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Ufc 109 tonight any predictions ??

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by jeepfreek, Feb 6, 2010.

  1. jeepfreek

    jeepfreek Big Dog

    heres mine..... couture , marquart , sera , danzig & thiago, all victors of their matches, whats yours ? :cool:
  2. MinorThreat

    MinorThreat CH Dog

    Coleman will gas, he will not get a takedown on Couture which he needs to have a chance IMO, their wrestling will cancel each others out and have Couture beat on him standing until Coleman sucks wind

    Serra is fighting at the wrong weight but Trigg is passed his prime, so should be a good one.

    Marquart is a lot physically stronger then Chael, I'm curious as to who gets takedowns out of the two. Marquart wins IMO

    Nog beats Vera

    Sera has no business fighting at 170, never has
  3. MinorThreat

    MinorThreat CH Dog

    Melvin Guillard losses, always makes BJJ mistakes and gets caught, same will happen tonight

    Rob Emmerson wins

    Danzig wins

    Maia subs Dan Miller

    Phil Davis beats Brian Stan, wrestling wins this one. Stan is horrid on the ground and isnt a UFC level fighter

    Mike Swick beats Paulo Thaigo, could be fight of the night. Swick took the fight on short notice but will win

    great match making for tonight
  4. Lee Robinson

    Lee Robinson Big Dog

    Both Randy and Coleman are impressive IMO. Should be a good one. I could see it go either way. I believe Randy is a better all around fighter, but Coleman has some wicked strength IMO. He certainly isn't as strong as Brock Lesnar by any means, but he is indeed very strong.
  5. feastodg

    feastodg Big Dog

    ill provide a link to a free stream when it starts
  6. feastodg

    feastodg Big Dog

  7. Watching it on sopcast now...

    Coleman is too much of a one-trick pony to beat Couture. I still see it being a boring fight though.

    I agree with Minorthreat that Swick/Thaigo will be the fight of the night with Swick winning via KO in the 2nd.
  8. I will eat my words now.
  9. feastodg

    feastodg Big Dog

    dont like swick, glad he lost

    and i was impressed with chael sonner
  10. LimaBD

    LimaBD Pup

    pretty good performances tonight , most notably (according to me) sonnen n thiago.

    i think strikeforce miami was a more entertaining event though. anyone here agree?
  11. KeystoneState

    KeystoneState Big Dog

    That shit was weak and I ended up watching an old body blows pride dvd.
  12. chessfighter

    chessfighter Big Dog

    Can folks please PM folks about Sop and not post it in a forum because it's reliable and I don't want it taken down?

    Besides that I was really impressed with Phil Davis, it looks like he has a bright future.

    Damn I wanted swick to smash that pig Thiago.

    Maia's stand-up really has improved. Not the most exciting fight on the care but pretty good none the less.

    Man I do not like Sonnan. I was going for Marquart and wanted him to do well, but he got killed. I would love to see Silva or Belfort put hand on Sonnen.

    Colman need to hang it up. I wonder what that Tampon T.Ortiz said to him after the fight which pissed him off?

    Over all I would give the card a B or a B-
  13. chessfighter

    chessfighter Big Dog

    Much better, but DREAM puts together the best cards IMO
  14. feastodg

    feastodg Big Dog

    sop isnt going anywhere, its not a justin.tv link
  15. chessfighter

    chessfighter Big Dog

    *crosses fingers*
  16. yoel

    yoel Big Dog

    That free streaming UFC is so AWESOME! I just looked at it today, so the broadcast had already ended but thats how Im watching them from here on out. Until the FEDS come and arrest me. LoL

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