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Tank line UK

Discussion in 'APBT Bloodlines' started by j1985, Oct 17, 2010.

  1. First I have heard of a current 5xw in the uk plenty of 3xw some 4xw but aint heard of any 5xw :confused:
  2. doubletap

    doubletap Banned

    hammerhead spouting his bellix.
  3. hammer head

    hammer head Top Dog

    Gettin a new pup for the box.........his name is thomas the tank......bred by the famous dogman........fat controller :d
  4. i came across wrong i can see that , i shoud have said chocolate king is the better side of the 2 sides in my opinion there is mixed opinions on the dog and each to their own
  5. Personally my opinion on chocolate king is he was very nice looking dog, but apart from that he should have been DOUBLE TAPPED as he was a dirty man biter that past the trait onto his offspring. Very rare to see a chocolate king dog without a muzzle on im forever taking the piss out of chocolate king owners.

    He has around 5 peds reids, mayfield, farmer boys, and sum others. The guys with bruce his son are currently trying to work him lol cant wait to see him become a champion after going into a few staffys.

    And the dog i owned called king, I took it off a guy from Birmingham and i passed him onto a man from up north an he ended up dead a short while later. He was bred once to a close friends bitch. And i was Unaware of his ped when i brought him got as a favour to a mate who was desperate to get rid of him.

  6. i agree chocolate kings nice, and thats the reason people have certain dogs dont think anyones really worked the choc king line except for obviously the 1 who was sent over to europe, bruces daughter? that being said his traits do carry onto his offspring not many people work their dogs from lines such as king,tank,ruthless etc however i dont really think many have intentions to work them lines anyway
  7. Alot are youngsters that want to come in the game, but don't have proper understanding of the rules and guidelines that should be followed to be professional. But then you get knowledgeable dogmen or enthusiasts that could guide them in the right direction but would rather sit and point there fingers. The biggest crime on this planet is to have knowledge and not share it.
  8. M.T

    M.T Pup

    A little wee came out after reading that, well done.:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

    IRONHIDE Big Dog

    ch. mayday rom. big dog. yellow john big dog. if you took these dogs and bred them to big bitches over and over again then you would eventualy have 100lb. freaks they would still be pitbulls thats how genetics works now make no mistake the would be shit but not mutts. tank dogs are crap i agree with that and some do mix dogs for size ie.bully dogs most often but not always. i can say if i had had the luck to have mayday in my yard he would have been put to my smallest game bithes not my larger ones point is i dont know if TANK dogs are mutts they could be big pitbulls its been proven that dogs geneticaly mutate within breeds easily when bred for one thing i.e size would be easily acheivable even for a pit over 4 or 5 generations when bred for only size wich would make them crappy specimens of the breed but sadly not mutts.....
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 26, 2011
  10. hammer head

    hammer head Top Dog

    Chocolate king was pimped out cos he was a looker.........would win a conformation show. lol. Thats why you guys can have him.........friend in europe tested a bitch.
    RIP. 17mins.

    Tank is for people who aint got the heart to work their curs.......still doesnt stop them selling pups,lol.
  11. hammer head

    hammer head Top Dog

    Lee line was far more productive as a worker. But why debate box dogs when the most you are going to do is A-frame then kiss your pampered pooch. Better to be honest with yourselves first then look for a dog that suits your need. IMHO.

    You guys need to look at your stock........then cull them.........instead of showing them and walking round petcity burning $$$$.

    Its your dog.......but dont bring it to the box unless you got $$$$......and a bag to put him in afterwards :rolleyes:
  12. letsmakestuffup

    letsmakestuffup Big Dog

    Why should anyone share their knowledge, no one owes you anything, people need to stop looking at other people for answers and do their own research and trials.

    You could read 20 keeps, watch 20 DVDs about keeps but nothing will teach you more than experience, and your only going to gain that by getting the dog lead out and hitting the road
  13. culabula

    culabula Big Dog

  14. Bouncer

    Bouncer Pup

    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 27, 2011
  15. Well mate I know and a lot of others do that the Tank aka mothi which was his real name is a mongrel. I speak to the owner quite a lot, he bred tank from a American bulldog x to a ddb or sum other breed like that. We had a debate about his dogs, he thinks if you cross a American bulldog with an ebt or whatever other dog he used, that you recreate the pitbull, as the pitbull started off as a cross and he wont take no for an answer. He has a son down from this tank a big dog called dealer around 100lbs and he has his so called own bloodline, called dealer lines trying to make dogs like him only looking for big bitches to breed to etc.

    Tank dogs in my eyes is the UK version of the American bully terrier there bred purely for colour and size nothing else, I think only 1 dog out of tank was worked and that was Calvin and from what i here he went into a 40lb dog an got the piss took out of him but tank lovers say he dominated it, an Calvin must be more than 60lbs.

    Ok answer me this if dogmen never shared knowledge on dvd or books or to a reporter a spouse friend we would not be able to do any research, pitbulls would be like the free masons completely secret and underground lol.

    The fact we can research means there are people willing to share information with others who are willing to listen. I'm not saying hand your secrets out I'm saying teach them from right to wrong where pits are concerned, like breeding for porfit does not better the breed do things like test a dog in order to see if it deserves the name pitbull little bit of advice can go along way, im sure you was schooled by a dogman or someone in the dogs at 1 point, and even now u you now about dogs if you was to go on the yard of a dogman they still give you tips and advice if your stuck with the dogs who do you turn to because the books are not always correct.

    Yes physical trial and error is the best teacher, but a finger to show the right direction can make all the difference.
  16. culabula the Lee dog aka Razor was nothing to do with legendary dogman T.Lee(R.I.P.)
    He was owned by a peddler and had 3/4 different pedigrees.[/QUOTE]

    And as far as lee goes he was basically the brother from another mother to chocolate king. The exact same story in every way fake peds, man biters, bred for money, hyped to sell pups.






    This is what all the fuss is about clearly no pit an not worth the bother
  18. pit#5

    pit#5 Banned

    I am not from UK just so you know , but since the UK Pit fans lost there dogs to the ban ,my hats off to them to create some thing that clearly has a PB in it . At least it is an attempt to snub the people in charge . Any way to call them bad dogs is small minded , there still nice looking and could evolve. If they breed true to type thats morn then a Ban dog can make claim to
  19. The UK has tons of active bulldogs. UK lost its legal right to own a pitbull but when does anyone follow the law lol. These dogs can be nice looking but majority look like they have down syndrome and they rubbish becuase they are classed as working dogs in a lot of there owners hands an they far from it, also these dogs are crosses and they still get taken and put down as pits lol police will take these without thinking twice law is very ignorant over here. The owners set these kind of dogs on people and the newspapers say another pitbull attack, when they clearly are not. Anything that is red nosed and big is at risk other here.
  20. united

    united Banned


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