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Time to step up to the plate... defend your rights!

Discussion in 'Laws & Legislation' started by B, Jan 3, 2006.

  1. Vipertech

    Vipertech Pup

    #774 here. Not what Living In The Land Of The Free is supposed to be.
    B likes this.
  2. Cnote

    Cnote Banned

    B likes this.
  3. i was 1337, adding up quick!
    B likes this.
  4. B

    B CH Dog

    Thanks for the support everyone :) Feel free to crosspost!


  5. Agent_X

    Agent_X Pup

    yeah #1574
  6. 1826 Sucka!!!
  7. PitBull

    PitBull Pup

    I was 1951!
  8. Lil' Pit

    Lil' Pit Pup

    1953 here!
  9. ChiaPit

    ChiaPit Top Dog

    I was # 2170
  10. stlcardfan19

    stlcardfan19 Big Dog

    2320! That is getting big

  11. jadedpitgirl

    jadedpitgirl Top Dog

    [font=Helvetica,Arial][size=+6]2321 Signatures Total[/size][/font]
  12. kgip2k

    kgip2k Guest

    2322 here...
  13. 420puffer

    420puffer Big Dog

    I have signed
  14. mikelia

    mikelia Big Dog

    2323 signed now :)
  15. flip

    flip Pup

    signed in @ 2663
  16. NCPatchwork

    NCPatchwork CH Dog

    Signed, stamped, and mailed...
  17. doglady

    doglady Pup

    There is a ban proposed in McPherson,Ks. Please write letters,make phone calls, or send e-mails against the ban. My state is in trouble and I need everyone's help. The info is on the A.D.B.A. website (of course as you all know www.adba.cc) Thank you for your support!!! P.S. I DISPISE CATS TOO(they are a form of rodent in my opinion and a menice to my property, expecially my boat seats)!!!!!!!!!
  18. JBlazeRx7

    JBlazeRx7 Top Dog

    signed 2992

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