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Working Presa Breeders ?

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by DennisTheMenace91, Oct 8, 2021.

  1. Hello, Does anyone know of any reputable Working line Press Canarios breeders/kennel ? I’ve been looking around and the majority are a bit too much on the thick side for me. I’m looking for something with more of a slender & athletic frame. So far I only found a couple breeders in Presa Mania & Rey Gladiator who have the type of Presas I’m interested in. Any suggestions are appreciated, thank you.
  2. FrozenEli

    FrozenEli Premium Member Premium Member

    Where are you from?
  3. gog123

    gog123 Top Dog

    Maybe have a look at dela arena? Based in Germany and been into the presas for years now.

    Here is one of dela arenas main dogs at the moment. Think he looks a nice type and I don’t think the breeder would let him sire litters just to try earn money. He seems to actually care about the dogs.

    some of his offspring,

    is loads more clips on his channels but for me his the only person I’d want a presa from.
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  4. che

    che Top Dog

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  5. gog123

    gog123 Top Dog

    I have seen the blood mentioned before, I think that dela arena has it in some of their dogs.

    My question is are the dogs still being tested? Didn’t see any recent videos and know with bulldogs some breeders feel they have made a name and that alone is enough to sell dogs.

    Only ever took some interest in protection dogs really as was shocked by what people was breeding. Suppose it’s like all breeds but man there are so many shit dogs being bred. Or dogs not even looked at properly but bred anyway. I know can’t exactly game test a protection dog but I’d least want to see where the dogs heart is at. See so many breeders try to show a video of a dog biting a sleeve on its yard with the same decoy and the pressure is a bit of shouting lol .

    Seems people like to show a dog doing sports which to me is more showing off the dogs training. Not saying every dog can compete in sports but IMO it’s repeating situations with a dog to allow it to grow in confident. Or they show a dog with high prey drive doing fancy stuff like jumping n flying through the air. I’d much rather see a dog in a new environment n situation and some real pressure like you’d expect to see should the dog be required in a real situation.

    is a bandog breeder who I won’t name but shocked his seen as one of the best lol . Dogs bite a sleeve like it’s a toy and seem more interested in that. Never seen the dogs put under decent amount of pressure. Think that’s why I like watching trials, I know training will help but a good breeder wouldn’t want to rely heavy on training and would actually want to see what’s in the dog.

    I dunno maybe I’m just a fussy bastard when it comes to dogs lol
  6. GK1

    GK1 Big Dog

    How do you “test” a protection dog in training scenario? Fighting another dog/animal has nothing to do with fighting a human opponent in the dog’s psyche. Short of x # of live bites on the street (like an LE K9 is required for certification), there are few options.

    Put the dog in an agitation muzzle and fight different decoys wearing no equipment…which is psychologically difficult for the dog as its primary weapon is removed from the equation, and no comfy fabric to latch onto. This tests the dog’s willingness to engage regardless. Bite sleeves/suits are nothing more than protection for the decoy from injury, and should not be the dog’s target, but the man.

    Some nice looking dogs in videos above. Although the one is fixated on leg bites only, which could be a death sentence for the dog. I can’t remember off hand, but there is a Presa breeder in the US who does high pressure muzzle work with his prospects. Some big, bad ass dogs he has.
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  7. gog123

    gog123 Top Dog

    I certainly ain’t an expert in protection dogs. I just think a dog biting a sleeve while a decoy shouts doesn’t really tell much. I’d like to see how the dog reacts under more pressure. Is why I feel like some of the trials show a dog better than say sport. Or what I’ve seen other kennels doing which is just the dog playing a game of tug on the sleeve. Like I think your saying, and I agree with you. While in the comfort of being in its own yard and with the handler. Like I say I ain’t an expert but clips I’ve seen from so called decent breeders. Feel a lot of people are scared to really push the dogs as probably more into making a few quid from breeding. Dog bites the sleeve worn by the owner who makes a loud noise with a whip and a pup will thousands of dollars lol. Like I say maybe I’m just hard to please. I’m sure a good handler would know what his looking for without breaking the dog. Don’t get me wrong there certainly seems some clued up people out there who care about the dogs.
  8. Great Videos, thanks for the suggestion. I will most definitely look into them.
  9. che

    che Top Dog

    Best presa canarios i have seeing were from this familly. I would not recommend anything if i dont know anything about it. Just take a contact with them. They Will give u all you want. To know about this familly. Give it a try
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