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Why are ppl so uncaring???

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by TruPitLver, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. TruPitLver

    TruPitLver Big Dog

    So the other day, I was walking around with Lexas. (I went to a party and brought her.) And some random guy came up with a bigger female pit bull and tried to fight Lexas with his dog. He didn't even say anything, untill I asked him what in the hell he was doing. And he said he wanted to see if they'd fight. URGH!! I couldn't help it, I punched him in his nose (I made him bleed, which he deserved.) and told him to get away from me before I kicked his @$$. Ofcourse I used more colorful terms than that. Then he threatened to sick his dog on me and Lexas. I told him that I'd kill his dog if it touched my baby (referring to Lexas.) My friend ended up coming over and telling him to leave.

    Some people though. I couldn't believe it. His dog nearly snapped Lexas.

    BTW. How do you guys like my new sig?
  2. SEAL

    SEAL CH Dog

    ive had this problem once before but that guy no longer has a dog the police and animal control came to get it after he let it attack a girls chihuaha (however you spell rat in spanish). I had to respectfully decline his offer to let his dog roll mine.

    Some people are just stupid.
  3. jeeperino

    jeeperino CH Dog

    Maybe since you brought your pit to a party (tough guy image, or girl magnet?) you were asking for trouble in a small way? Maybe you should have left the dog at home or put it up. Or better yet just say that your dog is a curr and itd prove nothing to roll em.IMO
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 5, 2006
  4. SEAL

    SEAL CH Dog

    thats just silly. my dog comes out with me and it has nothing to do with him being a pit. my dogs always have come out with me. you do have to account for other peoples stupidity though when you bring your lab, pit, weiner dog etc with you.
  5. SouthernDixie

    SouthernDixie CH Dog

    More than once have I had a dog out on a walk and someone has said, "Hey wanna roll your dog?" My reply, "Hey wanna eat s**t?"

    I believe the human race is declining in intelligence...
  6. jeeperino

    jeeperino CH Dog

    To a "Party"???? lol Id never consider it. Get fresh and clean and jump in the truck with a dirty ass mutt to go to the party?? Or maybe he gave his dog a shower too before they went. LOL ill stop
  7. SEAL

    SEAL CH Dog

    hey hey hey my dog showers with me when he gets his baths and my dog stays clean lol gotta stay fresh.
  8. Hoyden

    Hoyden Top Dog

    Different Strokes for Different Folks.

    I bring my dogs with me when I can. We have big BBQ parties at our house and our friends bring their dogs with them. But we make sure the dogs get along first and we have a steadfast rule of one adult on the ground per dog in case a fight breaks out. There are several break sticks that are stored out in the yard too.

    TruPitLver - if you are going to bring your pit bull out with you, you need to make sure you are prepared in case a fight ever breaks out. I carry dog mace (I got it from the cop next door), a break stick and poop bags in a fanny pack that goes on when I clip the leash on the dog. Check with the local police to see if dog mace is legal where you live.

    (I know dog mace doesn't work on all dogs - but it works on some - especially the testy retrievers that we keep running into.)

    Remember - you not only have a responsibility to your dog, but a responsibility to the breed as well. Keep that in mind when you are out and make sure your dog is good representative of the breed in public.
  9. chinasmom

    chinasmom CH Dog

    Good advice Hoyden. And jeeperino, I have a dog that jumps in the tub with me every chance she gets. She loves it!!!
  10. b_dog58

    b_dog58 Big Dog

    i had the same problem with my last dog, but we were just out walking in a park, by the river, this wierdo with these two little mutts comes out, so i took my dog aside, and he kept letting his dogs get closer, no matter what i said. i agree with southerndixie, people just keep getting more stupid.
  11. mydawgs

    mydawgs CH Dog

    I'll tell you all what, I'm sick to friggin death of ignorant people......all I ever get is the pit bull stero type bs crap when ever I hear anyone talking about these dogs, but it's not the folks I would trust around my dogs lettin "poochie" run around unleashed sayin, Ohhhhh don't worry hes friendly...hell I had a choc lab jump into my truck the other day cuz he got away from his owner in the parking lot of pet smart....thank God mine were not with me, and even if they were they would be in their crates in the car. Sorry but stories like this make me want to move to another galaxy to get away from it.
  12. Suki

    Suki Guest

    I take my dog wherevere/whenever I can, as well.

    I border on a city that has "street thugs" on EVERYcorner, and lots of people there are ALWAYS lookin to fight. I don't bring my dog there much any more, for that reason, which is sad, cuz it's right along the shore, and it has miles of great beaches to walk on...
  13. simms

    simms CH Dog

    Different strokes for different folks....My ASS!

    Most ppl clearly lack the common sense and ability to care for these animals appropriatly.

    You and the few folks like you are the exception.....not the rule.
  14. it happens to everyone and it isnt just a recent thing i remember back a long time ago when i was out for a stroll with my dog a man was walking with a german sheperd and he was coming facing me on the street so i paid no mind to it and we passed each other fine i got about 15 feet from them and he turned the dog loose and i heard him tell the dog do go get him boy wich pissed me off so i turned around to see how close it was now this was back in the 60's so there wasnt to many laws concerning dogs as there is today.so when i turned i didnt have time to pick my dog up to avoid this so the sheperd just barrelled into my dog but my little male just kind of wiggled out and came back around and pinned the dog in about 30 seconds wich obvioulsy this german sheperd wasnt used to since he was hollering out in pain so the man came running over and making a fuss about how it is impossiable to walk down the street when i am walking my dogs and he was going to call the cops about this,so i told him very loudly that i aint the problem it is you we was minding our own buisness and had already passed each other and you turned your dog looses to attack either me or my dog i dont know for sure since all i heard was go get him boy,now the more i am looking at his face i put it together by what neighbors had told me this man was turning his dog loose on folks dogs all over the placec no matter what type they were but he favored small dogs who he thought was defenseless and since my dog only weighed 34 pounds compared to his big ol 90 pound dog he figured it would be another one to chalk up on the board and it was a blow to his ego that is dog got beaten by this little ''mut'' as he called it.but i heard that he kept on doing it untill a man that was out walking his beagles one day was carrying a pistol and shot it right on the spot and killed it stone dead.now i dont condone what i did but it happend so fast there wasnt really anything i could do,i aint posting this to boast that my dog was tough or to say that you should oblige people who want to have ''street fights'' the best thing to do is what most all of you have done and thats walk away but for me at that time i didnt have any other option but to let the dog get my dog and then try to get them apart but my own dog semmed to have a idea of his own on that.but thats the first and only time i had that happen to me but i dont walk em much today at all i have to use a treadmill almost always but they still get there walks and i dont have to deal with all the negitave stuff on the streets,so i guess it is better in a way.
  15. pennsooner

    pennsooner CH Dog

    Before I got my current dog Stockey I had a terrier mix. There was a park about 2 blocks from my house which was in a upper-middle class neighborhood at the time. Any way, everyone took their dog to this park. And there was a woman with two large German Shepards who was in the habit of setting her dogs on other peoples dogs. This most often happened to people with small dogs. I remember several people telling me about her and her dogs. One neighbor with a Min Pin was in hysterics one night when this womans dogs attacked her MinPin. There are some sick people in the world.
  16. Suki

    Suki Guest

    I would term it more that people have become VERY self centered. It's the "ME" society today.
    Three nights ago, I took my dog, (on leash, as always), to a really great place. It's a HUGE park with an even hugher lake, and she loves it there. That particular city has a leash law, ...(yeah, right!!!!)
    anyhow, I'm walking back to my car, and two dogs come FLYING at us. I can feel Venus tensing on the leash, and my heart starts racing. They both out weighed her by at least 50+ lbs, and I'm thinking, "Oh God, no matter what, WE'RE gunna take the fall for this one"!
    not knowing what else to do, I run to the kiddie slide and put her on top of it. Then I yell to the owners to call their dogs back. Luckily they both listened, and nothing happened. (Thank fully)...
    But I think people just have become so self serving, that they've become numb, even callous if you will by their own self interests.

    It just stinks that the "Pit Bull" breed, even if they're on leash, 9 times out of 10, WILL be regarded as the one who's to blame.
    Crazy world, filled with crazy people. it's the sad reality...
  17. GSDbulldog

    GSDbulldog CH Dog

    Hey, that's happened to me before at a river trail by my house. Some jackass let his rott loose on my hippo. He claimed my dog was ready to "maul him". Howie wasn't even aware there was anybody around us. We had to have been a good 30 feet away, and he was on leash!

    Thankfully both dogs are curs and I could get them seperated.

    I'm small, but I'll be damned if I'll let someone pull that s*** on me. I picked up the nearest stick and whacked him a good one.

    Ah, & my dogs go with me everywhere they can. Good breed PR.
  18. Hoyden

    Hoyden Top Dog

    This is why the few folks like us need to educate people about the responsibility of owning a pitbull. If you take the right approach, most people will listen.

    For example, there are two shelters in my area that will adopt out pitbulls that have passed temperment testing administered by a professional. I helped them write the pamplet that goes out with the newly adopted pitbull and my e-mail address is on it if they have any questions.

    The pamplet explains the additional responsibilities that a pitbull owner has like properly containing their dog, making sure that they have the knowledge and ability to break up a fight, making sure they have the proper homeowners insurance, always being aware of their surroundings when walking their dog so that fights or ugly situations can be avoided if possible, taking their dog to obedience classes and how a tired dog is a good dog with suggestions for wearing the dog out. It makes it clear that owning a pitbull means you have a responsibility to the dog and to the breed.

    I take the time to answer e-mailed questions and call them if need be. I will do home checks for the shelter and I act as a mentor to new pit owners.

    That makes a difference and creates more responsible pitbull owners. And responsible owners are part of the solution to the problems this breed is facing.
  19. Riptora

    Riptora CH Dog

    I'm pretty sure TruPitLvr is a woman.
    I have been to many parties where many people bring their dogs. It shouldn't be an issue.
  20. TruPitLver

    TruPitLver Big Dog

    LOL. Yeah I am a female. So I deffinately don't use Lexas as a "chick-magnet". I used to take her to friend's houses and parties all of the time. But this past Sat. (when that incident happened) I took her to a block party (After prom party). I had her with me the whole time, had her on a leash, etc. It's just stupid people.

    I have had a couple inncidents with one or more off-leash dog running toward Lexas and I. Sometimes seeming very aggressive, other times just playful. But I always put myself between them. I love my dog more than most people can ever imagine. A lot of people say that their dog is like family....No Lexas IS family. She IS the daughter that I could never give birth to (seeing as she's a dog...and yea...you get my point.) I have come very close to getting torn up by 2 pit bull mix looking dogs to protect Lexas and I would gladly do it again if I had to. (Believe me, it's not easy trying to protect a pit bull who's trying to protect you at the same time.) LOL

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