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Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by pit#5, May 29, 2010.

  1. pit#5

    pit#5 Banned

    There is no debate what you say concerning people who breed the BYB and since dog pounds are filled with any breed a person desires along with private animal rescue lets face it a stop breed moratorium for every breed would be some thing to consider. I believe these dogs in question are as popular in there own way as designer dogs Labradoodle and such .<O:p</O:p
    I’ll tell you the people who have them love them, and most if not all look a heck of a lot better then the whacked out bully Pits with papers. Sure I would like the real thing I’ve had them.
    Concerning Pound dogs , for me I don’t think I have a trust with a PB mix , BYB Mastiff PB mix , dog pound dog. , Actually if I knew it was a true APBT from the dog pound I would not worry the same as I feel APBT switch owners better then most dogs. The BYB type, I want as a Puppy and from there I feel I have a chance for a good dog.<O:p</O:p
  2. junkyard

    junkyard CH Dog

    pit#5, what happened to the other dogs you had, the two Apbt's that created so many issues with your wife, did you move them on to someone else or were they put to sleep? just asking because i cant recall you telling the end of the story you had with her and her friends/family? if you have allready said please refer me to the post, just wondering why you would by two more dogs of unkown background when you allready had two you had issues keeping a handle on.
  3. pit#5

    pit#5 Banned

    My wife is a situation to it self, she loves PB dogs and now her family knows it
    MY 2 most loved dogs did get involved in a non human situation that caused a dog warden to come down with no uncertain terms , My dogs could never be proven non DA and my mistake was there end , along with sadness from my wife I’d never seen, OK - so judge as you may but these dogs have healed and are slowly rebuilding the utter sadness of the loss of my 2 dog / They were put down .

    As it happened no advice from any one would have mattered, so like it or not I have become different from this whole situation , Better dog owner but certainly at to high a price. Those 2 were BYB and are un-replaceable .

    I try to tell the truth, & ridicule will come .others would make a story - .
    How this dogs were too much for me so I found a farmer who took them on now’s alls well.
  4. ShakaZ

    ShakaZ CH Dog

    I like reading pit#5's posts... they're like a puzzle that you have to solve in order to understand.
  5. Lee D

    Lee D CH Dog

    im not sure i understand it, were the 2 dogs put down, or did you find a farmer to take them? :confused:...DAMN i really have a tough time making heads or tails of this stuff #5 puts up.
  6. ShakaZ

    ShakaZ CH Dog

    LMAO, That's what I'm saying Lee. From what I understand they were put down and they are "on a farm in the country" if anybody asks?
  7. Lee D

    Lee D CH Dog

    i think he needs to stick to the poodles. he admitted to having them a long time ago.
  8. ShakaZ

    ShakaZ CH Dog

    Yeah, he mentioned something about it in his earlier post, something about people are going to say he should stick to them or he has one or he lilkes em or something but yeah poodles sound like they are just his speed. A toy poodle not the big ones.
  9. absolute peril

    absolute peril Big Dog

    I agree, I can't understand his posts. EVER.
  10. pit#5

    pit#5 Banned

    Sorry if it’s hard to understand
    1) Recent situation my mistake was there end
    2) My dogs are dead
    3) Have a poodle any way
    4) Have 2 new BYB
    5) This statement “dogs were too much for me so I found a farmer who took them on now’s all is well.” just saying not true But some people instead of owning up might just make stories <O:p</O:p
    <O:p</O:pLet me tell you this and it’s no riddle: you know it’s sad when you wake up and look at 2 dogs you love and they are waging there tales as happy as ever, and you know you are going to drive them to the vet to put down, you give them some treats cuddle with them for the last time, the whole situation becomes a mindless sad push to get the day over. a few days later I am digging a hole in the winters ground to bury my 2 dogs from the vets freezer , Concerns like do I bury them in the yellow bag or take them out , is the reality <O:p</O:p
    Instead of should I take my guys for a walk? Cause there GONE the dream of what will they look like at 5 years old GONE GONE GONE <O:p</O:p
    They waged there tales till the end <O:p</O:p
    Me my wife and kids could not live another day with out this breed nor could my poodle we were all hart broken now our lives are more at piece never will be healed But just got on the horse again as the saying goes.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 2, 2010
  11. junkyard

    junkyard CH Dog

    dude there obviously was a problem that from what you said all stemmed from them [or one of them] killing a cat, then the problem was from what you have said, came from her friends and family pissing in her ear about the saftey of your children[which is understandable from their end] and you were given the ultimatum, which you eventually folded to[im not trying to say what i would do as im not in your shoes] now you have said at the start that your wife was listening to them but within a few weeks, she came around and pledged to you her love for the dogs. So the problem was then out of the way, if you and your wife are unpertubed about what the others think then thats their bizzo not yours. Was there another incident you hadnt wrote about that sealed the fate for the dogs?
    sorry for poking and prodding just trying to join the peices together, I along with many others wrote thoughtfully in relation to your situation in supporting your plight as we all have had something while owning these dogs as you had, maybee not identical, but at least as much as what some family or friends think of us owning the breed.

    what im failing to grasp is the fact that you have either

    a; wrote the other two dogs off as a lost cause or too hard basket,

    b; or folded under the impresions of others and thought if you start off with new ones the identity may fall unnoticed

    either way i cant grasp that if you had problems with your first two why you would go out and buy two more straight away instead of looking at your real options.
    You could have either understood that this maybee isnt the breed for you or, at least not in your current situation.
    or the option i would have taken would be to seek out a well bred dog and start again with ONE and go from their. For example, one of your new pups you say is an apbt/mastiff x, that in my opinion is a pitifull choice for someone with two[?] kids and also someone who has just came out of a situation with the old dogs. im sure you allready know but have you ever thought of the fact you have just purchased a dog with two unknown backgrounds and of two different breeds bred for two very different purposes, a mastiff is a family gaurdian who in most types are aloof and weary of strangers and will protect and have no issue with attacking a human if it feels the need too. they are also a very powerfull animal.
    then on the other hand you have the Apbt side of it it pretty much undoubted as the most highly driven breed in existence when it comes to general drive and dog aggression, mix the two together with no knowledge whatsoever of the parents or their real history and you have a potion for trouble.

    please dont take offense by my post im just looking at your reasoning for buying two crossbred poorly bred animals instead of taking the time in learning from your mistake and thinking it through. not trying to hurt your feelings but im very very sceptical, at the situation you have got yourself into again and im fearfull that your only either going to place yourself in the exact situation youve just came out of OR have put yourself and your family in a way worse situation with more risk than ever, its gonna be a big arsed dog. With two animals are they going to be too much dog for what you can handle?

    personally if i was in your situation, i would have started again with only one dog tackle that with all your might and when you win that battle then and only then consider a second.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 2, 2010
  12. Colossus

    Colossus Big Dog

    Good post junkyard..
  13. pit#5

    pit#5 Banned

    The Dogs hurt a dog not mine then the state came down on me
  14. Lee D

    Lee D CH Dog

    was it on your property? im also kinda curious how you contain your dogs...chain/axle? kennel?
    id hate to see ya have to go through that again, for the kids sake
  16. pit#5

    pit#5 Banned

    I am telling more or less what went down ,still a time ago I would have asked frantic advice from all , if shit goes down I’ll tell you about it but I know what’s what.
    I have never had a problem with human aggression in my dogs, I take dogs with me a lot and they always meet lots of people a few friends of mine who heard of what came of theses dogs Said how and why? They were so friendly, like I said I know how to allow dogs to be friendly to humans. I would never own a HA dog, My other ones rest in peace, were hot & guilty of nothing more then fighting dog heritage I mis owning them they were focused & alive with life.
    I have been working harder with the 2 I have now I have a cat the other dogs at the same ages was imposable I bring them to a friends home with cats and other dogs and in general I socialize them a lot with dogs, I realize it may not take hold or I assume in the future they would not back down from a challenge. For now I seem to have dogs not HA and way less DA or Cat aggressive.
    The mixed ancestor thing (junkyard) My Males grandmother was a brother sister mating from Cain Corso Red nose pit and from that point 1 brindle pit and 2 red nose males that brings him into the picture.
    The female dog The father looked like a American pit bull dog, The mother a rangy dog that was not a particular nice looking dog .Both had fantastic behavior with people

    I realize most all of you would rather here about blood lines Game parents and performance. Well my other 2 I used the same judgments and I ended up with real APBT types in respect to human love and atypical Dog to Dog altitudes. And now this is what I got and I’ll do my best not to make same mistakes.
  17. lovemybull

    lovemybull Big Dog

    So then you must agree with Junkyard when he says that you have 2 dogs of unknown backround right? Reason is, just because a dog looks like a "pit bull dog" or because one is brindle or a "red nose" doesn't mean you know how it was bred. Also, the dogs being tolerant of other dogs and cats now does not mean that they will be when they get older. Good luck
  18. pit#5

    pit#5 Banned

    Agree & I don't know the breeding , just my gut choice
    my last gut choice was fine just i messed up since these dog can be DA
    i feel i can pick great dogs it's up to me to pull it off with 100% responsibility
  19. magdalena

    magdalena Big Dog

    So you'd rather have BYB guardian breeds that can be HA instead of DA dogs that you know the history of? And a (heart broken) poodle (where does that fit in?).
  20. fblb

    fblb Top Dog

    Another one bites the dust. This is one of the many reasons the circle needs to be closed. If he want's byb mutt's good for him, at least they aren't APBT's....because he sure as hell don't need one. Stick to your byb dogs, and keep rewarding morons with your money for a inferior product. Way to go, way to go.

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