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Stafford 1953 Photo

Discussion in 'SBT History' started by abreedapartuk, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. Bully_UK

    Bully_UK Big Dog

    A few from my collection;)
    P1020090.jpg P1020085.jpg P1010943.jpg P1010940.jpg P1010970.jpg
  2. Bully_UK

    Bully_UK Big Dog

    A few more:)

    Tracie x

    Attached Files:

  3. bulldogkennel

    bulldogkennel Banned

    Very nice pictures!
  4. hmots

    hmots Big Dog

    :confused:Amazing tha none look like what one would find in a KC showring today...
  5. Herodog1

    Herodog1 Top Dog

    Ch Gentleman Jim looks like a lot of the show staffs around at the moment? JMO
  6. bulldogkennel

    bulldogkennel Banned

    No my friend. :)


    Well done folks...some great history and photos.....b,,,
  8. Herodog1

    Herodog1 Top Dog

    Come on friend, look at the picture of Ch Gentleman Jim again then look at my staff and tell me they are not similar in build.
    He is typical show staff.
  9. Jimi

    Jimi Pup

    Yes & no; everyone of the knuckleheads I've met that want's short, wide-set, fat plugs of dogs is either female or gay. BUT I've had the privilege of meeting a woman whose father had them way back & who grew up sitting on John Gordon's knee. She knows what makes a good dog (she should, she's bred some great dogs) but her dogs will never win at dog shows!

    Breed standards & dog shows are the enemy in my opinion.
  10. Jimi

    Jimi Pup

    Sorry mate, truly no offense meant, but not even close!
  11. Jimi

    Jimi Pup

    Sorry mate, truly no offense meant, but not even close!
  12. Foundation

    Foundation Big Dog

    The early Stafford is the original bulldog before politics of paper and law took control with propaganda which still changes the way we think today.. Follow the pedigrees, books, and history.. those early dogs were one and the same with the APBT until the 40s or 50s.. Some SBTs CH'd in the [] well to 1976... Working conformation and todays result from show breeding are two different things... I love them old bulldogs.
  13. gunman2376

    gunman2376 Big Dog

    Anyone can drop à few names, times and oponents of those 50's dogs that are being posted

    I know very little and i have some dificulty to find info on past dogs.
  14. littlerascals

    littlerascals Premium Member Premium Member

    very nice dog ;)

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