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TX: RPOA Austin update.

Discussion in 'Laws & Legislation' started by simms, Dec 16, 2010.

  1. simms

    simms CH Dog

    TX-RPOA E-News

    From RPOA Texas Outreach and
    Responsible Pet Owners Alliance
    "Animal welfare, not animal 'rights'
    and, yes, there is a difference."
    Permission granted to crosspost.
    December 16, 2010

    Austin City Council voted unanimously to approve the Pet Trader Ordinance
    this morning. No surprise there. However, as the main opposition to the
    "animal rights" inspired ordinance proposal, we were contacted by numerous
    media reporters.
    So that was a pleasant surprise and a golden opportunity to educate the
    media and their listeners on Texas animal issues. Just a warm up for the
    upcoming Texas Legislative Session! Who has more animal expertise than our

    Martine Hueslig represented RPOA and spoke to City Council opposing the
    ordinance. After stepping down from the podium, she immediately had four
    reporters surrounding her and some seemed to be on our side. Supporters of
    the ordinance deemed it to be a "public safety" issue. Go figure!
    The only Petland store in Austin closed some time back when this was first
    proposed by the Austin Animal Advisory Commission -- knowing that Austin
    City Council would approve the proposal. How long before Petco and PetSmart
    will be banned from selling all the other species of pets in Austin? How
    long before there's no need for pet food and pet supplies at all in Austin?

    So what does this ordinance (which has no enforcement date) mean to Austin
    animal owners?

    * Anyone who receives "consideration" for a dog, cat, puppy, kitten (any
    age) is now a Pet Trader unless it is the City Pound or a 501 (C)(3)
    Nonprofit Rescuer Group. (All rescuers are not nonprofits.)

    * All sales are forbidden from a location other than where the cat or dog
    was bred.

    * Sale of agricultural livestock is exempt.

    * A Pet Trader must pay a $50 Sales Fee unless the animal is sterilized.
    (This will be interesting to watch the Pet Police enforce.)

    * Microchip is mandatory.

    * Veterinarian must give buyer a signed document (a guarantee!) that the
    animal has no known disease or illness at the time or that is likely to
    adversely affect their health in the future, or describe any known disease,
    illness that is likely to affect their health in the future. In addition to
    documentation of sterilization.

    * Pet Trader must provide the usual paperwork for the dog and cat, all
    medical records, etc.

    Regarding the recent Austin alert:
    "There'll be no Doggie in the Window," there was some confusion about the
    last sentence
    which was "meant" to imply that rescuers who aren't IRS 501 (C)(3)
    Nonprofits - and there are many -- are supposed to pay sales tax per the
    Comptroller's office although it's generally ignored.
  2. mac 11

    mac 11 Banned

    A sad day for the ole lone star.:(
  3. FrankDublin

    FrankDublin CH Dog

    Only for the peddelers mac

    It sounds like a good thing to me, just dont SELL your stock then there will be no need for chips or sales fee then

    the vet thing means healthy dogs

    Long story short get what you want now and get ready to close your yard.
    Truth is its gonna put a stop to those who are not serious.
  4. simms

    simms CH Dog

    Don't fool your self Frank. What ppl fail to realize what this is, is just another chip off your rights as a animal owner. An if you don't think that type of legistlation won't seal the deal on you's just another loop hole to do just that. Lets just say you have a yard full of animals and it doesn't have to be bulldogs. You get a knock on the door by the city or county, state an they are asking speciffically what are you doing with these animals and why do you have so many? How do you think you are going to get out of that? What would you say? Are you up to speed with what is required of you?

  5. FrankDublin

    FrankDublin CH Dog

    You have a point but to tell you the truth in texas theres is a problem with petstores

    Ive bought a ball python from one it came with a healt cert but when I got it home the dam thing had tics all over it

    So yeah it sounds like a bad thing but to those that are serious about there dogs/animals will do whats nessacery (sp)

    Which could help reduce the number of strays, ill-bred animals, and a few more things

    Now bsl is a horse of a different color

    This bill dosnt target animals it targets irrisponsible owners and the negative effects they bring about

    Besides this is what we been asking for

    How many times have you heard or read its not the dog fault its the owner

    Now the blame will be on the owner and not a certain breed or animal
  6. simms

    simms CH Dog

    This bill does infact target the buyer and seller of cats and dogs.

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