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where is garners bobby peru

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by llegend, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. Bobby Peru aka CH Squeeze isnt he a bolo dog and not out of el Negro?
  2. MiRaGe

    MiRaGe Big Dog

    He's off El Negro
  3. bbad

    bbad Big Dog

    J Reed said the paper that came with him said he was off bolo, but garner said it was a mistake when he got him on the yard & said he was off El Negro & did a dna test to verifi that.
  4. deadgam33

    deadgam33 CH Dog

    I heard he was off bolo also but I dont know for a fact.
  5. dthundah

    dthundah Pup

    I have a bitch off of him and she's turning out nicely
  6. trampus

    trampus Banned

    garner is breeding so many litters it cant be all thought out...bet we start hearing how many shit dogs he has bred its just a money thing
  7. gameexchange

    gameexchange Big Dog

    Reed bought him thinking he was off Bolo and TG ended up calling him once he started hearing about the dog and told Reed he was off of El Negro and not Bolo. Plan and simple. Both good animals. TG does keep different litters in the same pen so maybe this was one of those times he got one mixed up! Lol. Hell I say this isnt the first time this has happened and some of you out there may have a dog or two that came from a different breeding than you think unless you bred it yourself so hey.
  8. gameexchange

    gameexchange Big Dog

    I would've given a pup off Bobby or El Negro a chance. The only i didnt like was that Bobby was a manbiter. FACT. TG will admit that to ya. He was just so phenomenal they gave him a shot at producing. Both TG and Reed. They both were more than aware of this before they ever bred him.
  9. ragedog10

    ragedog10 Top Dog

    I always like the El Negro stuff wanted one but I just cant see paying that much for a pup.But I do like the Frisco xChinaman blood not my first choice but ain t a fool and am very picky about where I get them from. I like the Mojo,Ch.Mac& King stuff the best. Yis Ole Man
  10. Thnx for clearing that out for me about ch squeeze beeing out of El Negro and not out of Bolo .
  11. ttlady

    ttlady Pup

    Whats goin on with the el negro studs is tg waiting for the pefect time to come out with another replacement or was squeeze the last one that was worth breeding to tg
  12. BoogiemanBlood

    BoogiemanBlood Premium Member Premium Member

    That might be something you want to ask TG and not a forum full of people who don't own the dogs you want to know about smh
  13. ttlady

    ttlady Pup

    He just has sperm but I was just asking if there were any sons off el negro being that he had to go get squeeze I didnt knock tom i just kno that he doesnt have any himself so someone has to? Can you help? with the thread with that I just want to read and gather info I am a fan that is wondering where the blood has gone.. thanks
  14. northdogger

    northdogger Big Dog

    There are still sons of El Negro out there living and producing.
  15. bbad

    bbad Big Dog

    EL Negro made rom so it should be some quality offspring out there, it surprise me that tg doesn't have a replacement for him. don't know if this one still around but i would like to breed to this one:ONLINE PEDIGREES :: [130557] :: GARNER'S EL NEGRO II
  16. The Saint

    The Saint Big Dog

    Damn... More truer words has hardly ever been spoken. But ego is a helluva thing... More than often the downfall of many-a-man.
  17. Naustroms

    Naustroms CH Dog

    2 might not be around anymore if he is though hes old as dirt. i was gonna breed to the dog a couple years ago
  18. In The Game

    In The Game Big Dog

    just so you guys know it was all over tv !!!! and the stupid ass who ownes bobby wasnt even clear of the last charges he got for fighting dogs the year before , THIS WAS ON THE NEWS
  19. Robber

    Robber Big Dog

    Hmm, "the 2nd coming of Bullyson" in more ways than one...
  20. Foundation

    Foundation Big Dog

    very sad.. I 2nd this..

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