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Last Activity:
Jun 18, 2024 at 8:48 PM
Feb 6, 2006
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A cat in NC has some dogs down off the Waccamaw RBJ dogs from Chicora II. Not sure what he has but it is as good a place as any Aug 3, 2021

slim12 was last seen:
Jun 18, 2024 at 8:48 PM
    1. joker
      Hello Slim, I hope you are doing well. I was hoping you can provide some guidance regarding water during a keep. I have been reading a lot of articles on water and wanted to get your take what the average bulldog should be getting in water per LB during a keep in his/her feed. Excluding the free water.
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    2. Samuel Amador
      Samuel Amador
      Hey all, I'm looking for a fire game dog... Maybe someone in Mexico have a nice pupp to sell me? Or in the states. Whatsapp: +57 323 961 9344
    3. galician
    4. kasperian
      I’d like to buy the carpet mill plans please sir
    5. slim12
      A cat in NC has some dogs down off the Waccamaw RBJ dogs from Chicora II. Not sure what he has but it is as good a place as any
      1. Pullingcovers and Houseofpain like this.
      2. Houseofpain
        how can i contact this individual? and is mr mims still active in the dogs im also interested in some of his stuff as well. thank you for your time bro.
        Aug 5, 2021
      3. Ssdd
        I know them fellas real real well. You're talking about tate correct? Same fella who runs with T.B. Their combine rolls deep(if ya catch my drift)?
        Mar 2, 2022
    6. Houseofpain
      Slims wats going on bro I'm new up here but I'm looking for a jeep/rbj cross or some working rbj...
    7. galician
      Hi slim!

      How are you? Con i answer you how you use dexa pre match?
      1. slim12
        I would not use it but some do. Some use it the last 2 days going in at 48 hours, then 24 hours, then 12 hours and some is close as 2 hours. The same group will administer it with the same dose regardless of the weight of the dog. The only way to know the dose is to do a test run on your dog.
        Jul 30, 2021
        galician likes this.
    8. gitanos
      Hey Slim12,

      Can you tell me why i can't open pictures ? Most of the time i get an error call or something. even photo's i post bij my self i cannot open.

      1. slim12
        My best advice would be to hit up Vickie or AGK. Just getting here and exchanging messages it the upper limit of my computer skillset. LOL
        Apr 7, 2020
        gitanos likes this.
    9. slim12
      Usually a large forfeit will bring one in heat.
      1. Revelator likes this.
    10. Big Chief
      Big Chief
      What’s the quickest way to bring your bitch in heat
      1. slim12
        Put a stupid amount of money for the forfeit.
        Jan 12, 2020
      2. Doug Brown
        Doug Brown
        The pen of a bitch who just had pups when she smell that afterbirth n blood she'll come on in heat or you can roll her on ah bitch in heat.
        Nov 15, 2020
    11. SMD760
      I just wanted to personally thank you for all of the great stories that you share with us!
      1. kasperian likes this.
    12. Bagdadbulldog
      Hey slim I sent the measurements in a message please get back to me I'm ready to make a trip to the hardware store.
    13. Slicer
      Slim I saw that you have access to video and plans to build a DIY carpet mill for around $150? I am looking to purchase a carpet mill but if one can be made for that price I would like to have the information on how to DIY. Thanks in advance.
      1. kasperian likes this.
    14. bigeli
      When you get a chance call me
    15. wlgh2233
      Hi, slim12. my name is kim and live in the south korea.

      recently i have know about mim's red boy dogs.
      and i have really feeling great that blood.

      i saw your write about mims red boy dogs.
      would you tell me about that dogs please?

      and i have try private message to you. for ask you use e-mail address. but i have some error this site.
      i can try fix it, but i can not fix this.

      and now i have ask you e-mail address.
      would you tell me about your e-mail address please?

      if you accept it. i appreciate that.

      thank you for read. i hope so your answer.
      take care.

      kim. from south korea in asia.
    16. slim12
      contact Condmach on this board. he has access to a dog named weasel....the best source of the two eyes i know of....even got a deal going if you buy a ton of stuff from there store there is a breeding involved...some sort of contest...US1
    17. huckleberry
      I've trying to find some of the twoeyes blood to take mine back to do u kno of any
    18. slim12
      not anymore...had a pair out of miss two eyes (bred to loca a panther bred bitch)...Miss two eyes was bred to a straight bolio male...both were exceptional...sold the male (like a dumbass) and the female died....i had an oppurtunity to breed to bullet thru a friend of his but just never made it happen....it is as game a strain of 'eli' type blood as it is out there...i was real happy with what i had down from two eyes and regretted not picking up the pair out of huckleberry....i drove from NC to SC for a show and only had another hour or so to go to pick up the bullet littermate pair and put it off til the next weekend....and they were sold....so goes it....US1
    19. huckleberry
      Nah mine died but im good friends with bullet owner do u have any of this blood urself I'm located in Tuscaloosa,Alabama I purchased the dogs from a guy in Minnesota
    20. slim12
      go to the vet...do not screw around with home remedies if it is surely infected...get it taken care of and then try home remedies as a prevenative...if i had a dog with an ear infection that is what i would do...US1
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