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Peds Online

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by dnnyvkng, Jan 26, 2018.

  1. dnnyvkng

    dnnyvkng Pup

    Random, but just trying to figure out if i got took.

    I made an account over at peds online paid the 30 subscription, still can' get on the forums or nothing. Did i just lose 30 bucks? Or can any of you give some advice...username on there is the same, dnnyvkng.

    Thanks in advance
  2. dnnyvkng

    dnnyvkng Pup

    I guess I should add that its been like 2 days, I've tried the email they give and still nothing.
  3. pitbulld0gs

    pitbulld0gs Top Dog Staff Member

    Im not a member there but ive heard it can take awhile to get you processed.
    dnnyvkng likes this.
  4. bamaman

    bamaman GRCH Dog can take a while.Just keep sending emails.May take a couple weeks.
    dnnyvkng likes this.
  5. dnnyvkng

    dnnyvkng Pup

    That's crazy.
    bamaman likes this.
  6. BWH507

    BWH507 Pup

    I have sent them close to 50 emails lol, it has been a week since I made my payment. I just don't know why they would have the "your account will be active within 24-48 hrs" on their page.
  7. AGK

    AGK Super duper pooper scooper Administrator

    I've had to wait up to 2 months before. They are awful at activating accounts but fast to collect the money. Stop the payment. They work real quick to activate.
  8. Thunder98

    Thunder98 Big Dog

    Just went through the same thing.. After 3 weeks and no replies.. I got my money back…
  9. It's said that pedsonline is actually ran by animalist organizations
  10. Bones1

    Bones1 Big Dog

    Been a member on peds since early 2000’s never waited more than a few days for renewal, but I don’t wait till the last min. to renew. Anyone still having issues viewing pictures on this site?
  11. AGK

    AGK Super duper pooper scooper Administrator

    Are you? I haven't had that complaint in a long time. Figured it got fixed. I'll let Vicki know if there is still a problem. I figured no ones said anything in over a year or more about that so it was all good..

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