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Last Activity:
Aug 4, 2014
Nov 25, 2009
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Living life to the best of my abilty.


Top Dog, from Beautiful CALIFORNIA

JoeyNzoey was last seen:
Aug 4, 2014
    1. Khanfueshus
      Stranded at the drive in , branded a fool , what will they say Monday at school, Joey cant you see Im in misery, we made a start now where apart theres nothing left for me, love has flown all alone I sit and wonder why yai yai oh why you left me oh Joey lol.
    2. j1985
      He weighs around 70 lbs at a rough guess, I bet you don't have much crappy weather where your at!!

      Can't say I'm a massive fan but I'v seen them all I think, They filmed some of the new one in the town where I live..I was walking my dogs around the set lol security wern't impressed!!
    3. j1985
      Yeah I'm just out of London..He's mad in the car in the house in the park etc etc he's only 11 months so still a crazy pup lol!!

      Where are you from ?
    4. j1985
      Hi, yeh he's doing ok, mad as they come but I wouldn't have it any other way!!

      He split his dew claw last week but that's on the mend now..

      How's yours ? ;)
    5. Saiyagin
      Joey my darling you hurt me real bad and you know its true but baby you gotta believe when I say , Im helpless with out you lol
    6. quinny
      The only thing I'd watch with canned fish is the oil or sauce it comes in. Apart from that I feed him most "table" fish you'd catch at your local. Flathead, salmon, tuna, bream. I've fed all our dogs a bit of fish every now and then, even whole (bar teeth and fins) and never had a drama. I've heard tuna and salmon are the better of them all because they have a higher concentration of omega 3's.
    7. quinny
      Good too hear. It's done nothing but good for hamish! It doesn't take long to see it in the coat does it? I don't really have an exact plan when feeding it, usually three to four times a week, Depends on when we go shopping or how many fish I've caught. Everyone comments on Hamish's coat!
    8. quinny
      How's the salmon going? Any improvements?
    9. Blanco
      Yeah i might pick one up from the current litter. He was a stressed dog,was never relaxed and it only got worse so it was the only thing to do. It's never fun but it's a part of owning a dog. How old is your Zoey?
    10. Blanco
      Yeah he's the only one.. Might get one from your evil beanieman soon also ;)
      Well got one AB also but putting him down today.. :(
      And that always sucks..
    11. Blanco
      He's coming along nicely.. A good little dog so far ;)
    12. Saiyagin
      Joey and me sitting in a tree_ _ _ _ _ _ _? LOL
    13. warzone
      no not at all just saying but alright pretty Joey I am going to get off this EVIL site haha that's funny but have a good one and take care out there :)
    14. yoel
      Would u show me around if i come up to visit
    15. LimaBD
      hey there ma'am. you know what..i actually didnt. im still waiting on my friend to hand over the dvds! but i was checking on hulu and i think they should have it on there so its only a matter of time haha
    16. yoel
      Yup I just moved to Whittier, Ca. I used to live in E. L.A. and The San Fernando Valley before that. So Im a SoCal guy all the way. So you live way up north in Cali?
    17. yoel
      I HAVE been away for a little while actually. Spring break was a little crazy for me this year, and lasted a little longer than usual LoL! Ace is 20 months old now. Getting up there in age. I gotta post some recent pics of him up soon. Beach weather is in full effect for sure. Ace n I go from Santa Monica to Venice and back a lot. What beaches do you hit?
    18. yoel
      My boy Ace is doing very well, thanks for asking. How bout your pup? The pics look good.
    19. popper
      Joey looks a hell of alot better than that.... and joey has class
    20. popper
      I know , my girl is the cutest ever huh jelet?
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    Beautiful CALIFORNIA
    Living life to the best of my abilty.
    Bloodline of Choice:
    I am a young adult that has become fond of the American Pit bull terrier breed.

    Pit bulls, music, TRUTH, mustangs, friendship, xbox 360, ZOEY


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