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MS: Poplarville: Conformation & Weight P ull

Discussion in 'Southeast' started by Vicki, Feb 13, 2020.

Added to Calendar: 02-28-20
  1. Vicki

    Vicki Administrator Staff Member

    Event Details
    The Heart of Dixie American Pit Bull Terrier Club and Deep South Bull & Terrier Assoc. join together to host 1 weight pull Friday night, 2 conformation shows and 1 weight pull on Saturday, and 1 conformation show and 1 weight pull on Sunday at the Pearl River County Fairgrounds in Poplarville, Mississippi. For more details please contact Whitley 769-234-5433, Glenn 601-273-0088, James 256-324-9141 or Terri 660-238-6438

    February 28 (Friday) - March 1 (Sunday)

    Pearl River County Fairground
  2. I will be there in the company of floyd boudreaux
    corvettedex and Stone Shark like this.
  3. Will be there and make a donation then.
  4. Ok..see you there...
  5. Thank you stone shark...let me know its stone shark...and u can hand it to him yourself ok
  6. I dont know if you've met him..but you will
  7. I will have a table set up. Selling my wares. I will certainly seek him out. Bringing some of his old Bullyson blood. 5th gen. Not much of it that close anymore
  8. I wanted to bring a male I got off of sprocket ...but since I got this going on I think I'm gonna do the meet and greet thing this time around
  9. Stop on by. Always nice to meet people.
  10. Will do....I'll get more info as the time gets closer to which booth is yours
  11. I will have a canopy and a table. Will have some books, mainly collars ,leads, stands. SSK Working Dog Supply. StoneShark Kennels. Not sure on dogs, our Stonewall Son got snake bit. He has drainage holes cut in him so I won't be bringing him. Not sure who else. Got a couple pups I will bring. Maybe one of the African bitches we have.
  12. Good deal see you there brother
    Stone Shark likes this.
  13. I have to put the link up to help floyd out and will continue to do so until goal is met
    Stone Shark likes this.
  14. One of the pups born here. Old Bullyson blood in her. I will be able to give some. Surprised some of the oldtimers haven't offered up anything. I got 3 months ban on Facebook for sharing content off my supply page or I would share it. I will do some awareness stuff for you on my pages
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  15. Thx
  16. Hope to see a bunch there. We will have collars, leads, harnesses, flirt poles, grooming stands etc. Come stop by and say Hello.
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