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Discussion in 'Breeder Discussion' started by oldguy, Nov 8, 2019.

  1. AGK

    AGK Super duper pooper scooper Administrator

    Of course they do its a buisness like any other.
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  2. AGK

    AGK Super duper pooper scooper Administrator

    Show me a buisness that will ignore a subpoena and put their buisness at risk for strangers or even people they know personally. You won't be able to. I agree fuck the law however I aint going to jail to prove a point over a dog. You won't change my mind. I won't change your mind. It's all good.
  3. AGK

    AGK Super duper pooper scooper Administrator

    When I say legitimacy I am saying if you have 10 dogs and they are registered show dogs you can better fight a dogfighting charge than you can with a bunch of unregistered dogs. You have more pull legally. Not that it makes the dogs legit. Don't confuse my words.
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  4. LOL...
    its all good bro!!!

    Dam.thank fuck lol..you had me under tension there...after all, yours truely here dont wanna offend one of the greats now.

    na man....my bad!!!
    you no the score..
    and i get what ya saying-i get it man.no pms needed.

    Lol.im the one who miss understood really.
    i get ya mod.

    I get ya man.
    and you get were my angle is..
    same page here.
    diffrent lands...diffrent ways to play it.

    K.C.Staffs bro.you get me right?
    all legit over here bro,pure K.C.Staffs.

    Hahaha...serious lol.K.C.Staffs bro.
    leg breaking ones.
    pure Staffs like...

    I get you mate.
    and i was expecting hell on this lol.

    hey look.amstaffs in your land can still weight pull..
    whats the difference man?adba.akc...its all just pulling a cart right?

    Something to think about mate.
    as the world is getting hotter on anything dogs lol.

    Nothing new over here mate.
    K.C.Staffs remeber?

    All the best AGK.

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  5. mccoypitbulls

    mccoypitbulls Underdog

    There are "real dog men" on YouTube that have live e chats. Go there for that.
    Some of them claim all types of things..and have pedigrees to back it up, LMFAO...just go see..can't tell em shit
    Bunch if people bragging about shit online and then want to call people rats when people question their merit.
    I can say who got my vote for youtube dog man of 2019...but it is 2020...get with the program...
  6. survivor

    survivor Pup

    Has anyone also considered that at that time TG was still advertising & selling pups off of the dog "with the golden d""*@" also the top ROM producer the "producer of champions" in his own words... any agency investigating illegal activities would at least look his way.
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  7. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Anytime you put it out there (this board, this forum, this post too) you are helping things for the other side if things go south. Simple as that.

    Watch some of the 'murder porn' crime shows on TV these days. How many people get convicted of murder when the first link to them was something their dumbass posted on facebook/social media?

    Dog forums no different. Put it out there and it can come back in a bad way.

    The deal with the frisco dog was never so much about him producing dogs at his age or whether it was actually him or not. The first real questions from the registry was how every female had 9-10 pups. Never, 3 or 4, or five or six, always huge litters.

    If you show up with plans to buy from Litter A and there were six puppies and all six had been sold, I can reach over into Litter B grab a puppy and have an 'extra' certificate from Litter A and you leave happy and none the wiser.

    So it was not so much was he still rpoducing but moreso the sheer amounts per litter, every single time.

  8. You going to the MS. Show in a couple weeks?

  9. Everyone holds this guy up on a pedestal. I do not get it. Twice He blew me off, 2nd time when I enquired about Sperm Up, didn't even call me back. All I can say is Puck TG.

    He even wanted to put his logo on our collars after the first 2, then sent a feeler through a mutual friend about purchasing some. The result was the same. Not all money is good money. No thanks go puck yourself.

    He is right there with the informant Shane Kirby, who called the ADBA an FBI front. The pot calling the kettle black, from a scam and a transposed Alabama snitch.
  10. AGK

    AGK Super duper pooper scooper Administrator

    No I'm up north in PA. I don't have people I trust to care for my yard so If I can't make the trip in 24 hours or less then I can't go. Been that way for 20 years. I'm chained here too lol.
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  11. Lucky here. Got a young couple that comes and feeds for me. Checks everything out. Let's us go for the weekend.
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  12. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    This has been me for the longest.

    When I got sick last year the fact I could not get the dogs taken care of, more so not taken care of the way I would like. All the way down to looking at the dog and adjusting feed per day.

    After three or four weeks I was able to go out to the dogs and I had several porkers.


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  13. Sure doesn't take long for one to go either way. I make it simple for our dog sitters, leg quarters while we are gone. Plus water. If a weekend trip I will scoop when I return, longer that's in it as well. They are "country" folk. Pigs, goats, dogs, chickens. Comfortable around the dogs and the chores. I know many are not so fortunate.
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  14. BPK

    BPK Pup

    I'm a old head and been totally around when all that went down, so this is what I know and what I can tell you from years ago as well as it was a listing in the SDJ as well as the Pit Bull Gazette that stated to purchasers who bought dogs off of Frisco from T.G. and this was the time when A.D.B.A. was accepting T.G. paperwork off of any Frisco dog when he sold you a dog. However, it was a BIG discrepancy came up about Frisco it had nothing to do with F.B.I. or Police or dog fighting, what actual happened was when A.D.B.A. started accepting DNA profile as "requested" by the customers right, it came up the the two customers that didn't know one another both had ordered a DNA test profile on their Frisco pups T.G. sold them, the Gazette stated that when both DNA was taken on those dogs, come to find out that they didn't even come off of Frisco as was alleged. Now that's from what I had read and can remember, I'm not the source of information but just given my spill on how things was said to have went down. Now after A.D.B.A. had found out that neither dog shared the same blood together become an issue for A.D.B.A. and then they had ordered that T.G. send them a sample of Frisco's DNA so it can be matched to said two dogs that was sold to the two customers. And ad it was said that T.G. told them NOOOOOO!

    And right then and there it was said that A.D.B.A. had band T.G. from registering any of his dogs with them again cause A.D.B.A. had looked at it as if what old timers call it that T.G. was paper hanging his dogs. And he no longer could register his dogs again with A.D.B.A. again, and right after that years went pass and T.G. started his own registry.

    One thing I can say T.G. has a point there evem though I read how it went down, I will agree with him I will not gave A.D.B.A. no DNA either at that time cause it is also some truth to I also did hear back long ago that the FBI was pushing up big time on A.D.B.A. to turn over its dog fighting breeders, but from what I did read about that it was alleged that A.D.B.A. told them that it would be illegal to do that without a WARRANT ! ! !

    But then again I don't trust A.D.B.A. either cause I have personal friends d dog partners that's no longer into the dogs that stated that A.D.B.A. gave Police their information to have them arrested for dog fighting even when they never gotten arrested. All they can think of was only way Police can know his every move who they all sold dogs to was due to A.D.B.A.

    So there you see we cannot trust none of these registries to be honest cause if enough pressure is put on them, sooner or later the owner(s) is going to fold, as they say pressure bust pipes! Facts! One thing you cannot take away from T.G. is he sell good dogs, but he'll how do you know exactly what your getting on how it's bred exactly?

    I can answer that to, get good foundation dogs, and start from there and you breed them and nobody cannot tell you what you got cause you know what you hold in your yard feeding and nobody else can tell you nothing, and you keep a record on paper how everything is bred, that's how the old timers did it, after all its the dog that makes the papers, papers don't make the dog!

    Keep Bull Doggin!
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