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Photos folks might not have seen

Discussion in 'APBT History' started by kiwidogman, Sep 29, 2018.

  1. tomjones2

    tomjones2 Big Dog

    Amazing work, the last piece is phenomenal. I would spend a bit of my hard earned $ on that.
  2. sunbeam

    sunbeam CH Dog

    ch turtle rom
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  3. BronerFan

    BronerFan Big Dog

    Man, that artist is hell with the pencil and paper.. I love the detail..
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  4. F.W.K.

    F.W.K. CH Dog

  5. F.W.K.

    F.W.K. CH Dog

  6. AGK

    AGK Super duper pooper scooper Administrator

    These are both dope AF.
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  7. reddirt redneck

    reddirt redneck Big Dog

  8. reddirt redneck

    reddirt redneck Big Dog

    Couldnt figure out to edit.. Above pic is Busenbarks Yoneg POR the last summer we had him
  9. reddirt redneck

    reddirt redneck Big Dog

    bk's ringer.jpg The dog that made Ch Rattler ROM, Rom.
  10. reddirt redneck

    reddirt redneck Big Dog

    jezzy 1.jpg Ch Jeezy was the last son of Busenbarks Jr.
  11. reddirt redneck

    reddirt redneck Big Dog

  12. sunbeam

    sunbeam CH Dog

  13. KDW

    KDW Native Nightmare Premium Member

    Thats my female KDW iya he is holding in that picture, its my picture never gave permission to draw it... BUT it turned out ok
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  14. AGK

    AGK Super duper pooper scooper Administrator


    Danny Burton with Gr Ch Hank.
  15. Forever-So REAL

    Forever-So REAL Quintuple Grand Champion Premium Member

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  16. Forever-So REAL

    Forever-So REAL Quintuple Grand Champion Premium Member

  17. F.W.K.

    F.W.K. CH Dog

    Russia 1800



    Spike and Nigger

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  18. who

    who Top Dog

    How's it going FINK...
  19. Forever-So REAL

    Forever-So REAL Quintuple Grand Champion Premium Member



    1.- 1:37 over MANTAS KENNELS PEPA 1xlg id. 389303 pushing 1.43 pounds

    2.- 1:09 over DM KENNELS CH JESSY 3xw-1xlg id. 317099

    3.- 58 min destroyed FAST BLACK & SAN GABRIEL KENNELS ROMINA 1xlg id. 372119 an international convention (EC-PE-BR) she was voted BIS

    4.- 0:31 min destroyed S.I. KENNELS CHOCOLATA 2xw-1xl 1BIS ( Ace face style female ) an international convention (AR-MX-EC) she was voted BIS.

    5.- 0:21 min vs Stone City Kennels Betty Boop 1xl ( a Hard mouthed female ) an International G&G knls convention in The Trophy ( EC - PR - CO )

    Zikana Wons Showing a Big heart And extremelly game at 7,7 years Old without tools. She was voted by Southern Kennels Ref GIS. And always went in differents weigths finding rivals (32-35 pounds), but her correct weight is 33,5 pounds.
    Hoy siento un vacío inmenso con la pérdida de mi mejor amiga Gr Ch Zikana. Te voy a recordar siempre como la mejor y estarás guardada en mi corazón para toda la vida. De ti aprendí muchas cosas.

    Que los obstáculos no se hicieron para los débiles y que la edad no es una limitante para demostrar lo que se lleva dentro del corazón, cuando las ganas pueden y superan el dolor.

    Gracias por todos esos grandes y lindos momentos que compartimos juntos Mi Negra del alma.

    Por siempre juntos donde quiera que estés y estoy seguro que ese pequeño legado que me dejaste, hará honor a tu nombre en los más altos podios.

    No tengo mas palabras que decirte gracias totales y por tanta felicidad en tus 8 años y 5 meses de vida.

    Gr Ch Zikana 5XW - 2BIS - 1GIS

    G & G KNLS

    Today I feel a huge void with the loss of my best friend Zikana Gr Ch. I'll always remember as the best and you will be saved in my heart for a lifetime. From you I learned many things.

    That obstacles were not made for the weak and that age is not a limitation to show what goes into the heart when the desire can and overcome pain.

    Thank you for all those great and beautiful moments we shared together My Black Soul.

    By always together wherever you are and I'm sure that little legacy you left me, will honor your name on the highest podium.

    I have no more words to say thanks Total and much happiness in your 8 years and 5 months of life.

    Gr Ch Zikana 5xw - 2BIS - 1GIS

    G & G KNLS

    Attached Files:

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  20. Forever-So REAL

    Forever-So REAL Quintuple Grand Champion Premium Member

    Little Gator ROM was a cold dog that was acquired by Jerry Wiseman for breeding. And in a short time he became Wiseman's number one dog as a pimp for the breeding. Little Gator ROM produced more winners on The West Coast than any other dog in life.
    The Breeding that started the fame of the Little Gator line was when Jerry first crossed his little dog with little lung but very game of Colby / Corvino blood called Wiseman's Dolly Varden with Little Gator known then as a “Spike Dog”. In this first litter he produced his first winner from Little Gator and the best VBK dog ever seen: BIV's CH Angel 4xW, an ACE (As) at 43 pounds which he beat Mr. K's CH Merle for his fourth. match and collected a forfeit from Gr.Ch.Gabe for his 5th. In this same litter there was also Dr. Rojas' Chairo 2xW who won in 1:50 and 2:18 over two of the best known Mexican dogmans at the time: E. Vasquez and L. Medina. Viera's Negrita 2xW also belonged to this litter; She was an amazing talented female who beat two well known dogmen in 39 min. and 1hr,
    Little Gator then produced many greats including BMW's Raven, a great 2xW who beat Ch.Mickey. Cuervo would later show that he was also producing very well, VBK's CH Red 4xW who won over Roughneck's CH Crazy for his 4th. And the best 44 pound dogs around the West Coast, BMW's CH Black Angel 4xW. Other winners are CH VBK's Cyclone, CH BMW's Kimbo 3xW, 1xL, BMW's Missy 2xW, Eli 2xw, 1xL, Arrow 2xw, 1xL and the list goes on !!!
    The following are the most well-known crossovers made with Rancherita's Little Gator ROM and what it produced. As you will see, the Little Gator blood worked and works very well with almost any line and blood type. Here we go:
    Rancherita's Little Gator ROM x Wiseman's Dolly Varden ROM (a Colby / Patrick female) produced:
    CH BIV's Angel 4xw, CH Viera's Red 4xW, Viera's Negrita 2xW, BMW's Ch.Maya Dr. Rojas' Chairo 2xW and many others.
    Rancherita's Little Gator ROM x Wiseman's Bugsy (a Jeep / Red Boy female) produced:
    CH VBK's Cyclone (Little Gator ROM's only living CH and producer of many winners), BMW's
    Burrito 2xW and Rancherita's Lil Bug (Ch.Alacran's mother).
    Rancherita's Little Gator ROM x Wiseman's Conita (a female Snakeman) produced:
    BMW's Jr 1xW
    Rancherita's Little Gator ROM x Wiseman's Mad Missy (a Rascal / Bullyson female) produced:
    BMW's Cuervo 2xW who was an excellent dog that produced CH Sorullo, CH Logan and CH Paco.
    Rancherita's Little Gator ROM x El Mexicano's Beaver (a Bullyson / Nigerino bitch) produced:
    Golden State Bulldog's Tattoo 1xW, a very good producer, and Adelita, a restless and unconscious bulldog who could easily have won a match.
    Rancherita's Little Gator ROM x El Mexicano's Monster (a pure Nigerian female) produced:
    El Mexicano's Peligrosa 1xW
    Rancherita's Little Gator ROM x Ma Baker (a Rascal / Bullyson female) produced:
    Mapula's Ali 1xW
    Rancherita's Little Gator ROM x Viera's Negrita (a Little Gator / Colby / Patrick female) produced:
    Edgar's Al Gator 1xW and Viera's Pokita.
    Rancherita's Little Gator ROM x Smith's Annie ROM (a female Rascal / Jeep-Red Boy), excellent cross that produced:
    CH BMW's Black Angel 4xW (An Ace in the pit and one of the best 44 pound dogs around the West Coast), CH BMW's Kimbo 3xW, 1xL, BMW's Missy 2xW, BMW's Eli 2xW, 1xL, BMW's Arrow 2xW, 1xL, and BMW's Panterita (mother of CH Hobb's TJ 3xW, 1xLG and BMW's Xena 2xW which when crossed with CH Black Angel produced CH BMW's Bullet 4xW and when crossed with BMW's Moreno aka Herbie 2xW produced the good breeder BMW's Vanessa and the well known winning player BMW's Ickis 2xW, a game dog who has already produced CH Sonora and many other winners understanding that his breeding career is just beginning)
    Unfortunately Smith's Annie ROM was crossed with Little Gator after 1st breeding and has not been taken.
    We have to underline the fact that Rancherita's Little Gator ROM was not only a good producer of winners but also produced many other good producers such as:
    BMW's Cuervo 2xW that produced CH BMW's Sorullo 4xW, CH BMW's (SIC) Paco 3xW, 1xL, CH Logan, Pittie 1xw, Xena 2xW, (mother of CH Bullet, Ickis 2xW and Good producer BMW's Vanessa), Pettie 1xW, 1xL in 2h: 20m, SM's Baby (a game bulldog that came from Cuervo x Pow wow that was schooled with Ch.Spooky) and Inland Empire's Gunny, mother of the great CH Inland Empire's Bumper 3xW, at 2x BIS and 1x GIS (1:59 , 1:20 and 1:51). Keep your eyes peeled for the offspring of a Little Gator ROM double cross, Smith's Annie 2xw ROM double a dog named SM's Zorro that above has Raven 2xw crossed with Smith's Annie 2xw ROM and below has BMW's Arrow 2xw crossed with a female Chinaman.
    BMW's CH Black Angel 4xW who was an Ace. He was an Ace dog but his breeding career was not very long as he was killed in a kennel accident by his daughter Buffy. He produced some good dogs and many of them are still in Campaign and have produced good for their owners as well. Some of these dogs are: BMW's CH Bullet 4xW (currently one of the most requested live Little Gator breeders), BMW'S Chaquiro 2xw, 1xlg, BMW's Kerker, Yoshi and Superman 1xW (promising dogs that we will surely hear from them in the future), SM's Lupe (BMW's Kerker's only litter sister and a proven game female with a strong mouth or bite), SM's Angela (a very game female) BMW's Joe Black 1xW (a very game dog), Romeo's Angelica 2xW (first Match in 43 min at 39 pounds beating a 2xW and second match in 58 min.
    Here are a few words from someone who saw CH Black Angel Go:
    "I saw with my own eyes this good dog go to 5 conventions in Mexico (VBK had a female named Fire Cracker, who alone stole the Show), He went against a dog biting face son of Wildside Kennels' Renegade. Black Angel did enough damage in the first 10 minutes to predict what the outcome of the match was going to be, but I watched as Black Angel kicked his butt for 15 or 20 minutes. Since in the last 10 minutes of the match he was getting stronger and stronger he had the other dog picked up. Black Angel did a complimentary Scratch that was gorgeous, her head hit the carpet twice! " Note: Ch.Black Angel 4xw was not conditioned for this show as he became very aggressive, since in pre-keep he bit his owner while maintaining a strong bite on his forearm, lucky for him that there was a gentleman nearby who helped him. In his Offspring these characters have not been shown.
    Viera's Negrita 2xW that she produced, when she was crossed with Ed's Moko Loko (a bolio dog), CH VBK's Smokey. The cross with Rancherita's Little Gator ROM produced a good bitch for VBK: Viera's Pokita, dam of CH Viera's Blacky, BMW's aka VBK's Moreno 2xW and SM's Jeko 2xotc, a sought after pimp who is producing very hot offspring for SM. Other winners to come out of Negrita were Negrito 2xW, Al Gator 1xW, Little Negrita 1xW and Eightball 1xL Deadgame.
    Golden State Bulldog's Tattoo 1xW which produced Indo-Canadian's Big Boy 2xW, SM's Elmo 1xW best In show and an Ace “ace” for those who saw it, Golden State Bulldog's Chavez 2xw best in show winner, Golden State Bulldog's Fat Boy 2xw , Golden State Bulldog's Bam Bam 1xw, Lite em up's Dyna 2xw, Blackout's Creeper 2xw and many other good ones. Many of their offspring are still young but they show great promise.
    BMW's Joe Black is a great 1xW at 2:47 and Best Of Show winner. He was raised at that time by Ramón from BMW and was an inbred breeding brother / sister of CH Black Angel with his sister Missy 2xW. Both were good dogs and this proves that when one does an inbred only the best dogs are used, so that most of the time the result is truly good. Joe Black is now retired as a breeder and has been sold to a Spanish dogman.
    I would like to say a few words about a dog that I think is one of the best representatives of the little gator line currently in life: BMW's Ickis 2xW.
    Ickis came from the cross between BMW's aka VBK's Moreno 2xw (CH Viera's Harvey Wallbanger 3xW, 1xL X Viera's Willie Girl) and BMW's Xena 2xW (BMW's Cuervo 2xW ROM x BMW's Panterita): He is basically a Little Gator Rom linebred with a hint of the Jeep / Honeybouch / Boudreux blood of CH Harvey.
    He won 2 by taking the Best In show Winner in 2 hours and those who saw him say he is very good and a true gamedog in the pit.
    Ickis' first 2 starts were too tough by any man's Standards (his opponents didn't make it); After that and without proper recovery, he went and lost the first one that was his worst presentation and still never stopped. He also won 2x otc. Not many dogs would have made it after being educated with CH Black Angel, CH TJ and CH Kimbo. The best part is that he is producing a lot of dogs that are better than him.
    Here's what he's produced: Ch Sonora 3xW, CH Sombra 3xW, Thor 1xW, Brindle 1xL, Misfit 1xW (RIP), Rasha 1xW coming out soon, the other two that were ready to take their fair share were SM's Tank and Speed, both very good, Tank could not recover from an attack of Approximately 100 bee stings and died while the other was stolen. The rest are starting their school and they are doing very well.
    So as we can see, the genetic contribution of Little Gator blood is still strong in its ancestors and this does not happen in many other good breeders. This means Little Gator's blood has put a good foundation in his offspring and if you make the right selection you can have a yard full of dogs that have it all: gameness, skill, stamina, mouth and intelligence.
    Most important of all, all these dogs, when properly bred and given a fair chance to mature, really know how to win !!!
    This article and all the pics were contributed by our friends. So we would like to especially thank: Viera Brothers Kennel, Rancherita Kennels, Leprechaun, and everyone who helped me write these.
    -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------
    I would like to dedicate the last words to a Man whom I have never had the pleasure to meet but have always wanted to meet: Jerry Wiseman (10/20/1927 - 2/5/2003)
    Mr. Jerry Wiseman was one of the great gentlemen of sport. He was the seller of Rancherita Kennels located in Mexico. He was known not only to dogmen, but also to anyone who had the pleasure of his wisdom and company and an extremely just and honest man. He truly brought a new meaning to the phrase "Man of Honor".
    Jerry once took a dog from his yard to a show, but his heart went out to raising top-notch dogs like his great producer dog, Little Gator ROM.
    Jerry understood lines and successful breeding so much so that his contemporaries at the time said that each and every cross that Jerry made produced winners. ALL CROSSES !. This alone was an extraordinary achievement in the present and in the era.
    Rest in Peace dear Friend, we still continue to miss you!
    published by MCBULLDOGS: www.pitbulloaxaca.org
    I am attaching the complete document in WORD format for friends to download to their PC.

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