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Simple things

Discussion in 'Sports & Activities' started by F.W.K., Jun 28, 2018.

  1. F.W.K.

    F.W.K. CH Dog

    Is equipment such like as a bycicle/ treadmill/slatmill/ jenny/ turntable not available or the dog dislike this kind of training let's try then something new and most important what the dog likes the most.
    Just simple walking the dog atached on a long rope, go were you have not many people or no people around at all and lots of space to walk and just do that, build it up, day by day, hour after hour, it will benefit yours both.
    If your dog is a slow walker let a dog walk way in front of him, maybe that will turn him into a solid walker.
    A rope around your waist and then atached to the dog's harness or collar and start running with the dog in front of you and the dog pulling you.
    Wellknown boxers and wellknown dogs were once trained this way.
    Hills…. you feel it, running the hills up and down, it will build up everything required.
    It's heavy especcially on you, but gives you a solid conditioning as it makes the dog stronger as well.
    Swimming, the dog atached to a long line you hold, and let the dog jump into the water and let him swim, gives great strenght and wind.
    If the weather is great and if possible for you swim together with your dog, the dog will like it.
    Stairs, do you know a building with a lot of stairs were you can run back and forth down the stairs without being bothered by other folks?, give it a try with your dog.
    Beside a good workout a dog must have plenty of rest, healthy food, water.

    Springpole and or tug of war you can throw in your conditioning schedule as well if you and your dog like it.
    I never used a springpole or tug of war myself but used beside treadmill all the other things above with great results.
    Ofcourse you have lots of other methods of training as well, if you and your dog likes it....give it a try, you can only find it out by doing it.
    It is all no rocket science but common sense the conditioning of a dog.
    Just keep it simple.

    This superb dog I saw in his prime, he was a clever good looking big shiny black dog.
    Shankbone's Gr Ch Lionhead.
  2. who

    who Top Dog

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  3. who

    who Top Dog

    20180626_125604.jpg 20180627_213331.jpg 20180626_125604.jpg 20180627_213331.jpg

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  4. oldguy

    oldguy CH Dog

    'KISS KEEP' = keep it simple stupid! Definitely the one for me :-)
  5. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Me too.

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  6. c_note

    c_note CH Dog

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  7. che

    che Top Dog

    i like to challenge him with plenty of rest and nutrition
  8. Sleep

    Sleep Big Dog

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