. CBD.
    cant see it not working in dogs.if it works in humans then it should with dogs.not sure why anybody would give it to a dog in a keep?can some one explain that to me please?

    But thats CBD.
    THC on the other hand you dont wanna give to a dog LOL.
    as Carver was famous for saying..."these dogs are already goofy enough!"
  8. Also THC reduces aggresion hugely.
    i no this because if i dont have it i will kill some one who pisses me of.
    when i dont have it though i rage.
    starve yer dog of weed before a show and make it angrey lol.
    THC and dogs dont mix.
    it aint knick named dope for nothing.
  9. Michele

    Michele CH Dog Super Moderator

    I gave CBD to my dog for the last few months of his life. It really helped alot.
  10. Laratrak

    Laratrak Pup

    I had such an experience with my dog. He got a depression because we moved in another state and also my second dog died because he was old. They were great friends... I took him to veterinary, and he told me that he will feel better with time. But, he advised me to give him red borneo kratom. It’s one of the most famous herbs that experts recommend for a variety of ailments, thanks to its immense medicinal properties. The sedative effects of Kratom are also significant in relieving depression and anxiety. If you’re looking for an all-natural way to boost your motivation, look no further than Kratom leaves.
  11. mamaliga

    mamaliga Pup

    Is kratom good for dogs? I think it will have a bad effect on their body
  12. gaharit

    gaharit Pup

    I think that with the right dosage and application, it can really help sick animals. I've heard that cbd oil is already used for dogs, so marijuana can also be a medicine for them. I think one of the most important rules is not to save money on your pet, buy only high-quality products, medicines and I think many dog owners will soon be able to buy this plant for the treatment of their pets. What do you think - is it safe? Hope it will be relevant soon

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