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Saw the results of a Pitbull attack on a man .

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by bamaman, Sep 7, 2021.

  1. oldguy

    oldguy CH Dog

    My concern after getting attacked was being on my own on yard, with nobody in calling distance and a land shark shaking the crap out of me.. Glad you mentioned walking over to another dog with the other still attached to you.. It's a good defence strategy and should really be common sense, problem is I never had too much of that, but in retrospect, if things were going bad and I couldn't get away from dog while he was restricted by his chain, then If I could have unclipped him, walked over to a 42lb nut of a male I had on yard and let him into it, then I think the dog would eventually have released me to get a hold of my saviour..

    Another story I recall from years ago was a well known English Bull Terrier called Scotsman's Prince, that thing was a fckn psychopath.. Champion Max's owner walked into Scotsman's kitchen one day and Prince launched straight into him, locking onto his chest and working the hold, Prince knew Scotsman's cousin, but that day it made no difference, he was passing out and sliding down the door frame when the old father walked in with a shovel and bounced it off Prince's head, the dog released and the cousin recovered.. I could tell more stories on Prince, but they're just not funny.
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  2. gog123

    gog123 Top Dog

    Was rosita meant to be dodgy as well then? Also saw another dog directly out of jazzy a few times and that dog was always friendly. Can’t remember for sure but think it was that dogs owner that told me she was people aggressive. The sire to the bitch I never saw but know of some story involving the dog grabbing someone and a shotgun. Can’t say that means they bought the dog up to be that way. Just council estates and shotguns, decent criminals don’t come to mind lol just mugs. All means fuck all now anyway, apart from high drives the bitch didn’t have anything else. Just nice to dog to learn from when young. Lovely to get into shape and you had to be alert while out with her.

    Question for everyone really. How big does a dog need to be to really cause problems for someone? Like I say never been bitten by a dog. Just I see these malinois videos and sure the dogs look impressive. Just when old bill use them it seems more to take a person down for them to move in. They do great at trials n all the fancy jumps and stuff. Just not seen clips of them really put under pressure in a real life situation. Wondering if they’ll have the fight in em when up against it like I’d expect more from say a bandog or presa. Course no doubt have to find a good example of any of the breeds as a lot of shit gets bred.
  3. gog123

    gog123 Top Dog

    I ain’t keen on English bull terriers, not one for trying to judge a whole breed as bad dogs. Leave that for the rspca cunts. Just personally every ebt I have met has been bit dodgy with people. Not met a single one which hasn’t had a growl or the owners warned me it’s a bit funny. Quite ugly things as well aren’t they. Course as a young kid remember watching Oliver Twist and begging my mum for one. Hadn’t seen the movie in years and was on one Xmas on the tele. Dunno why I convinced myself all the time since I first saw the film that bullseye was a nice example of the breed lol . Glad my mum never gave in and let me have one.
    Didn’t have much choice when she came home from work to find me with a young bulldog though lol. Went mental about it. Only for me to pop back from the shop later that day. There was the dog laying on a blanket on the sofa with his head resting on her lap lol.
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  4. FrozenEli

    FrozenEli Premium Member Premium Member

    Signs... carry a knife not a break stick! The breed would have been better off.
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  5. reids skipper

    reids skipper CH Dog

    @gog123 … you could say rosita was abit dodgy lol …i heard she put a couple of people in hospital over the years … i saw her in the flesh and she acted like a real sly nervous type .. @oldguy you’ll have seen her alot more did you mate ? She got passed about from pillar to post and was bred to some of the top dogs in the country at the time like boss , bucket head , danny etc
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  6. oldguy

    oldguy CH Dog

    I only saw Rosita once mate.. Two people I knew owned her and neither had much good to say about her.. If I was told anything about her, then I don't recall now? Seem to remember she had terrible skin complaints, but maybe I'm thinking of another female? I owned this female out of Danny x Rosita.. Easy to work, B-team quality, but game as a pebble..
    Redeye`s Jinx.jpg Redeye`s Jinxs.jpg
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  7. gog123

    gog123 Top Dog

    Thought it looked like jinx, remember the dog from peds online from looking at Danny. Always thought the photo of him was a proper good photo. Read recently an article about brindle dogs are less likely to be adopted. I know a dogs colour means fuck all. Had enough arguments with the idiots back in the day online breeding dogs just to have some red pups lol. Gotta say though got bit of a soft spot for brindles. Remember years back I saw a lovely reverse brindle online proper lovely looking dog. Will try find the ped online with the photo.

    Bit of a shame to hear rosita was just passed about and bred.
    Gotta be honest, I saw some people who kept the dogs spot on. One person some people spoke shit about him regarding dogs. Have to say though the bloke loved em and his dogs was all well looked after. Then would be other people who had no respect for the dogs.
    Makes me laugh there was a bitch who got passed around a bit and bad mouthed for being no good. Not making excuses as no skin off my nose or anything. Just annoyed me a little to see her spoken badly about because she was never in hands of people who cared for her properly. When I saw her in her kennel she looked so miserable and it was covered in shit. So much so that I couldn’t leave without telling the owner to get me some bags and went n picked it up myself. Know it’ll only fill back up again but couldn’t bring myself to just walk away leaving it like that. If I’d had the room I’d of taken her even just till I found a better home for her. Big softie at heart lol
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  8. gog123

    gog123 Top Dog

    Going way off topic here but seems the place is quiet compare to years ago.
    anyway always loved the look of this dog n it’s brindle coat….

    Think I have some other photos of it on an old external hard drive somewhere. Proper good looking dog that though.
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