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ZEBO BLOODLINE, can anybody give me some information?

Discussion in 'APBT Bloodlines' started by TysonM, Feb 11, 2010.

  2. p.sutton

    p.sutton Banned

  3. deadgam33

    deadgam33 CH Dog

    dam p he put u on
  4. nvymn1

    nvymn1 Pup

    I'm afraid I haven't, all I can truely say is that all dogs bred into the Van Pelt bloodline were only direct line bred desendants of Zebo. Fitch took good care of the bloodline when he had it, he's the one that started the line breedings of this bloodline, all dogs Fitch ever got were Zebo's pups, which he line bred with the other Zebo pups he got off Adam's, Van Pelt took over the bloodline and continued keeping the bloodline only line bred. All of my dogs come from Van Pelt, and I continue the tradition. You may disagree with my statement earlier, but DNA tests will show why I boasted of the bloodline.

  5. I diff respect a man/woman who has pride in what they have or do, with that said what does DNA have to do with the convo I knew of Fitch never heard of Van Pelt bulldogs (not that I know everything) but to say that this line is the strongest Zebo blood there is without knowing about other top lines that are and have been makeing a mark in as far as a Zebo bulldog goes is fool hearty, I was asking about what you had as I was interested in shareing notes maybe show me something I haven't seen not trying to buy anything I kinda like what I have and wouldn't trade them for "any" Zebo line I've seen so far, this is what I deal with I must admit I haven't seen all the Zebo bred bulldogs out there and I don't claim to know it all but when I hear people say "the best of", "the strongest of" i got to ask where is the proof??

    With Respect, Dred
  6. nvymn1

    nvymn1 Pup

  7. Rock n Rye

    Rock n Rye Premium Member Premium Member

    Dred Lok, the Nigger Toby stuff is some rough stuff, of cull correct that is hard to beat and that bitch Booj who I think a granddaughter of Toby one of roughest baddest bitches there was. Silence the Ch like it was nothing, nobody wanted to look across from her..

  8. You got that right, but Boo j wasn't the only Toby bulldog to make a mark...........But diff one top notch gyp....
  9. Rock n Rye

    Rock n Rye Premium Member Premium Member

    Oh no she was one of many, just figure that she was more known then others shame that GrCh Poppa Daddy was stolen he is producing great for some theif...
  10. brad

    brad Pup

    actualy tyson if you like apbt and want a protection dog your not far off,while it is true that gamebred apbts are not the most human agressive breed they do have the drive and game factor thats needed in a pp dog that the other dogs you mentioned lack.i had personaly worked and trained many pp dogs over the years so im speaking from personal experience.there is no better dog then the mallinois for a straight perspnal protection dog however they are incredibly high strung and vvery hard for a non experienced trainer to work with,they require complete and total control at almost all times.what we have found that actualy works very well for people while still carry all the traits of the malinois but calming it slightly but still retaining its insane drive and fearlessness is a apbt/mal cross 50/50 they completely compliment eachother and make the perfect pp dog this cross i stand behind 100% and will back it up with proof lol your more then welcome to come down and throw a bite suit on and see for yourself you can not cur one it will die first garenteed :)
  11. Zebo man biter's LOL... He may have been... but most of the zebo dogs to day are not.... But they can become personally attached to you... They a very loyal dog... I have one... that will show you some teeth... unless I tell her your okay...

    Brad above... is right on time with what he is telling you... But most any dog will bark at a stranger.. or make some kind of noise... so why get a zebo do when most any will do...

    But if your need that kind of protection... Let me know where your at or gona be... because I do not want to be to close to you.... If you catch what I'm saying...
  12. Laced Wit Game

    Laced Wit Game Yard Boy

    Lol no shit, just get a fila!
  13. bamaman

    bamaman GRCH Dog

    yea man i dont want to be around no APBT thats trained for bite work on humans..fuck that.
  14. gilamonster

    gilamonster Big Dog

    You act like the (Mali/dutchy) does not already have terrier added to them. All you are doing with these types of crosses is bringing the terrier blood back up to a higher percentage.

  15. brad

    brad Pup

    gila the idea of crossing the apbt back in is for a few reasons actualy 1st your increasing the dogs jaw and hold power,2nd your increasing his game and determination,mals although not often but ocasionaly will quit prior to death,however weve found that by adding the apbt into the dog it lessens the chances of that,3rd the mals are super high strung and most people just cant handle them or work with them at all without the dog going completely out of control so the mix calms the dog and actualy makes him more level headed.remember although to most people a mal may apear similar to a german shep however that very far from the truth it would be like comparing a game bred apbt to a gotti/razoredge bullie lol that far apart.
  16. brad

    brad Pup

    oh and i guess i forgot the most important thing the topic of the post lol ,tyson just because zebo was a man biter doesnt mean his line make a better guard or protection dog then anyother line of apbt it that answers your question,also its not that and apbt cant make a good protection dog because there are the rare ocasion that u will see them used as one or in comp sports like french ring or pp events however it is rare,they have a lower human agression level then other breeds,but like i said when mixed with mals itt gets the nasty human agression blended in.
  17. chef_kergin

    chef_kergin Big Dog

    there were some nice ones down from n. toby crossed into some t-bo stuff some guy had outside of dyt before he went up more than a few years ago that were the real shabang. but after doing a bit more asking around south of there, some cats from queen city had differing opinions about the boo-j dog. but that was second hand hear-say, can't speak from any experience so no sense in spreading rumors.

    but the dogs i saw that were on that yard were put together real nice, well taken care of, and legit. had the owner not went up, i really would have liked to have gotten a pup out of his stuff.....he was crossing his maverick/n. toby stuff into a HEAVY red boy dog and those pups looked real nice.
  18. benthere

    benthere CH Dog Staff Member

    I bet they would cur out in short order if they had to take what they dish out.
  19. I two like to stay along the what I call Herman to Toby crosses, Toby's best breedings where when he he was bred to two of Mavericks sisters he was also bred to a couple Nigerino gyps that produced very good as well, as far as Boo J goes can't speak on what others may think but I "know" she was a top gyp the only neg. that I saw was she was big and as close to a manbiter as could be but she didn't throw that in her offspring...........jmo
  20. gilamonster

    gilamonster Big Dog

    I guess you didn't read my post well enough? I get what you are trying to do. You are trying to better one dog with another. The dog is not balanced enough. So you add the bulldog to try and get what you are lacking.Same thing with bandogs and all of the other croosses that are made with good intentions. In the end all it does is hurt the bulldog. It is one of the only dogs that really needs no other breed to inhance it's ever redeeming quality and that is unwavering, luv, and devoution for it's master.A true bulldog was and is bred for these specific traits. For societal reasons it is not wise to have a pitbull for certain reasons/applications.Why is he(bulldog) deamed unfit or villainized by public media.Because of irresponsible, unscrupulous breeders/owners and breeding practices.Not saying you are, or pointing blame at anyone. Sorry for highjacking this thread. I agree get some other type of dog more suited for your needs.Not a pitbull!!! JMHO


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