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Tightest snooty dogs

Discussion in 'APBT Bloodlines' started by jdp204, May 19, 2009.

  1. jdp204

    jdp204 Pup

    are there still some good dogs down off snooty's stuff?
  2. cheese

    cheese Top Dog

    Little gator
  3. Caos

    Caos CH Dog

    TG had some off Santos really tight spike.
  4. cheese

    cheese Top Dog

    Ive been wondering about them. They look real big but its hard to tell from a picture. Im guessin they just started their stud career?
  5. jdp204

    jdp204 Pup

    any others? thanks guys i took a look at santos and sluggo ( i think sluggo looks better, jmo) any proven producers out there though?

    any other wood's dogs bread tight for that matter? thanks ya'll
    Last edited by a moderator: May 19, 2009
  6. cheese

    cheese Top Dog

    Id rather keep peoples names out of my mouth but one guy ran a lot of straight redboy and crossed it with straight snooty. Spend some time looking at the ped and offspring and youll find it...eventually:D He seemed to do real well with em too
  7. NOTK

    NOTK Banned

    little gator is nice if you like it id say look for dogs off black angel his whole litter was nice dogs.
  8. bohawg00

    bohawg00 Big Dog

    I have a 50/50 Rb/Snooty all the Snooty comes down from Mimms.
  9. carl mims work this cross.redboy/snooty.....
  10. Caos

    Caos CH Dog

    yes they started now.
  11. preme

    preme CH Dog

    post some peds people
  12. jdp204

    jdp204 Pup

    preme posting peds can be useful, however ive found that doing the leg work myself provides even more information. just my opinion
  13. Caos

    Caos CH Dog

  14. frenchie1936

    frenchie1936 Guest

    try finding a Snooty/Stompanato cross. did very well for years.
  15. Maruccio

    Maruccio Banned

  16. bohawg00

    bohawg00 Big Dog

  17. JBlazeRx7

    JBlazeRx7 Top Dog

  18. Big Game

    Big Game CH Dog

    link dont work

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