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Old Family Red

Discussion in 'APBT Bloodlines' started by Del Castillo PR, Apr 12, 2012.

  1. Good Morning everyone
    Was trying to get some opinions on here, about who everyone thinks still has deep Old Family Reds ( Real old Family Reds) blood in use at there kennel.
  2. dickdog

    dickdog Pup

    due a search the blood is still out there but not to the public ,,,,,,,, love them old red dogs
  3. nun

    nun Pup

    its right "but not to the public"
    i live in Europe its hard find OFRN and in the Usa,not sell to public people...
  4. I was asking for some opinions. I like Ironline , Southern inferno and flam tree. Just wanted to see if you all think that these are old family reds
  5. 6sN7s

    6sN7s Top Dog

    how close do think dogs from that kennels come to the orginal ofrn? honestly
  6. phill

    phill Top Dog

    don't know anything about it but testerday i saw a never before seen photo of crimsons red devil a very interesting specimin
  7. Of course they are not gonna be exactly the same. I like Norrod (ironline) flamtree then southern inferno in order
  8. rroscoe

    rroscoe Lightner Hemphill / Colby

    No they are Not ..When they start to ' look' different there is a reason ..Most of the places become too commercial in it for a buck
  9. popow

    popow Pup

    I used D. Gibson dog with great results.I Had a dog that was 50/50 Norrod/Gibson.She was intraverted and super shy.I could breed her to anything and get pure fire.The pups would kill each other if I didn't seperate them.Great times, to bad times have change.Don't even own a dog today
  10. Sabong1

    Sabong1 Big Dog

    I also had a 50/50 norrod/ Gibson dog. Miss that dog too. I personally like the norrod blood and have had no problems with it. Too bad Gibson is not selling dogs anymore, he had some really nice dogs.
  11. TripleJ

    TripleJ CH Dog

    I had some old gibson dogs off saten born themerc them dogs I crossed ironhed/turtlebuster to them and got a good littercame home from work and all but one were dead (I named him trouble) that litter killed each other at 6 weeks old. that was the last of them that I seen. Biggun eddie culled the brood dog bitch from that said she threw currs one pup curred so she threw nothing but currs in his dumb ass eyes yea I said it bigun,(dumb ass) now you cant find that stuff ther aint no good stuff onthe market now that shit is just for paper and looks now and the stuff you do find is all crossed up its not pure or what not, you may find a 1/4 now.
  12. Iron Mike

    Iron Mike CH Dog

    This is true but the difference also may because the bloodlines came from different breeders who bred for different traits.
    As for Dan Gibson dogs, I know what I sent him wasn't shy i.e. Ch. Dutchess like stock.
    The 50/50, some were, some weren't i.e. Bloodshot Red 2xw DG. wasn't.
    IMO if a dog can't breed true when family bred, it isn't something I wouldn't want to use in a cross.
    If the other bloodline proves to breed true, then the cross would be watering down the bloodline that does breed true.
    DISCOIII likes this.
  13. Iron Mike

    Iron Mike CH Dog

    Old Family Reds is a breed of fighting dog from Ireland.
    Old Family Red Nose is a strain in the breed of the ApBT who has the looks and characteristics of the foundation dogs Old Family Reds.

    As for OFRN, mine of dead on!
  14. RedGoodbye

    RedGoodbye CH Dog

    Gibson just recently got rid of some of the last of his old stock not long ago. He gave a buddy a 9year old bitch filled with pups. Its still out there... just not in many hands.
  15. c-murda

    c-murda Big Dog

    I had a 3/4 Norrod 1/4 Red Inferno from Gibson. Wasn't a shy bone in his body. He'd try to eat any unknown grown men but liked women and children. Plus he was an extremely talented animal wit big cutters. No mouth to speak of tho he could out wrestle any thing.
  16. SIX weeks ewwww wheeeee!
  17. Yea i know i know i was just getting everyones opinion. Like my previous post Ironline, Southern Inferno, Flametree. What does everybody think of each one? Just trying to get some convo started.
  18. RedGoodbye

    RedGoodbye CH Dog

    Sounds like the red inferno blood ive ben around. I havent had mutch experiance with straight or heavy Norrod dogs. I got a fellin ill feed one sometime in the future when there is more room. Ive always wanted to do a Eli/Ofrn cross.Mike Im going to take you up on youre offer of a farm out. What ya dont
    know is when the time comes imma try to weasel you out of youre old Heavy Dutchas and or Iron Ko ko blood lol. I love the way you talk about those two old great bitches.
  19. TripleJ

    TripleJ CH Dog

    I know its still there I still have some in my dogs , It sure aint around every tree thats for sure. But mine is now crossed to the frio boys dogs So They are far from pure.
  20. stickler

    stickler Banned

    May I ask you for more info about this "breed" ?
    And, please, don't get me wrong. I like your statement.
    Are you saying the Old Family (Reds) are not the same breed as ... mmmmm ...
    well ... the other ones ? And those crosses are what made the APBT ?
    Pit dogs x pit dogs of different breeds = APBT ? Bulldog x Bulldog ? Bulldog x Terrier ? Bulldog/Terrier x Terrier ? Bulldog/Terrier x Bulldog ?
    We don't need to talk about all other kind of crosses that can be found in 'this breed' today. Because that would be probably more about strains, right ?
    If the Old Family (Red) dogs were a breed, what's the name of the breed ?

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