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Please Sign This

Discussion in 'Laws & Legislation' started by Missi_6985, Feb 20, 2006.

  1. 14rock

    14rock GRCH Dog

    Everyone up to Drycreek has received their points. The rest will be coming in 24 hours when I can spread more reputation around ;) Keep it up guys, we can do much better than this. Crosspost it and sign it more than once ;p
  2. Hoyden

    Hoyden Top Dog

    Not worried about rep points - I just hate BSL.

    I am mass e-mailing it to all my friends with the Renaissance Faire and Historical Re-enactment groups. They all know and love my dogs. My dogs got presents from people we didn't even know at Yule!
  3. rocksteady

    rocksteady I'll drink to that..

    signed 107
    14rock likes this.
  4. Nancy

    Nancy Big Dog

    I signed it #108.
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 19, 2006
    14rock likes this.
  5. lil_bit807

    lil_bit807 Big Dog

    #109 here. Let's keep going. We all need to sign it as it may come to your state one day !!!
    14rock likes this.
  6. bam-bam's mom

    bam-bam's mom Big Dog

    i'm signed on there,
    14rock likes this.
  7. 14rock

    14rock GRCH Dog

    Thanks for all the help guys...lets keep this going.
  8. when i sighned there were 123 people who have sighned.
    14rock likes this.
  9. 14rock

    14rock GRCH Dog

    Well, we've doubled since it's been here..Which isnt bad, but I'd like to see much more! I want everyone who reads this thread to take 5 seconds to sign the petition...it will be your town someday and you will appreciate the support, so dont expect help if you dont help out somebody else!

    For everyone who has signed it...thank you.
  10. Thank you to everyone that signed. I'm hoping to as many as we can! Thanks 14 for encouraging everyone!
    14rock likes this.
  11. Taz18

    Taz18 Pup

    I signed it #124
    14rock likes this.
  12. kjf85

    kjf85 Big Dog

    I signed 124 there are 125 now.
    14rock likes this.
  13. kjf85

    kjf85 Big Dog

    sorry I'm 125 and there is 126
  14. kjf85

    kjf85 Big Dog

    My boyfriend just signed it too #127
  15. kjf85

    kjf85 Big Dog

    I got my boyfriends dad to sign it too- #128
  16. Agent_X

    Agent_X Pup

    yeah I'm #129
    14rock likes this.
  17. Marty

    Marty Banned

    I'm sure its been cross posted all over the net ;)
    I'm posting it in a few forums myself :)
    14rock likes this.
  18. Suki

    Suki Guest

    133 here!:)

    I also wrote to your legislators. I sent a copy of what recently happened here, In Salem. Hopefully, they'll follow suit!
  19. kgip2k

    kgip2k Guest

    I got #135
  20. Hillbilly Pit

    Hillbilly Pit Big Dog

    you got my vote. lol !! # 138
    14rock likes this.

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