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Last Activity:
Aug 15, 2012
Dec 15, 2004
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Top Dog, from Pa

215pitts was last seen:
Aug 15, 2012
    1. themainman
      Jeep redboy honey bunch 2xtab 1xtabjr. 1xchz's tuffy 1xshort&sweet topside 4xmayday/2xbarracuda 12xgr.ch. Yellow 12xhollingsworth dolly in a 4 gen .

      Will be doubled up in the future more than 24x jeep redboy x honeybunch 4xtabrom. 2x tabjr. P.o.r 2x ch z's tuffy rom 2x short&sweet topside 24 x gr.ch. Yellow 24 x hollingsworth dolly 8x gr.ch. Mayday 4x gr.ch. Barracuda 4x rdk's cudagirl 2x ch.bruiser on the bottomside 2011-2012 tight mainline/tight ruffdogkennels breeding
    2. Boy-boy 416
      Boy-boy 416
      wasup yall iwas thinking of getting back a jeep/redboy/sorrell dog from my partners previous breeding at first wasnt to intrested in the out cross the another guy i know did a simaliar breeding just strait redboy/sorrel cross an his prospect looks great so dose the one im debating getting back. I was wondering if any body else has done a simalar breeding or knows of any. If you have or do I would be very intrested in hearing what you think of it
    3. rajennn
      hi mate, where u from? near lancaster? whos selling jeep/ chinaman crosses. let me know asap. cheers
    4. hades
      hi check my website and let mi now if you like my dog pedigree chinaman appears 16 times in 7 generatios and also jeep and frisco are prety close also http://threekingskennels.webs.com/
    5. scratchin dog
      scratchin dog
      hey whats goin on? Hope all is well. See ya at the NJ show.
    6. bullydogs
      just passing through to say whats up, hope all is well with dogs, and your wife.
    7. bahamutt99
      Rule update for the photo contest. Embedded pics only, no more attachments. :)
    8. roe1880
      I apologize about the pic, I thought it was just fun pics... I'll read more carefully... Thanks for notifying me. I don't have any Idea how to turn the pm back on...lol I don't remember turning it off in the 1st place...lol..
    9. blueboy08
      im also from philadelphia lookin for a good pit group maybe get my dog into some weight pulling or some shows
    10. scratchin dog
      scratchin dog
      Happy New Year! I tried to text you tonight, but it wouldn't go through. lol. Too many people making calls at once.
    11. scratchin dog
      scratchin dog
      Hey..I got your message, did you get mine? If ya didnt....Congrats!! :)
    12. pennsooner
      Hey, whats up? Just getting ready for the holidays. Amp is enjoying getting some Winter fat on her.
      Haven't seen you around much lately, I hope all is well with youi.
    13. scratchin dog
      scratchin dog
      hey there..things are good. Whats up with you?
    14. PADogman
    15. BoiBoi
      what up dawg, yea i feel u on stayin busy, looks like the pup might be starting her first heat cycle, about right cause she'll be 6 months this month. Hows the dogs doin?
    16. PADogman
    17. GSDbulldog
      the dogs are great. How've you been?
    18. bullydogs
      Thats some different stuff. Not the same TnT her brother is from.
    19. bullydogs
      hope all is well with dogs/family. long time no talk.
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