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remote eater

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by cary-dude, Apr 8, 2006.

  1. cary-dude

    cary-dude Big Dog

    I ran a search on this and didn't really get the answer I was seeking so I'm gonna put it out here, because this is starting to become a real issue at my house. I think my dog is suffering from separation issues. At first I thought it bothered her to be alone, but it really seems to be more like this, she can't stand to be away from me. If I leave to go some where, she really acts up. Not with aggresion, just chewing things up that she knows belong to me. She is 16 months old now. she can do alot of damage! does anyone else have to deal with this problem? She ate my damn remote this morning. She wasn't home alone, my girlfriend was with her, and when she stepped out of the room the remote paid the ultimate price! HELP! I have read many good post,thanks guys, with that said: She has her own chew toys, She goes for at least one long walk per day,and has a spring pole that she loves to play with. I guess what I'm getting at here is this: It seems as though she does these things because she is pissed that I left without her. I have a crate but feel bad for putting her in it. I just thought there might be some other way to handle the situation is all, and wondered how you guys handled it.
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  2. prettyfulpitbull

    prettyfulpitbull Bullylover06

    Try crateing her when you're gone.You can also use bitter apple spray on stuff you don't want chewed.Get her a bone.
  3. SEAL

    SEAL CH Dog

  4. scooter

    scooter Big Dog

    These dogs will have a natural curiosity about dang near everything. Mine will take off with the remote or phone or camara or paper or whatever just to have somthing to do at the moment or to gain attention. The rule around my house is put it UP out of his reach or loose it. Took a few months,a remote and a couple pair of shoes but my kids finally got the idea LOL.
  5. laurajean

    laurajean Top Dog

    REALLY! I am laughing. We, too, have been trained to keep attractive chewables out of the dogs' reach(like shoes and socks and remotes, cell phones,etc.). And of course we provide them with things they can chew...
    All dogs chew, the younger they are the more stuff they will try a chomp of.
    All the other advice was good; give 'em something they can chew and keep precious things out of their reach.
  6. Suki

    Suki Guest

    yup, the crate is great!

    Start her off with small intervales of time, then work upwards. Put her in it at random times during the day as well, so she doesn't always equate it with leaving=less stress this way.
    She'll get the hang of it.
    Make it like her "haven", her den, and she should grow to like it!(hopefully!:) )
  7. catcher T

    catcher T CH Dog

    for sure put the dog in a crate,,I can't stress that enough,,I always say I want to keep the things I haven't paid for yet,,she is chewing things up out of boredom. You have to watch them all the time,,especially when they are young.
  8. missybee16

    missybee16 CH Dog

    They know better than me here. I just gave in & take the pup everywhere with me, or I won't have anything left in the house.
  9. Ja-net

    Ja-net Banned

    Knick knack paddiwack give a dog a bone lol she needs some of her own chew toys and you can train her to distinguish between whats her toys and whats not. Also at 16 months the dogs teeth arent fully harden so there teeth become itchy and they need the urge to chew on something to aleviate the itch. Also like catcher T said it could be from boredom give her some exercise or some kind of physical activity to stimulate her mind from getting bored.

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