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staffy vs apbt

Discussion in 'Staffordshire Bull Terriers' started by makaz24, May 24, 2011.

  1. makaz24

    makaz24 Big Dog

    can a staffy eve match up against a abpt?
  2. makaz24

    makaz24 Big Dog

    can a staffy ever match up against apbt
  3. Stonegatekennel

    Stonegatekennel Big Dog

    I haven't seen it
  4. cliffdog

    cliffdog Top Dog

    On power/wind alone, a big (well-bred) staffie could probably match up to a small APBT.
  5. coach

    coach Big Dog

    Only a high quality game bred staffy could match up.....problem is that they are rare(Game bred)There are only a few out there and I only personally know of one(Breeder) in the states and a couple over seas.These breeders do not advertise.In general....there is no comparison.Staffys are amazing dogs thats for sure.....and would recommend a well bred staffy to just about anyone.
  6. Tiger12490

    Tiger12490 Big Dog

    The problem wouldnt be if, they come from the same dog mind you but there is a reason there was a split in the breed there not easy to find an old school game bred staffy if you can find a breeder please let us know where to find em
  7. 7mmrowland

    7mmrowland Big Dog

    Why do you ask?
    Just wondering.
  8. nobody

    nobody Banned

    Already been an entire discusion about check out topic, today's stafford are a shame
  9. 7mmrowland

    7mmrowland Big Dog

    I totally agree with this post. Owned em both and hopefully taking ownership of another STAFFORD, amazing and no comparison for sure.
  10. coop-dog

    coop-dog Big Dog

    Really do we need to go on and on about this again
  11. makaz24

    makaz24 Big Dog

    lol i was just curious, i havnt seen a staffy in my area in a long time, last time i saw one was about 10 years ago, it was all black and jumped the highest i ever seen and it was so small, and i was thinking bout getting a staffy but i want a quality one
  12. switty

    switty Pup

    so do we all.lol

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