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Opinions on this kennel ?

Discussion in 'Breeder Discussion' started by nmdogs, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. nmdogs

    nmdogs Big Dog

    I would like everyones opinion on this kennel !
    legends kennel now in new mexico but formerly
    Of wisconsin I believe ...

    From the look I had of their web site they have some
    Of the following bloodlines chinaman,mayday and
    Zebo... They also have some weight pullers but don't
    Cross them !

    I have used the search function and from them I've
    Gathered that all threads and post are more then a
    Year old and peoples opinions are about 50/50 good
    And bad. So instead of bumping up a old thread I
    Thought id start my own... Thanks for your time

  2. crushbones

    crushbones CH Dog

    I kno those dogs that he say are zebo dogs are not zebo dogs!!..I kno that!!
  3. nmdogs

    nmdogs Big Dog

    Can you elaborate ?
    Im more interested in his mayday blood !

  4. maydaymatt

    maydaymatt Big Dog

    i think i turned you on to dave. what i found in my checking him out is he is a respectable guy.he lonzo dogs are off of muscle dogs not straight off of zebo so dont get that twisted. but if its mayday dogs you are after. he has a male that is a real deal bulldog.jmo.
  5. Legends kennels are very orginized and owns a well set up yard, of lonzo/frisco/and boudreaux blood.
    I dont have any experince with him personly but it depends on what you are buying a dog from him for.
    i would go with him for weight pulling, but not on hunts
  6. lil mayhem

    lil mayhem Top Dog

    Nice guy, easy to deal with. Well organized. Nice dogs.
  7. nmdogs

    nmdogs Big Dog

    Thanks keep the opinions coming
  8. lil mayhem

    lil mayhem Top Dog

    If you do business w/him you won't be disappointed with him or his dogs.

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