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Police shoot APBT

Discussion in 'Pit Bull News' started by cemoreno, Jun 9, 2006.

  1. I love hugarian Gulaschsuppe (gulaschsoap?) lol...well we are nearly at the same age (i am born 1969) you traveld to usa and you live there? With familie or allone? Well what you told sounds good to me....nighthunting and a kennel and so on, would L O V E to live that way...but i have a wife and two sons (my pride) and in germany you have to think and work all the time to survive.But I think its the same in arkansas...
  2. bahamutt99

    bahamutt99 CH Dog

    I understand that police have to deal with some dangerous situations, but don't we have any rights anymore? My dog is laying on our bed right now, and she may well jump up and/or bark if aggressive strangers came storming into our house. That's like shooting somebody for yelling "hey!" The only difference is that a dog has no way of knowing what a police officer is, or that they have special privledges.
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  3. Attila

    Attila Guest

    I feel that they are dwendling away. I don't feel they have any special privledges. Not on my farm anyway. It's along ways from the barn to the creek but I have seen folks run it real fast.
  4. ROFL...I believe you....realy...lol
  5. SEAL

    SEAL CH Dog

    and this is why they carry pepper spray.
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  6. Dirty3rd

    Dirty3rd Big Dog

    It's exactly what's to be expected nowdays. They will say whatever they can to cover their a**es. These cops treat people and families like this and then wonder why hardly anybody respects law enforcement anymore.
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  7. Evil_Elvis

    Evil_Elvis Big Dog

    We as society have given the police the special privelage of deeming what is and isnt dangerous ,threating, aggressive..so basically thank your parents, grandparents, great grandparents.. Rights? it seems we have lost alot of rights but mostly thats because we as a society (america) depend WAY to much on the governement to protect us and we have given the governement the right to do as they see fit. Whether you voted for this or that or even dont vote (which is just to blame)

    We have rights yes..but us having rights isnt about going and threating to kill other people, which is why the police were there (and according to the story, the police have been to the house on several occasions) Im not saying to was right for the police to shoot the dog but if you were an officer and had to deal with those situations, you would look at it differently. Dogs are not people. They do not share in the same rights as people. Its horrible that happened. That mother should however be more upset with her ungratefull 16 yo son whom caused the incident and made it possible for the police to get a warrent to enter his mom's house
  8. Suki

    Suki Guest

    Last summer, I took my female for a walk around a lake we frequently go to. Half way back, I hear this guy trying to start his bike. This goes on for about 30 minutes, off and on, over and over 'til I make it back to my car. Being a rider as well, I figure I'll drive over, and offer this guy a hand. See if I can help him some. So my dog and I head over, in the car, and find this guy stuck, BIG TIME, in some loose gravel, and the more he revs it, the deeper he goes. I try to help him get his bike dislodged, but to no avail. We're into it about 20 minutes or so, when the
    next thing you know, a cop comes driving over. "What's the trouble", (hello! isn't it obvious????), checks things out and then takes a look with his flash light into my car, and sees my dog.
    I'm saying Hail Marys under my breath, cuz she has a tendency to be, ummmm, "car aggressive", some times.

    I'm hoping this is NOT going to be "one of those times".

    ...TY God, ...she acts like a saint, and just sits there...

    The cop, on the other hand, looks at me, gets RIGHT into my face, and says,
    "If your dog gets out, I'm going to put a bullet in it!!!, you got that?"
    Then the stare down... and awkward silence...

    The biker looks at me, like, "oh $hit",
    at which point, I'm like "sorry bro, but
    I'm history! Lotsa luck, but your bike ain't worth my dog"...

    I slowly open the door, hoping she'll stay put, climb in, and drive away
    with my
    "bullet-free" dog.

    not sure how the biker made out....

    just another example of generalizing, as is often the case....
    (flippin cop!:mad: )
  9. Attila

    Attila Guest

    I will tell you one thing if it was me or one of my fellow troops I and they would be court marshaled for any such mistake. That is what training and SOP's are fore. In a police action we don't have the liberty to mess up. I don't see where a civilian force should have less restrictions in behaivor. There is no room for mistakes. Had he missed and hit one of those children would it also be ok. Maybe even if a 14 year old kid charged them they don't have the liberty to dispatch him. To protect and serve. That the public not because something scares you. If your scared find a better job. Police do not have more rights than those they are payed to serve. In fact those that serve have less. That what undercover and covert operations are for to know who is in the house and where your target is. Accedents in service are commited by the ill trained and ill prepaired. You can't look at a dog or a person and judge them by looks alone. Prejudgement shoot on site. the Cop that said that to Suki should be fired and working as street sweeper. No excuses accepted just as in the Military. You go to jail for mistakes or loose rank depending on the severity. Civilan cops deserve to get the same punishment. Any thing that comes at you it must be determined why. And if a dogs comes at you use mace or a stun gun you don't shoot it dead and claim a bs excuse for doing so. It is unacceptable.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 10, 2006
  10. bahamutt99

    bahamutt99 CH Dog

    I wasn't talking about the dog's rights per se. I was more referring to my right to have my dog loose in my house. Shooting a dog for behaving in an acceptable manner in response to what is essentially a home invasion is punishing the owner for even owning a dog. Like Seal said, they have pepper spray, batons (or those heavy flashlights). In addition, they said they'd noted a dog there previously, so why not have an animal control person on hand to deal with the dog? It just seems like shooting the dog and covering it up later has become par for the course.

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