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RIP Garner's Belluga

Discussion in 'R.I.P.' started by ducho13, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. Zoe

    Zoe CH Dog

    Very sorry for your loss....
  2. david63

    david63 CH Dog

    [ sorry 4 your loss and i believe poisoning too.
  3. lee_vaj09

    lee_vaj09 Pup

    dang sorry for your loss
  4. In The Game

    In The Game Big Dog

    We have very big toads here in hawaii and i can almost tell ya without even quessing thats what happend. She ate a toad man !!! My dog just had that thing in his mouth for like a second and his eyes his throught his mouth foaming everywhere !!!! Scary shit bro !!! The vet told me flush his mouth out with water with the hose and cross your fingers. Toads are bad news man sorry about your loss
  5. erick350

    erick350 Pup

    hey DUCHO i`m lokking to talk to u. PM me. erick
  6. I had three of mine poisoned with anti-freeze by a neighbor in 2007. There are distinct symptoms that span more than one nights worth of sleep leading up to kidney failure & death due to ethylene glycol (anti-freeze) poisoning. Nausia, vomitting, diarhea, extreme rapid weight loss, uncontrollable urination, excessive drinking, etc. It's terrible, and definitely not something that can be missed by any responsible or attentive owner.

    Couple years ago, I had a 4.5 year old male, healthy as an ox, drop dead in my yard. I had just topped off his (and others') water bowls and went to Home Depot to rent a tool. He was perfectly fine and happy. I was gone about 2 - 2.5 hours. Came home and he was stiff as a board. Initial thought was heat stroke, but post-mortem body temp/ambient temp ruled that out. Two weeks later, found a Scorpions' nest in the empty/forclosed yard behind mine.
  7. ducho13

    ducho13 Big Dog

    Creo que tu inbox esta lleno, te hise pm pero no va.

  8. Tramplove

    Tramplove Big Dog

    Have you put any decon down lately?

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