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Ute-Colo's Blood

Discussion in 'APBT Bloodlines' started by Indyred, Apr 3, 2013.

  1. Indyred

    Indyred Pup

    Anyone know of any legit kennels still running Ute-Colo's blood, like Jose Cuervo? I know there was a Nightmare Kennels that had a few but the contact I had is not active.
  2. texmex32

    texmex32 Pup

    I got some on ice direct from jose cuervo
  3. gh32

    gh32 Premium Member Premium Member

  4. CrazyHorse

    CrazyHorse Big Dog

    It's a DAMN shame what happened to the blood Nancy (RIP) had which was some of the best blood! I knew Nancy well and she was the best dogman in Utah even when Ralph Greenwood was alive! I have personally seen 3/4 sons and daughters off of Gr Ch Buck with no RedBoy Jocko crosses. I personally have seen Rebel's Jean 2xw who is the littermate to Bad Becky 2xw who was handing GR Ch Shady Lady in a roll.

    After Nancy's death alot of the dogs were sold to Serbians in Utah and the dogs were not maintained! There is a guy in Wyoming who is doing well with the dogs breeding heavy on Quervo & the heavy Snooty dogs. He also has heavy Spider Bitem dogs which are the best on his yard!
  5. Mojeaux

    Mojeaux Pup

    Check with Latin plague kennels. They got that cuervo. Got me a Lil ute/razorback poison in a birch of mine.


    Please ignore the ignorance of this post as Nancy couldnt walk a mile in Ralphs shoes...
    She had good dogs she bought and bred them to sell, thats it...
    Ute Colo and their dogs couldnt compete with Ralph Greenwood in his heyday...
    Some friends curred out ch Joses Quervos sister, ch Bacardi who was in terrible shape!!!
    Next, Jose was to go into the winners brother and Ute Colo got cold feet and paid a forfiet...
    Face it Crazyness, Nancy could hardly hold a candel to Ralphs kids...
  7. CrazyHorse

    CrazyHorse Big Dog

    Pistola I see you bumped your head AGAIN! It's obvious you didn't know Nancy well because she didn't sell many dogs, actually less than I would say less than 30 dogs! Ralph didn't buy and sell dogs? Nancy was ahead of her time conditioning and feeding dogs, Ralph included.Yeah right some of your friends curred out Quervo, notice the magic words in front of Quervo and his sister...CHAMPION! I see you made no mention of the other half a dozen CHAMPIONS...i.e Ch Chaps (3/4 son of Gr Ch Buck with no Redboy). Since I lived 20 minutes away from the ADBA office for 25+ years I know ALL of Ralph's kids and let me be very clear...NONE then and now were half the dogman Nancy was!
  8. benthere

    benthere CH Dog Staff Member

    If I remember correctly Bacardi was in terrible shape not because of nancy but because of chainsaw mike, the guy who worked bacardi for the show.
    I knew nancy and mike both and the way that deal went down really bothered nancy. Mike must have burned his bridges out west, I cannot recall one good word spoken about him by any dogman who dealt with him when he was out west.


    Not knocking Nancys commtiment, husbandry or her eye to purchase well bred dogs and the forsight to breed them...
    I like her choice of of bloodlines and admire what she put together...
    She deserves praise and had thee breed in mind from what I gather...RIP...
    Correct me if im wrong, I thought both Chaps and the Tibbs dog were adba champions ???

    Now as far as saying any one man or woman in utahs history could outclass Ralph Greenwood as a a overall dogaman, in his time there were only a handful in the WHOLE WORLD that could put in his class...
    Crazysource if you dont get that, your valour is weakend by Lack of History...Please name UteColos chamions???
    You bit on "ch" as 2x Jose Quervo never became champion...
    Maybe at an old age when he crossed the mississippi to his new owners who enhance things???
    If you really knew the magic word is LEARN as he was a two time winner by those he knew him and Nancy best...
    Claim to fame cant be "seeing or buying a 2xsister to a 2x badbecky who was handing grch shadey lady in a roll",wow! Sounds like MAGIC!!!
  10. slowstarter

    slowstarter Big Dog

  11. niko

    niko CH Dog

    A little bit of it [​IMG]
  12. niko

    niko CH Dog

  13. ScrapPack

    ScrapPack Big Dog

  14. niko

    niko CH Dog

    Nice scrap:)...I was talking to bk about a year or so ago about heading down to tx to pick up a couple pups from a breeding he was doing but never made it down:(... looking good bro:)


    pt1. Crazyhose- "Pistola once again you try to deflect when you are CORRECTED about your MISINFORMATION you always post! BTW that sillyness about Ralph was spot on, he wasn't the dogman Nancy was and none of his sons were 1/10th the dogman Nancy was. Ralph's keep was down right PREHISTORIC! Nancy's knowledge of anabolics was way ahead of the curve 20 years ago. Benthere you were spot of concerning the fall out cause the dosages of Insulin wrecked Ch Bacardi's reproductive system! Nancy used magnesium iv drips after workouts, blood doping and insulin which she learned from the Rebel. Ralph was getting dogs from Nancy's breedings not the other way around which all is documented in old Gazettes, now who is the better dogman?"

    pt1 Elias-I will answer your questions about this subject on this thread where it started...
    I am sure Nancy wasnt into dogs in Ralphs time and name one dog that Ralph got from Nancy??? YOU CANT!!!
    Regaurdless of Bacardis keep it was Nancy dog under Nancys supervision that Bacardi quit...
    Why didnt she pay a forfiet??? Why didnt she condition her dog on her ahead of the time anabolic super keep???
    Why didnt she handle??? She wasnt a world class C&H like you trying to relay, SORRY...
    Tell me once That Ralph had another man work his dog??? Besides his son Harvey who was well on his way to filling his fathers shoes when he passed saving dogs from a fire...
    Tell me once Ralph didnt bring a dog in tip top shape against tip top compition???
    Ralph would talk others into paying a forfiet at ring side because of their apperance and Ralph would rework the dog
    as he liked good comp and hate to se a good dog have the underhand. ralph was a sought out conditioner in all the neighboring states and often was contracted to go into the best, when THE WEST WAS WON Ralph was behind it!!!
    The Gazzette,,,,,,,REALLY?????????
    Name a one champion Utecolo campaigned???
    Name one famous dog Utecolo c&h against and won???
    If Utecolo learned the Rebels super anabolic keep twenty years ago in 1994, which sounds about right...
    Was Ralph really even alive in 1994???
    Please before you type, learn your history CrazySource...


    Pt2...Crazyhorse- "I just two months ago stood on the Greenwood's 10x10 patch of grass which they call a front yard with one of Ralph's son discussing the recent success of a dog he bred. The dog's pedigree was 1/4 of Nancy's breeding, 1/4 Greenwood and half FRISCO! When he mentioned Frisco I chuckled and played dumb, why? Yeah the same Frisco that the ADBA WILL NOT register dogs off Frisco after the DNA sampled dogs didn't match up after 1999, does that say enough? Pistola and you said Ralph's sons were better dogmen? Not only can they not compete with Greenwood dogs and they could careless how a dog is ADBA registered, from a registry point of view where is the integrity for peds? Pistola what did you say about the sons being better dogmen?"

    pt2.Elias-You won this one as the greenwoods only have a 10'x10' patch of greass they call a lawn, being there and descussing their breeding. As opposed to saying what you felt to him MAN TO MAN, you knock them pubically behind their backs???
    I might agree his living sons and daughters didnt obtain Ralphs craft, but as I mentioned Harvey was h&c to his fathers liking...
    If Harvey would have lived, I have no doubt he would have made his father happy as Harvey died saving the breed!
    NOW, I related Nancy to Ralphs kids, as a childish example of how you related Nancy to Ralph...
    SO, NOW you understand how comparing Nancy to Ralph is...

    Now I know of Nancys good work and respect her for it, but crazy horse your exaggerating and wrongfully comparing. Its in our human nature to exaggerate abit about ones we might look up to, But If I said my mentor was a betterdogman than Earl Tudor, I hope someone would call BS...
    Please answer my questions as I did yours, OR just leave it alone and respect your states history and the dead...
    Rest in Peace Ralph, Harvey and Nancy...
    mccoypitbulls likes this.
  16. mccoypitbulls

    mccoypitbulls Underdog

    Sorry to impose..but why the lack of class?

    Why do other folks bidness gotta be broadcast as such.
    does this prove anything?

    not meant to either party..but maybe u need a that it??
    Mudville_Monsta likes this.


    Good comment McCoy...
    I just believe that if your gonna knock a man or a dog thats been dead for years it should be on fact...
    Alot of newbies jump on here and ask dumb questions and get shot down pretty hard, showing lack of class also...
    I just think if your gonna type something ignorant about someone whom is passed, do it from fact and have respect...
  18. mccoypitbulls

    mccoypitbulls Underdog

    great point as well. I see it the same. What do we say - "beating dead horses" -
    To put a dead person below oneself is the lowest of slanders to be maade in which i have noticed some do also -
    That was the reason i chimed in with my thoughts on this, much as i did on the last episode. some may enjoy reading the crap, but others see it as a fuel for the peta freaks and alphabet folks to keep on the witch hunt.
    Some make it seem as if they or their dogs are invincible, which is adverse to what I learned at a young age -
    there will always be someone somewhere whos bigger and badder...lmfao - or was it the bigger they are the harder they fall...
    well you get my point - s..
    that cuss word filter thing - can it be altered to an extent??
    david63 likes this.
  19. Crazyhorse I'm not sure what direction you lived 20 miles in either direction from Bountiful, North Salt lake, But if you knew Ralph then you had to of known Minor Alldredge (Shake Rattle and roll Kennels), Midvale, UT, Now everybody is talking about the best this and best that from Utah, I don't remember either one of them beating Minor very often, Unless Terry H would out money Minor then ok, I remember Scotty Nelson and Mayfield both telling me their opinion who the better dogman was in Utah! Since Don is gone you'll just have to ask Scotty. Minor did tell me though Ralph G. was a top C & H and bought and campaigned good dogs.
  20. CrazyHorse

    CrazyHorse Big Dog

    I see you have knowledge of Minor, he knows the "Black Fox."

    Nancy used H.I.T. workouts on a carpet mill, magnesium IVs after workouts and her knowledge of PEDS were way ahead of the curve then. She used high altitude training and first person I knew who used blood dopeing years before Lance Armstrong even thought about it. Nancy had a sound proof garage built!

    She had a knack of getting and breeding to good dogs...i.e Rebel's Jean! She crissed crossed the country breeding to outstanding studs, notice her breeding where she didn't breed to any Greenwood dogs....The Greenwoods got dogs from her breedings....hhhmmmm! I give her extra kudos because she was a woman.

    In my opionion I break dogmen down three ways.
    1) Breeder
    2) Conditioner
    3} Handler

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