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Last Activity:
Mar 9, 2016
Feb 10, 2010
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redrumdog was last seen:
Mar 9, 2016
    1. redrumdog
      No I don't know why.
    2. SWB
      Thats what i was thinking, but i wouldnt post something from where the sport is illegal, man.
      I tryed upload some books on pdf files but my threads where shutdown, can you think of a reason why?
    3. SWB
      Better to keep it for my self then, must check how long ago.. man i mean 2005 can be history right? But i don´t know..
    4. SWB
      Yes i think i haver some more nice stories. And i also have some present info on working staffs, match jpurnals etc.. don´t know if its proper to post it?`
    5. Celtic Savage
      Celtic Savage
      Hey "Redrum!" Sorry it took so long to get back with ya.Running a farm is 24/7 work! Reffering to your statements you sent me,i'll try to put some sensible stuff 2gether in the next couple of days to post.Alot of common sense stuff and alot you simply gain with experience.I've truly been blessed to have been able 2 grow up around some real knowledgable and dedicated dogmen.Not by any merit of mine,just happen 2 have been born n2 a family who eats,sleeps and breaths the APBT.Maybe i can pass on the little that i do know.I learn something EVERYDAY!What i find important is trying 2b open 2 new ideas and other peoples opinions.NEVER BE ONE DIMENSIONAL!Thanks and i'll be lookin forward 2 talkin 2 ya about these great dogs we own! FRIEND
    6. Outsider
      Good look bulldogs you have posted!
    7. molly
      Hope alls well. Just to let you know that book site is totally safe & ran by an old timer. While we are at it,the SDJ is safe too. Take care.........
    8. pit4ever
      saying hi just stopping by.
    9. wardogkennels
      Where do you want to post the pics?
    10. redrumdog
      Hey OTD,I put some pics on my albums.I'm not to good with the editing and so forth.I won't put pics on with me in the photos.I don't want to scare the folks.
    11. old time dogman
      old time dogman
      red the last couple of emails you sent did not come in to me just blank . Me also stupid when it coms to computers LOL
    12. Vicki
      You can use an editing program on your computer, usually to where you uploaded your photos to, or upload them to photobucket.com.
    13. Vicki
      How To Post Pictures - Pit Bull Forums
    14. old time dogman
      old time dogman
      No Not at all redrumdog could you please resend them to me I deleted all my emails friday by mistake . Us old guys are not to computer smart I am so very sorry .
    15. Vicki
      Hello redrumdog,

      Welcome to Pit Bull Forums! :D

      Please read the forum rules and enjoy your stay!
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