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WHO's got PATTS in newengland or just outside newengland??

Discussion in 'Patterdale Terriers' started by toom, Jul 8, 2013.

  1. toom

    toom Big Dog

    I hav'nt had any luck finding patts in the boston area.I would imagine someone must have them in the newengland area or just outside?I'm looking for a small booth bred female pup willing to check out other blood lines.
  2. makaz24

    makaz24 Big Dog

    I just picked up a schwab bred dog. But j and j patterdales in Michigan has some nice booth bred dogs
  3. toom

    toom Big Dog

    Thanks makaz,,,yah JJ and todd at deadgame have great booth dogs.Geeeeeez no one in my area is into the little terriers.I'll end up getting one shipped in but I was hoping to get together with some locals.
  4. makaz24

    makaz24 Big Dog

    I'm in Boston where are you
  5. best2best

    best2best Big Dog

    my buddy has a litter on the ground now and hes right in the nest state! CT
  6. toom

    toom Big Dog

    Do you know the blood line of pups?Any photo's of the sire & dam?

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