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Last Activity:
May 26, 2014
Oct 29, 2008
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Big Dog

shadowwolf was last seen:
May 26, 2014
    1. Bulldoggin33
      Well I sent all I had in the vault to my officials in arguement of their purposed deal. I (after reading more) came to an understanding that this will open the door for more "laws" against APBT'S. Guess it only reached oneboard member because the rest voted for it. Off to the next city I go before Jan 1st
    2. Bulldoggin33
      Good day there. My name is Jeremy L. Chilcutt. I have lived loved and owned the magnificent A.P.B.T. since I can remember. I live in Ypsilanti (God has it gotten out of hand!). I had Pits before they were "Cool" Or bred for profit only.
      Anyways, I am trying to get in touch with responsible A.P.B.T. owners in MI to stay updated on what's happining, such as BLS, Shows, Weight pull Comps and so on.
      If you could please let me know of anything or anything I can do to improve our dogs image and of upcoming events that aren't made public like weight pull events.
      I currently own three great Pits. Two of which I want to get into conformation and weight pulling.
      Thank you much,
      Jeremy L. Chilcutt
    3. Dream Pits
      Dream Pits
      RYKER looked great out there!!!
      One of the best brindles i have ever seen
    4. Powwow
      it's almost that time are you ready
    5. Powwow
      i have a new little pup she is 6 month old , and pulling very well
    6. Powwow
      are you weight pull this year
    7. LilBoogieMan
      Shadow are u kidding me?? Larsan bred? NICE! There arent too many of those around anymore! That line use to be my favorite line. It's sad that u dont see too much of them anymore. I have a female that is Wilrox/Larsan on top, and Castillo on the bottom. Do u have a link to ryker's ped?
    8. MOOT44
      it is on wheels (inoors, lol) and we're hosting it (AABC: All American Bulldog Club) There is a 'show' too........
    9. MOOT44

      Hey! It's Andrew from the weightpulling in Michigan. I am the dad of Jake, Change, and Bell. You remember me? Man, you dog sure does look goooooooooood in those pics from the show in Detroit. You going to the UKC pulling K-Zoo on 12/12-12/14?
    10. davidinwestldn
      What breed is my puppy? i would really appreciate ur opinion.
    11. davidinwestldn
      What breed is my puppy?
    12. Marty
      Hello shadowwolf,

      Welcome to Pit Bull Forums! :D

      Please read the rules and enjoy your stay!
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