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Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by mario, Jan 27, 2011.

  1. mario

    mario Pup

    I'm about to move to TEXAS and I want to know about the laws about having dogs in DALLLAS or HOUSTON
  2. Steeldog

    Steeldog Big Dog

    I'm moving to Texas too. Amarillo though. Interested in reactions towards bulldogs in general in Texas. Homeowners Insurance against em? I may move to the country side and avoid the city.
  3. Dreamer

    Dreamer Big Dog

    Used to live in Texas.

    Best to stay in the country -- away from close neighbors and large cities. It gets too complicated having these dogs in populated areas -- laws or not.

    Don't know about any specific laws -- best to check with the local government and find out...it's a BIG place.


    PREACHER Big Dog

    In Dallas just go to the city of Dallas Website ( Dallascityhall.com) and check out the code section. But as for as I know as long as you mind your business and your dogs dont keep up a lot of mess you should be cool. Most insurance companies want more or they just dont want you to have the dogs. This all really matters of what part of Dallas you move to North, South, East, or West because there are differences in all I think or even if your talking about one of the outer towns/cities which people still tend to call Dallas.
  5. mario

    mario Pup

    I hope everything work out.I'm in Mississippi and everytime a dog bite someone you know what kind of dog is the blame just yesterday a guy was killed in PONOTOC county I will take up on the advice yall giving me I'm thinking about North Dallas I heard its kind of nice.
  6. brat pack

    brat pack Top Dog

    They are trying to introduce statewide BSL as we speak. I think the name of it is Joshua's law. I have seen it on facebook and other apbt sites. Stop BSL should have some info on it.
  7. brat pack

    brat pack Top Dog

    The correct name is Justin's law. Not Joshua.
  8. North Dallas is not nice depending on which part of North Dallas you are referring to .
    Far North Dallas is ok.
    I would say try a couple of area a little outside of Dallas like Forney , McKinney, Allen, Carrollton ( consider Far North Dallas and nice)

    =^^=GYPSYKITTIN Big Dog

    Randy Fox tells me it's nice in Goldsby OK and his neighbors all went to bat for him in court to keep bulldogs legal in his area!!!:cool:

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