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NC: Morganton: AADRI Nationals Nov 6&7, 2021

Discussion in 'Southeast' started by Vicki, Nov 5, 2021.

Added to Calendar: 11-06-21
  1. Vicki

    Vicki Administrator Staff Member

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  2. Sleep

    Sleep Big Dog

    I believe I'ma go to this 1 since it's an hr from me to see it for the first time and ima enter my boy eddie for best condition and best black
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  3. FrozenEli

    FrozenEli Premium Member Premium Member

    Good luck Sleep, let us know how he did.
    Sleep likes this.
  4. david63

    david63 CH Dog

    Go for it Sleep.
    Sleep likes this.
  5. Sleep

    Sleep Big Dog

    He did real well for his first time ever. Did the fun game like best black best condition and lure chase

    He was a lil thin for there preferences but they said he must be going out real soon cause he tucked to the max....ooppsss lol.... seen some immaculate dogs and even greater dogmen n and the wife are addicted
    david63 and FrozenEli like this.
  6. Sleep

    Sleep Big Dog

    Well day 2 I took 1 yesterday I'm bringing 3 different 1s today to see how they do
    David Hunt, david63 and FrozenEli like this.
  7. david63

    david63 CH Dog

    Well Congratulations sleep.You did say you were going to place them in the show and you did.
    David Hunt likes this.
  8. Sleep

    Sleep Big Dog

    Ended up taking 2 and 1 placed 1st place in 12 to 18 months
    FrozenEli, david63 and David Hunt like this.
  9. Sleep

    Sleep Big Dog

    My pics won't upload wen they do I'll send them so yall can see the dog and hardware
    David Hunt and david63 like this.
  10. ben brockton

    ben brockton CH Dog

    Did you do tug of war lmfao
    David Hunt likes this.
  11. Sleep

    Sleep Big Dog

    David Hunt likes this.
  12. David Hunt

    David Hunt A thousand mile Journey begins with one step.

    I'm proud of you. Its a good thing to get involved in shows. Wall climbing, treadmill race ECT. Meet some nice folks too ...
    david63 likes this.
  13. Sleep

    Sleep Big Dog

    Right on brother the hospitality was u describable...Felicia and Linda welcome me and the wife the show like a real southerners do...WE ADDICTED NOW
    David Hunt, FrozenEli and david63 like this.
  14. Sleep

    Sleep Big Dog

    Well 1 away from being a champ I the with 2 kills...Mr. Eddie Murphy came to America to cause hell and he doing it be a champ in under a year...I got till April 9th......33.8 male if yall kno anyone got the weight let me kno

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