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Last Activity:
Jun 11, 2020
Sep 12, 2008
Likes Received:
no where


CH Dog, from no where

Bxpits was last seen:
Jun 11, 2020
    1. Jasonozzy73
      hello how mutch to uk thanks
    2. Pistolvania
      Im related to southside boyz member
    3. Yardboy
      Pm is full, but yeah keep me posted on that. Thanks.
    4. 413bred
      Ooh nice nice!! any particular reason u choose to run those strains?? And I dig the bullyson stuff jus not many tru dogmen in the area and the real ones are under wraps
    5. themainman
      Hey was godo bxpits see you like jeep/honeybunch ever heard of otazu's desert eagle 1xwer got his niece

      tipton's taz 1xw x lunsford's run-in 1xw topside
      morgans chance 1xaka catfish 1xb.i.s 1xw
      x morgan's/j.oyola's trina ''sammy's 3 legged gyp''

      and have two 1xtabjr x 1xbellaus missy ch.z's topside 1xtuffyx 1xshort&sweet off a mainline keenels male named kain
      1xch.bruiser x 2xcudagirl p.o.r gr.ch. 2x barracuda x 2x latinboy's shusha 4x mayday x 4xdolly out of t. Carr yard

      jeep/redboy/honeybunch/eli/bourdeaux tab x redboy/jocko/hollingsworth/tombstone/bolio mayday
    6. preme
      yeah buddy i been trying to get with you roe got my number hit me up !!!
    7. preme
      give me a call homie
    8. KDW
      hey lovely how r u doing sexy :)
      u got pedigree on that dog below, he looks stunning!!!!!
    9. hardmouth87
      Thanks alot buddy
    10. hardmouth87
      Tell him bxpits sent me?
    11. hardmouth87
      What's goin on bx I was looking at one of the comments u posted saying you got the crenshaw book about a month ago I tried emailing his daughter but no reply is there any other way I could get it??
    12. TheFinest
      I like that black boy you've got. Nice dogs!
    13. pit4ever
      hey wssup man keep doing what you doing homie
    14. ccourtcleve
      What's going on? Keep up all that hard work, gotta pay off some day right? :-)
    15. Alma
      "figured out how to record from tv straight to dvd commercial free!" How?? Do tell!! LOL!!!
    16. TysonM
      where are you located? can you teach my dog how to do that?
    17. TysonM
      hey man, are u a trainer?
    18. Bxpits
      i have a redboy male if you want to breed her to something with redboy but he is a pup so it will be awhile.

      sorry to hear about your loss, thats the reason i dont allow no one here
    19. tryph
      Some one stole my male out the back yard he was pure redboy WAS STRESSED FOR A LONG TiME WHEN THAT HAPPENED
    20. Bxpits
      the tan dog is a female, what males do you have?

      i wont be able to make it on the 17th going to canada for the weekend.
      we are close we can hook up anytime though you just let me know.
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  • About

    no where
    Bloodline of Choice:
    got into pits from seeing a gamebred dog in mexico do its thing.

    breeding snakes, basketball, lifting weights