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Woods Snooty Cur???

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by Foe Dream, Jun 12, 2010.

  1. fblb

    fblb Top Dog

    Is that what you have seen with your own two eyes? Or is it just what you have read?
  2. AGame

    AGame CH Dog

    alot of valid points on this thread i dont have anything to contribute :D
  3. Boze

    Boze Top Dog

    when a man as respectable says that snooty was a deepgame dog then i will believe especially coming from a man like him.
  4. ShakaZ

    ShakaZ CH Dog

    That's what I was wondering fbl... wasn't gonna ask though.
  5. Bmf_bt

    Bmf_bt Big Dog

    And there is a lot more to a dog than just results. A dog that will go through some hard dogs in his schooling proccess like they were curs is still a good dog. If he then losses two hard fights he is still a good dog. Every dog will quit, just a matter of when.

    He probably impressed a lot of people in his schooling rolls and was bred before match, after this people realized he threw good dogs and started breeding him more. When you breed you don't do it because the parents are good, but because you want good offspring.
  6. Foe Dream

    Foe Dream Pup

    There have been many Counts of Dogs being picked up game, An it Turned To be A False Statement. When U had Plans of Breeding the Cur Already or u already had puppies on the Ground this is said just to make a Cur look Game... Fact is Old Time Dog men lie just As much As new dog man If We were not there We Don’t know What actually happened...I Heard he Stood the line once an Was picked up game once. Standing the line no Courtesy Scratch Does not mean picked up Game Means U LOST...An Still the Fact Remains He's A 2xl In a Sport Were the Same old Dog Man Talk down on Breeding Curs.. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>
  7. fblb

    fblb Top Dog

    We aren't speaking of any other dog, but Snooty. Yes old time dog men lied just like any others do. Unless (like you said) you were there it's all b.s. he said she said stuff. There are a lot of stories, and tales that we will never really know the true story on. A two time loser is much different than one that quit twice. A dog that lost can still be game. Fact remains he produced some damn fine dogs.
  8. CrazyHorse

    CrazyHorse Big Dog

    I can tell you what you can do. One of the refs for one of the QUITS is well known, have Mims give you his contact info and you can hear it from the refs mouth!
  9. tony413

    tony413 Big Dog

    these threads get old quit.

    person A- i would never feed a "cur"

    person B- wasnt dog xxx a ?x winner and throw good dogs?

    person A- yeah but he was still a cur an i dont feed curs.

    retardation is bliss :cool:
  10. fblb

    fblb Top Dog

    Sure are getting testy over something that neither of us have a vested interest in. I am just playing devil's advocate, and having a good debate. It would still be second hand information, and unless you are there to see with your own eyes then it can be twisted or misconstrued or anything else. I am not saying that Mr. Mims isn't trustworthy, but it would still be second hand info. Can't believe everything that you hear. Speaking only on things you know about for a fact would make the dog game a much better place.
    D.Dogg likes this.
  11. Tigerlines

    Tigerlines Banned

    tony413 hit the nail on the head...............believe none of what you hear , and only half of what you see.......
  12. Yardboy

    Yardboy CH Dog

    You don't HAVE to read them. You CHOOSE to.
  13. Yardboy

    Yardboy CH Dog

    He's a fkn ROM. He produced 7 ROM dogs. Not to mention the ch and 1&2xW. 7 ROMs. How many worthless curs can say that? He lost to Rascal and another 4x. If he were owned by some of the chumps back then he would have went into weak comp and been a Gr Ch and everybody would be on that dogs nuts tryin to get some offspring. So he got beat twice by worthy comp. Who really gives a f*** if he quit or lost game. He produced 7 producers who produced producers who produced producers who are still producing. Good thing some of the best in the game pit their egos aside and saw something worth breeding that dog for.
    D.Dogg likes this.
  14. CrazyHorse

    CrazyHorse Big Dog

    Like I said in my original post you can read where Snooty QUIT twice in the Journal. Do you think the Journal miscontrued or twisted the QUITS twice? Do you think the Journal misconstrued or twisted the account of Gr Ch Buck vs Gr Ch Samson too? Whether I was there or not it doesn't change the FACT Snooty QUIT TWICE! I simply gave you info where you can hear it first hand from the ref that's all, then you can hear it from who was actually there. What people actually need to do is tell FACTS about dogs and CORRECT history!
  15. fblb

    fblb Top Dog

    I don't personally know what the journal did (The journal reported what they were told....think they were at everyone ever reported?). Might be telling the truth, might not...I personally have no clue. I do however know to not believe everything I read. We aren't talking about Gr Ch Buck or any other dog so I don't see where that comes in. Thanks for the info on who to contact, but honestly why does it even matter the animal has been dead for some time now, and has produced some damn fine animals. He was a good enough dog for them, and could produce not only good animals, but also producers. Yeah people do need to tell facts, but if you weren't there, and didn't see it with your own eyes then how can you honestly say for sure. People have a funny way of seeing only what they want to. I would still bred any bitch I had to him. Result's don't lie.
  16. ben brockton

    ben brockton CH Dog

    was "snooty" given the opportunity of a curt scratch in both matches? or was he picked up by his handlers?
  17. Dream Pits

    Dream Pits CH Dog

    In 2010 and ten why do we even care? No diss on the thread but how is that relevant to what is goin on now? Either you are gonna feed dogs down from him or you're not. I willing to bet most are.
  18. CrazyHorse

    CrazyHorse Big Dog

    Since you don't know what the Journal did let me fill you in and how the Journal worked. The Journal reported Snooty QUIT twice(Rascal & OX) and if there was any discrepancy before the report was printed the ref would be contacted to verify. The Journal was an open forum mag and after the report was published the owner of Snooty could have written the Journal to tell his side of the match. The owner of Snooty's letter would have been published in the Journal if the account was untrue. Now with that said do you think if the report was untrue he QUIT twice the owner of Snooty had two opportunities to contact the Journal and two opportunities to write letters in the Journal concerning what they felt was the truth?...YES!

    I used Buck's match as an example of what was done was reported. There were no two different accounts of what happened when reported because of how it could be verfied if there was a discrepancy, no different from the two matches Snooty QUIT in! I also gave you contact info so YOU could hear it FIRST HAND then you didn't have to think the Journal misconstrued what really happened or not believe what was written. All I was doing for you was erasing all DOUBT that Snooty QUIT twice not lose then you can have FACTUAL info and not waste your time typing.

    Results don't lie when it came to Snooty's production but what people don't understand is that his pedigree is the reason he produced. Some of the most famous dogs and breeders in history were responsible for the first three generations of Snooty now with that being said it's not rocket science he would produce! He produced just like other well known curs with great peds!
  19. CrazyHorse

    CrazyHorse Big Dog

    DP I feel you but people need to know FACTS and stop making excuses. If I owned Snooty and he quit twice, being the way he was bred and who was responsible for his pedigree I would have bred to him. Like I told you in previous PMs the best way to predict future events is past events in a pedigree!
  20. Boze

    Boze Top Dog

    he never quit

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