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Last Activity:
Jan 21, 2013
Nov 3, 2007
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Walk them fast. Walk them far. Walk them farther t
Self-Employed, trying to start a business.


Top Dog, from Walk them fast. Walk them far. Walk them farther t

bullydogs was last seen:
Jan 21, 2013
    1. jaystreetsA4
      whats good bro? congrats on the wins with CH Liberty. "T" is racking up those handler awards. he's nice with it! holla at me man.

      - jay
    2. Rocky H. Balboa
      Rocky H. Balboa
      LOL....It is just a saying....don't take it seriously. Sorry to hear about you going through bad times....I hope it was not heart/love issues....if a man is not prepared, it can make you feel like the world is ending. My dogs are doing well. I am definitely going to the show in Jersey and hope to make it to NC early May. I am not too sure about NC since it is so freaking far away. I was checking the show calendar and it does not seem to be full events this year. We shall see. Did you champion your bitch yet?
    3. scratchin dog
      scratchin dog
      Wow..long time no see. Where have you been? I thought you fell off the face of the earth. lol. Glad to know you are ok. I will tell j and a you said hi. Say hi to everyone from us too.
      Hey thanks! I was wondering who that was. Gald to have you as a friend. I am trying to get Hemi to look like yours. I have a ton of work to do to get him looking that good.
    6. Rocky H. Balboa
      Rocky H. Balboa
      Hey, Hey Cabezon, how is life treating you man! Looks like you got the Moderator curse....the moment they bestow that title one either gets banned or stops logging in as much they did before. How are things man? Did you finally add more dogs to your family?
    7. powerups
      yo if you go to the field tomorrow give me a call
    8. beanieman
      The one on the pic with the boy great dog , perfect body
    9. Southerncharm
      I was just looking at your dogs, and man aren't they beautiful. ;)
    10. EXIGE
    11. 215pitts
      Where you been?
    12. Rocky H. Balboa
      Rocky H. Balboa
      Hmmm, just noticed something different....you are starting to cover your faces.....the popularity you are receiving is overwhelming or what? lol
    13. Rocky H. Balboa
      Rocky H. Balboa
      Funny you are saying a lot of money...I thought it was a steal! I read a Machobuck pup is going for 7500 and another is going for 5000...this bitch is an adult ready for any type of obedience schooling....I wonder why he is selling it....could it be "cold" because of how tight she is? She is still good for brood stock though.
    14. Rocky H. Balboa
      Rocky H. Balboa
      good thing, you edited it...lol

      That bitch seems to have a good pedigree.
    15. Rocky H. Balboa
      Rocky H. Balboa
      boooo...I know you are going to delete that thread....but....isn't that ped beautiful? If i was into females, i would snatch that...for that price? heck yeah.
    16. JBlazeRx7
      Hey bullydogs I see your from PA? Anyways was that show in your gallery with Angus and Lil lib was that in PA or NJ and if so where could i find out about up coming ones? I know that the ADBA has an event calendar is that the only one?
    17. JBlazeRx7
      Hey what's up bullydogs. got your take on the post about that Killerdice on him using roids. ANYWAYS I'm not here to digusse that but i am here to introduce myself, say Hi, and say It's cool to see guys like yourself offering advice to LOL people who NEED HELP! lol
    18. pennsooner
      Hey Joe, you still going to Indiana? Amps conditioning took a little bit of a set back when she got a nail bed infection, but she's fine now. Been tough to condition with it being so hot.

      How are things going with you?
    19. Rocky H. Balboa
      Rocky H. Balboa
      What is going on with you Bullydogs? Ever since you got the new title you seem to be out of reach. Did the title get to your head? lmao..... Come back to earth dude so that us little people can get a word or two out of you......You got me acting like a "hoe" calling you and leaving messages.....what's up with that!
    20. scratchin dog
      scratchin dog
      Hey how's it going? Been hot as hell the last few days. Not good for conditioning the dogs. :( Are you still going to Indiana?
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    Walk them fast. Walk them far. Walk them farther t
    Self-Employed, trying to start a business.
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    Sports,Outdoors,Dog Shows,Reading,eating out,hanging with family,working the dogs,www.game-dog.com