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A Tragic Loss In These Dogs

Discussion in 'R.I.P.' started by TabDogs, Aug 2, 2006.

  1. Riptora

    Riptora CH Dog

    Oh, you know... I know exactly why they would want to do that... I smell a giant cheese in a huge trap for rats!
  2. BoiBoi

    BoiBoi CH Dog

    hey hold up attila im not letting u have all the fun, my rifle needs to be sighted in so ima take a few shots at the runners too maybe even bust out the bow and try for some long distance shots with it fun fun
  3. cheekymunkee

    cheekymunkee Top Dog

    I did it just for you A.M.;)
  4. Attila

    Attila Guest

    That is sweet. Makes me feel all warm in side. Ok I am ready the tackle the world.[​IMG] I new I should have stopped in Dallas last weekend. dang.

    BoiBoi, that is cool I will bring one of my bows too. Cross bow. 265 lb pull. Gets a good pass through. lol
  5. BoiBoi

    BoiBoi CH Dog

    see i wanna be as mean as possible and bring my compound bow with 70lb of draw weight but use practice tips just to mess with those bastards
  6. Attila

    Attila Guest

    Hell if that is the case hit them with small game blunts in the back of the head. lol that is fun. Us a 50 pound bow and you can have the arrow sticking out both sides. lol
  7. Tavion

    Tavion Pup

    Hey how’s it Going sir I’m Actually one of Toms Children I was 6 when it happens did some research found this page thanks for everything and all the comments you got it made me very happy to see how people thought about him. please get back to me I’m interested in dogs!
  8. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Never met him but this is somewhat tied to him and the quality of his dogs.

    We left home once and traveled a number of hours away. Just as we left this guy found out he was going into a Razor/Eli crossed dog. For several hours he lamented on what dumb ass would cross a Razor's Edge dog to a game dog and then actually bring them out. This was going to be easy. Just a few minutes, get the money and start looking for #3. It was pretty much said and done until they released the dogs.

    What came across was not a Razor's Edge dog but a Westpenn's Razor dog that had a 1/4 shot of Eli. It happened just the way it was played out on the three hour ride, only it played out in reverse.

    That was a running joke around here for a number of years.

    Never met your Pops nor owned any of his dogs but that encounter created one of those life time memories.

    As an old fart, and I would bet seeing how the times have changed, I'd be willing to say your Pops would say. "Get something else".

    Good luck in your search. Tag some of his friends. We will cut each other's throats on occasion but a lot of times we look after one another. Maybe you land some of that family blood.


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