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Last Activity:
Oct 22, 2010
Sep 17, 2007
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Dec 26, 1985 (Age: 38)


Big Dog, 38, from Ky

pitbullin was last seen:
Oct 22, 2010
    1. AKPit
      Hi! I was trying to email ya about the mill but your mailbox is full and wont accept messeges! I need to know if you are coming this weekend :) Let me know! Thanks!
    2. Rocky H. Balboa
      Rocky H. Balboa
      That's cool man! I was not thinking about paper hanging but I guess that could have happened..lol. Stacey has "Tudi", only live sister/littermate of one of my males. The two look very much alike but mine is thicker, taller, heavier. The only thing I am not to thrilled about (although it is not my place to say either way) is that the dogs look cleaner than a new penny. Do you know who got T's Eli? That is the sire to my male. I would like to know if the new owner is looking at him.
    3. Rocky H. Balboa
      Rocky H. Balboa
      Hey, are you in some way connected to "Stacy M"? She sent me pictures of a litter bred exactly like the one you shared parents are Bud x Black Beauty...Male was buckskin/red and Dam was black....if you are not connected, then, it is a heck of a coincidence.
    4. >BLAZE<
      How is the floyd dog you posted for male of the month bred? I'm assuming Eli, just from the name and color!
    5. dwd58
      I am near Paintsville Ky, where you located?
    6. sodamnstreet
      whats up 502 here also
    7. ace42134
      Hey man, glad to see some more KY folks on here, you were born 4 days before me, thats f'n nuts, any way just thought I'd drop a shout. What part of KY are u in? I'm in south central. Well take it easy!
    9. TripleJ
      Nope I am traping them now. but thanks I dont want to feed any more dogs right now.
    10. Marty
      I'm fixing to leave, got a follow up with the Drs this morning ;)
    11. Marty
      Banned for 7 days... giving the mods a hard time :(
    12. cutt
      Hey son, my buddy dont need to cry to anyone as he whoop sum ass if he has too. Dont let his internet disposition get to u , hell open up a can when needed. You are to knew to strt calling sum shit out on this board. U need to re check how u come off. and if you want a folk to mind his own business then u need to not ever post bull shit in a public forum
    13. pitbullin
      Hey Jack. Nobody asked you for one. and nobody said anything to you... so i guess in short...mind your own business. thanks...
    14. cutt
      Hey Jack ,jus cause you have no taste for quality , to each is own this is not a popularity contest, this is a contest for each to decide on what we like. Dont hate or find a board that you can appreciate rather than contributing to pessimistic shit.
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    Dec 26, 1985 (Age: 38)
    GAME dogs.


    "if they aint in; they dont win"