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Need help conditioning

Discussion in 'Sports & Activities' started by Tachibana, Mar 9, 2023.

  1. Tachibana

    Tachibana Pup

    I been trying to get my apbt fit/conditioned however I have no idea what I'm doing. I'm constantly accidentally injuring my girl. Then I have to pull her from activities for two weeks. Everytime I go to try and get her back to are exercise routine, she always gets hurt a week or two weeks in. I can't get a dog fit or conditioned if she keeps getting hurt. My apbt doesn't have join or bone problems. So it's my doing. I'm frustrated because if I keep going I can seriously injure her badly. I just need help because no one is willing to tell me what exercise I need to do certain days or what to do before/after a workout.

    Here's what I been doing. I been doing chain drag (10lb chain) for about 13-20mins 3 days a week. Before that I walk her for 20-25 mins. And after I walk her for the same amount of time. As well as a massage her. (I do this with everything I do some sort of exercise before and after.)
    Then I have her rest for a hour. After this we take a nother walk some before we do flirt and spring pole work throughout the day with the chain on sometimes off. After that I walk her for approximately 2hours. Or more.
    Some days I may have her do high jumps over something but I always catch her same with the ball throw chase here and there some weeks.
    I do this Monday-Friday. Besides the ball& jumping. Saturday she does nothing besides a light short walk no chain or anything. Sunday I work her half as much as what I typically do. Monday-Friday is full workout.

    Ik that ur supposed to do certain things certain days but I have no idea how to do it and it's stressing me out. I really need to change this before something serious happens . Please help I have a feeling that I'm over doing her.
  2. Tachibana

    Tachibana Pup

    She's 4yr old. You can see what we do I TikTok. @v.beast.off.duty_tachi
    if you need more insight
  3. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Unless there is a specific goal at the end that is a lot of work. Cut a day of work completely out. Rest is more important than work and the only real path to recovery.

    I would cut the jumps out. They are pretty effective but are a recipe for disaster, bad enough when they land but even worse when you catch him. Jump off your couch and have someone catch you. The body takes a pounding when being caught, possibly, the result is your dog's continued ailments.

    Other than that, the exercises you choose are very effective.

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  4. ben brockton

    ben brockton CH Dog

    Everything ain't for everybody. If you're injuring the dog it's probably best to stop doing whatever you been doing.
    Conditioning is more than just physical exercise.
    Go to a dog show and make friends. Learn from people actually doing what you want to do. You will not learn from the internet.
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  5. Tachibana

    Tachibana Pup

    True. She's a working dog so she needs to be in shape and for other reasons. I just need people who actually know what their doing so I get help on correcting my problem.
  6. Tachibana

    Tachibana Pup

    Thank you so much. I will make the change. Hopefully that fixes it. If it doesn't, then I will have to stop for the meanwhile. I'm trying to get her into shape for work purposes that she is doing.
  7. Ssdd

    Ssdd Top Dog

    How's she dragging the chain. And you flirt pole and shit with the chain on? Like she's dragging it while doing flirt pole work and the ridiculous high jumps?

    If so I'd feel like shit if I was basically getting beaten with 10lbs of chain too...
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  8. wicked13

    wicked13 CH Dog

    Just walk the dog easy simple and effective
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  9. Ssdd

    Ssdd Top Dog

    Ok.... I'm gonna stupidly go DEEP on this...

    If you don't know what you're doing and don't have hands on assistance you're doing FAR too much...

    I've had 2 ppl who anyone would ask advice from... I asked them to put me on a keep both told me the same thing.... pick 1 of the million put you think you like and do it. But understand it's a blueprint not the Bible. Read the dog. Add or subtract based on your eye. Take the outcome and learn from the mistakes. Do it again and tweak where u fucked up... wash and repeat til you have it nailed down.

    I'll also say(while never putting one into shape for more than fun) but what fluffy will do cujo may not. I've had a dog you could lay the hide on his head he had no interest. Pup housed next to him came out the birth canal ready to chase and hang off anything in front of him. I could flirt pole one into shape the other would look at you like you're a retard waving the flirt pole around.

    This is a "working dog"(allegedly) so what's her job? What does she like to do? What resources do you have? What's the actual end goal? What's you're level with handling a dog?

    There's soooo many variables no one here can tell you how to fix your fuck ups.

    Get around ppl who are successful in the same filed you "4 year old working dog" is in and learn.

    You're gonna fuck her up. And a few more. It's inevitable just know when they fell short and when you fucked up.
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  10. Ssdd

    Ssdd Top Dog

    This and slims rest posts are you best advice. Walk her til she's tired a few time a week let her rest the other days. In 30 days she'll be a different dog. In 60 an even different dog. Then let her body recoup. There's no set "Monday, Wednesday, Friday we balls out mill 2 hours, flirt pole 20 min, walk 2 hours, massage, bam 2 hours walk, feed her this and then Tuesday Thursday Saturday we do high jumps with chains for 4 hours then hand walk 15 miles massage and Sundays we mix the 2 but only 1/2 pace" keep that is just bullet proof.

    The best Conditioning is tailored to the dog and handler.

    If you just wanna see what shape Ole gal can be in a leash and collar is all you need...
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  11. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Then the subject of feed will become the next issue.

    If you are loading her down with protein and supplements, that too is a recipe for disaster, especially if you are supplementing with calcium.

    If you feed the dog a healthy, meat-based diet, unless bloodwork or medical testing suggests it is needed, supplementation is a waste of time and money. It gives us the warm fuzzies but does little for the dog. Unless it is sport specific, continued high intensity work, with an end goal in a set time frame, with a gathering that has no set time frame nor time limit, there is no real need for supplementation. It is hard for a healthy, fit and lean dog to out work his feed pan if his feed pan is well balanced/plentiful. Understand, even a dog in hard work, will give you 60+% of your supplementation money back every time he cocks his leg and pisses on a tree. A dog not putting in that type of work will have the shit beat out of his kidneys and liver, then give you your money back at the same rate.

    Most calcium supplements lack phosphorous, and the balance can get out of whack. When that happens the calcium deposits can form and cause limps and ailments on the regular.

    Make sure your dog is empty. First space out your work 10-12 hours from his last meal and make sure he dumps prior to work. Working a dog on a full stomach and a dump will lead to a multitude of problems.

    Start with walking. Halfway thru your walk hook up the chains. Pull those for a stretch and at any time the dog looks labored, drop the chains and continue the walk.

    I have a few dogs I have to flirt while on their chain. If not, I would chase them all over everywhere until they found something to grab, and that is a mess in itself. When flirting on the chain try to get as much circular motion as possible vs. the back-and-forth motion. The back-and-forth motion will have the chain beating the shit out of her lower legs. (another possibility for the continued ailments you spoke of)

    Good luck.

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  12. GK1

    GK1 Big Dog

    Try not to stress or be angry when working the dog - bc your dog will pick up on the negativity. Also, high drive, action breeds will not stop until you do, for better or worse.

    Nothing new under the sun here. If you can get to a body of water or pool, swimming/water retrieving is an effective conditioning tool - but with less impact. Controlled games of tug of war with a well made tug (like firehose) is also good for bonding too. I agree the repeated, explosive jumping, twisting, cutting etc. can often lead to orthopedic injuries. I’ve done the flirt, chain and tire drags too, but in hindsight these actions cause premature wear and tear on the joints if done too much.

    Also, feed can have an impact. Nothing beats a real meat-based diet for tissue repair.

    JMO, based on a minute or two of trial (and error).
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