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Feb 27, 2011
Jan 9, 2010
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Feb 27, 2011
    1. Dogman#1
      hey bro, clear up your PMs.
    2. Bastian
      I agree, but I am not a fan of dogfighting. But I would still like them to be like they were in the bigining - before the dogshows. My breed, the SBT, is beginning to loose itsself because of this. Small fat bullydogs with short faces and bad breathing.
      I live in Norway, and a lot of dogs are forbidden here - like the apbt, amstaff and some others. But we are still alowed to have the small sbt. A lot of people here are therefor afraid to breed the sbt too higt - afraid it would look like an amstaff.
      My dog is from showbreeding, but luckily a bit to higt and therefor a bit more atletic. He is 42 cm - 16.5 inches. Not to high, but a lot of people thinks he is a amstaff.
    3. Bastian
      Really interesting to learn about the shar pei
    4. Sabrina
      Hey you asked to see a few photos of my dog.
      There you go! :)
    5. Mr. Brownstone
      Mr. Brownstone
      shit let me clear some thanks.. what is it for or to treat?
    6. lawrence brown
      lawrence brown
      Thank you bbz kennel/Real uwk'S from who-Dat kennel
    7. lawrence brown
      lawrence brown
      Who-Dat kennel
    8. lawrence brown
      lawrence brown
      I have some bbz kennel kingpin stuff redboy/Boyles & 3/4 redboy/Rascal also some 3way crosses redboy/ boyles/Midnight cowboy
    9. pit4ever
      i currently do not have dog.
    10. pit4ever
      yea no dobut. if you can show me some of your dogs pictures man~ 61 is crazy lols he must be a beast.
    11. pit4ever
      wow i love chinaman and alligator lols. i hope one day we meet up hang out or something man lols =]
    12. pit4ever
      i had one mix. she had messed up eye (i heard she was born with it) and i raised her till 3 and found her good home. now imdoing my hws right now and trying to look for right dog for me.

      and by the way what blood line you running?
    13. pit4ever
      werd thast wssup. do you own a APBT yourself?
    14. pit4ever
      im at around flushing
    15. pit4ever
      jiea jiea jiea nice to meet you. im from queens too.
    16. pit4ever
      from queens =] ?
    17. Vicki
      Hello NewSchoolDogMan,

      Welcome to Pit Bull Forums! :D

      Please read the forum rules and enjoy your stay!
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