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Starting pups.

Discussion in 'Patterdale Terriers' started by kalenhcc, Jan 28, 2020.

  1. If your going to start young tettier to rats,keep it well Away from fully grown rats.Should this young spouse try tackle a full grown one and take a nasty nip, could possibly put it off for life.Best catch a half grown one,either in a live trap or tail one as we do,and throw to the pup and it won't take it long for the penny to drop...
    The theory of starting a pup on mice is totally unpractical to me and all it does is open up a can of worms in the long run...
    If the pup isn't totally 100% confident with taking rats,you run the risk of the pup picking and choosing it quarry,then all you have is a terrier that choose to FCK off and hunt up,hunting for mice,instead of slaying dozens of long tails..You'll spend hour after hour digging and moving heaps of scrap and other objects to get to mice nests full of pinkies..
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  2. Mice and Rats will not live together.
    Rats will fucking just eat the Mice and take over.
    ive lived in a Mouse infested hovel and ive lived in a Rat infestsd hovel and theres only ever been one or the other.
    but i have seen a Mouse cross a feild and ive seen a Rat cross that same feild a hour or so later...but i doubt they were both living close to each other in that feild.
    but yeah,i have to agree that it would be more then annoying if the dog ran of and hunted mice lol.haha.that would be annoying lol. name by the way @slip em quick.
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  3. Cheers soze the killer,do a bit of dog work so it kind of fitted the bill lol..
    There's probably more than a grain of truth in what your saying about both speices not living together..
    However my point related more to my own past experiences.The farms we ratted religiously were beef farms..bullocks in sheds, designed for the chop shop,so the rats were either under the troths,in machinery or in bales,basically in and around the farm buildings...But adjacent was the fields,hedgerows and alike, that was my point.On walking from one side of the farm to the other,last thing you needs a young tyke on its toes down the hedge row,or straw meadow doing its own thing!!!
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  4. Agree...
    when i said starting em on mice might not be a bad thing,i meant when the pups are like three maybe four months old.
    be the time they are taking rats they will start knowing the game.and if theres piles of rats like the places you say,then that should keep the dogs bussy lol.
    but i cant say i would not be in hesterics if they ran of to hunt feild mice guessing the farmer would not let you back if he seen that lol.

    What country did you hunt these rats in? if you dont mind me asking that is....
    ive hunted rats when i was a kid.
    i dont hunt them now lol.its great fun but i only hunt for meat to be honest.

    All the best.
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  5. England mate,same as yourself its been a while since we've been ratting ourselves,n to be honest i think the permissions long gone.
    Good days,action packed and a right old buzz.Pitty things have to come to an end..
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  6. I used to rat around a old abatar.the abatar still stands as a meat market to this day.but hardly the amount of rats there used to be..25 years ago when it was a abatar,anyone was aloud to rat the place with dogs and ferrets.they would welcome all comers.
    the men i ratted with, kept mungrel terriers to gard there racing pideon fancy breeds,just good cat killers lol.but theyed give em some work ratting this abatar once, somtimes twice,a week..
    the hauls of rats was never large.between ten and fifty tops.and fifty was a huge haul lol.and never happend so oftern.
    but it was a good little was pretty wicked and pretty grusome to.
    i seen a ferret gets its eye scraped from its socket and die a day a terrier going to ground on a Badger and getting buckeld i thought at the time..
    pretty nasty stuff.
    Infact they lost a few ferrets in similar fasion down the years.
    and as much as Plummer swears by the terrier ferret combo for rats,he to admits to very similare problems were ferrets and rats are consernd.infact he admits to over ten ferrets getting there eyes scraped out by rats.
    i always think ferrets should be kept at rabbits to be honest.Mink are better at rat killing,my grandad used Mink for this.he said they hardly get bit.
    ideal i suppose...
    but one huge problem is, Mink are how to catch em and tame em i just dont no?.still,i suppose it cant be to difficult.and Mink will hunt rat in the wild,as i suppose its on there menu,as Mink like river banks,and show me a river bank with no rats..

    Rat hunting with dogs and whisels is a really good way of taking rats.poisen kills more of the fuckers.but poisens are nasty shit,and i cant see it being a nice way to die even for a rat.but morels aside,poisen kills more of em..but what about other animals what might consume rat poisen?thats not so good at all.
    killing rats with dogs is the most humane way.humaner then any poisen-even if the odd ferret looses a eye!
    All the best mate.
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  7. Lrs

    Lrs Big Dog

    There’s a bloke on YouTube called the mink man he rats with trained mink...not allowed in the uk though.
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  8. Why aint it allowed mate?
    fucking stupid that..the laws fucking you can use a ferret to flush/kill rats.but not the Mink?
    hahaha.who the fuck comes up with these bogus laws on subjects they no nothing about?

    i read the hunting act has been getting reapeald as of lately(aint it always-and with no succses)but obviesly its not going to be lifted...but some one asked "why was hunting animals with dogs banned in the first place?"
    to witch the fastest response of "because its crule".was thrown right back.
    it amazes me,it really dose,how some one who hunts a animal with a dog is supposedly crule?like im lost as to whats so fucking crule about it?ofcourse theres death involved,and all forms of death are crule i suppose.
    but crule?hahahaha dont make me laugh.crule?oh and big bad mother nature aint crule?LOL.mother nature the most crulest thing there is.
    the same groupe who says its crule.will watch a david atibougha show were a pack of wolves chase a heard for like a full day.or even longer,then take the weakest and rip it to bits and eat parts of the beast while its still fitting around..they say in arrogantly in defence "but thats nature." one said it aint nature.we said it anit no were near as crule as nature to hunt with dogs!.
    there aint no fairer (and braver i might add.)way, then man dog, knife,tackleing a big beast like a deer or a boar or whatever.
    it aint crule at all.
    well it is say its not is just stupid of me.but it aint as crule as most of the things life throws are way.

    Wait there a sec,i just thought.
    were not some govent bullshit trying to bring in wolves and lynx to reduse the deer numbers naturly?
    but the Mink cant be used to hunt rats?

    All the best Lrs.
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  9. Lrs

    Lrs Big Dog

    Because it’s non native I think mate to much risk of them pissing off in the wild and eating fish that people pay to fish for.
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  10. Fucking new the paying fisherman would have something to do with it lol.
    go fucking loose a few of em on one of them big posh fishing ponds lol.
    Hahaha..thatll piss em of.

    take all all the edible first before relese though;).
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  11. T.P.C.

    T.P.C. Pup

    I take mine out on hunts but I uave grown terriers. I don't let mine see any real action till 1yrs old. Then see how they are acting. If still stand off hold them back till 1.5 or 2. I uave had a few that started at 4 months and had to hold them back as well. Keeping in mind i don't do mice only what we hunt in mid west Groundhog and Coons.
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