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what dog got you in to bulldogs

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by Holocaust, Apr 10, 2018.

  1. Kaos483

    Kaos483 Pup

    WTF I got timed out - anyway my ex got me into bulldogs (the ONLY thing he was good for!) He claimed to be a fancier of the dogs but he didn't know jack. Once I started immersing myself in learning and reading and researching I discovered that. His claim to fame was Diesel, an ADBA registered APBT, that he purchased from some breeder in NY. Now I loved D to death and he was the sweetest dog you would ever meet but he was a blue dog and was way more AmBully than APBT even though I haven't been able to find much in his ped. I'll have to post a pic of his papers (if I still have a pic) and see what those here come up with. He definitely looked RE to me but I'm far from a trained eye and I couldn't find any RE in his ped.

    Anyway, once I got the bulldog bug, I'd have to say my fav dog is Honeybunch. She's the dog I used to teach myself how to read peds (though I'm still not very good at it I'm learning!) and no bitch had a bigger impact than Honeybunch. She came from great blood and continued to produce great blood.
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  2. Revelator

    Revelator Pup

    Man, are you telling me that is Tom died?! Robbed and killed?! I had lost contact with Tom and Tommy after I got locked up and by time I tried to track them down, all I could find was it looked like both Tom AND Tommy were dead. I never learned any more
  3. Ssdd

    Ssdd Top Dog

    Yeah Tommy got robbed and popped in TX.
  4. Revelator

    Revelator Pup

    Man bro, that breaks my heart! I've broke bread with them so many times, their house, my house. When we would visit, Tommy would take us out street racing in his nasty Mustang. I feel like I lost some family. Anybody ever hear of the people got caught?
  5. Ssdd

    Ssdd Top Dog

    Negative. A pretty well know dogman was the main person of interest but no one got hemmed up for it.

    Everything I'm saying is public knowledge with multiple news articles saying the exact same.

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