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Last Activity:
Oct 13, 2015
Feb 22, 2008
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CH Dog

RedGoodbye was last seen:
Oct 13, 2015
    1. RedGoodbye
      lmmfao BWWWWWWAAHHHH
    2. Lee D
      Lee D
      Lmmfao @ br.....look down
    3. Celtic Savage
      Celtic Savage
      Your PM board is full.Cant reply there.Excuse my ignorance but LG?
    4. Nell_Bell
      Hope you had a Merry Christmas!!

      You doing the Polar Plunge again this year?
    5. Celtic Savage
      Celtic Savage
      Hey RED! Just came in for a bite 2 eat.Been out back shoeing some horses.That fella was obviously having a bad day.Maybe he's had some time 2 get a little of his "ass" back and re-evaluate the situation!Speaking of saving money.I went 2 Lowe's Hardware store yesterday and talked REAL NICE 2 them and got them 2 DONATE all their damaged straw bails and all loose straw in their tractor trailor.Because we are a "Licensed Kennel" i gave the a tax exempt form because they donated 2 a business.I got 12 bails of straw and 6 trash bags full of loose straw!FREE!! I do know the manager in all fairness but it doesnt help 2b able 2 improvise.We go thru 1200lbs of feed every 3 weeks or so.I go 2 the Purina warehouse in Nashville TN and by it by the bulk,Saving money! It was good 2 hear from ya!I'm new on the site but have been cleaning up behind and feeding these great dogs my entire 40yrs of life.Well,atleast 34 of it!LOL! FRIEND
    6. Bobby Rooster
      Bobby Rooster
      Can you shoot me? I am a fucking retard.

    7. Celtic Savage
      Celtic Savage
      I was reading your dialogue with the man who had a problem with people trying 2 save a little money.ON A DAMM BOOK!! I laughed pretty hard at the way you were lettin him have it.I live in W.Tennessee and u couldnt get any more REDNECK than me and my family.But u can bet this...U come out 2 my yard and u wont ever smell or see any turds and everything clean and neat.I use Surplus materials all the time 2 save money and everything here is quite capable of sustaining a number of bulldogs properly.REDNECKS can "git r done" cheaply and properly as far i'm concerned.Anyways,like what ya had 2 say! FRIEND
    8. cutt
    9. RedGoodbye
      lol. Im perdy mutch an ass in general. You seem alright youreself.
    10. sadieblues
      you know you were an ass to me in chat that one night but your alright red LOL
    11. Divine
      like the pups off of zebo. any left
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