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The Food Thread

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by the.peon, Jan 11, 2015.

  1. the.peon

    the.peon Top Dog

    I love good's literally one of my very few passions so I figured I'd make a thread for it. This thread is for all things HUMAN food. I encourage you to share all things food from good recipes, awesome little local restaurants n whatever else food related.


    ...home-made ...stew..........mmmmmmm...or a nice chinese t-away.....a good sunday roast..roast spuds,,beef+veg...or pork stake rolled an stuffed...i have the
  3. keystone

    keystone CH Dog

    Italia ...toscane maggiano
    japan .....toro ....unaqi ...uni .....wacyu.......kobe.....tempura......shawamushi......
    oisy taka ...TES ,
  4. keystone

    keystone CH Dog

  5. keystone

    keystone CH Dog

    when you don't have money to fly to jiro san
    you go to coba san somewhere in europe
  6. AGK

    AGK Super duper pooper scooper Administrator

    I never realized how basic I am when it comes to what I eat until I got with someone who can actually cook better than myself. Which is a first for me. Im a plain ol meat and taters kind of guy typically. I eat for survival not taste and working the way I do I simply dont have time to make elaborate meals. However, my woman is from Alabama and loves to cook straight up 5 coarse meals for me and her flavoring of food is far different than mine. She'll spend all day cooking stuff where as I wont spend more than an hour doing it. Im in damn heaven over here. Lol I barely even want to eat anything I cook now that shes around. I plan on gaining around 30 pounds this year lol.
  7. keystone

    keystone CH Dog

    the back of bambi with sauer col/redcol.......wild rise.
  8. keystone

    keystone CH Dog

    tonight we have mussels fresh :)
  9. the.peon

    the.peon Top Dog

    Feel free to post pics of what you are eating.
  10. CajunBoulette

    CajunBoulette CH Dog

    Yeah man, we do things a little different down in Bama

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  11. ursaminor

    ursaminor Premium Member Premium Member

    Im not much of a cook and like agk I can't see myself spending hours in a kitchen making something that I gobble down in few minutes anyway. That doesn't mean I don't enjoy eating good food. I used to resent soup while growing up it was always there before the main course but now I really enjoy it, let it be menu do, wonton, ramen or pho. I do love meat just about any shape or form. I enjoy fried pork, new york strip or fillet mignon medium rare, tounge, chicken or bottom feeders. I have a really bad sweet tooth for chocolates, pastries and tarts and the list goes on.
  12. CajunBoulette

    CajunBoulette CH Dog

    I am a chef by trade, I cook all day long, so when I'm home I'd rather eat someone else's cooking. Most of the time I only eat my own cooking when I bring something home that I cooked at work. But I pretty much can cook anything under the sun

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  13. the.peon

    the.peon Top Dog

    Cajun, what's your style/type of cooking?
  14. bgblok68

    bgblok68 CH Dog

    As long as its out of the garden, field or woods I'm all for it. Three - four times a year I'll go to a Mexican resteraunt with the kids but thats mostly for the frozen margaritas.
  15. keystone

    keystone CH Dog

  16. CajunBoulette

    CajunBoulette CH Dog

    Well of course cajun/ southern LA is a personal specialty but I have worked in just about every type of resurant over the last 15 years. From the high end country clubs down to your regular ole American diners ( meat plus 3 type). But I geuss in typical man fashion cooking outside over an open flame is what I consider my favorite.

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  17. the.peon

    the.peon Top Dog

    Right on, man!
  18. treezpitz

    treezpitz CH Dog Staff Member

    One of my all time favorite restaurants. Pappadeaux!!
  19. the.peon

    the.peon Top Dog

    Pappadeauxs n Babins Seafood House are some of my favorite. I can live off stuff that comes from the water, lol.
  20. Mop Master

    Mop Master Yard Boi AKA MopMaster, Gutter Boy & LWG

    man, when i roll out to texas im gonna need you fellas to show me around. dont worry, ill keep it smokin...... lol

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