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Anyone else running Bullyson Blood?

Discussion in 'APBT Bloodlines' started by Bullyson, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. Junebug

    Junebug Big Dog

    according to the peds posted, looks like 6% is alot. I guess i have bullyson dogs:rolleyes:
  2. therealjudge

    therealjudge CH Dog

  3. gameone

    gameone Big Dog

  4. CaesarIsis

    CaesarIsis Top Dog

  5. gameone

    gameone Big Dog

    he selling dogs outta our camp that he never even touched or seen.I have people wanting papers off our dogs on breeding that never took place CAERARISIS speaks the truth YOU can google is # and see not just the gamedog world he alls f'ed people over in hunting dogs catch dogs blues its outta control..
  6. nolimit

    nolimit Pup

    So the VW strain not yalls cup of tea ayye? I like em...especially Axle Rose
  7. nolimit

    nolimit Pup

    Ps: there's much more to them than just mouth. Great friends, loyal family members
  8. Vinny

    Vinny Banned

  9. lbmkdaley

    lbmkdaley Pup

    i have some old bullyson boomerang coming from gr ch dillinger and his daddy powell's elijah game as a redboy dog ill tell you that allways pushing forward
  10. ben brockton

    ben brockton CH Dog

    i got a chance to see elijah after pp sold him. he was olde and the fella that bought him told me he wasnt throwing more then one or two in his breedings. he was the real deal as far as performance.
  11. TopBox

    TopBox Top Dog

    Is Jamey Powell still alive? I was able to see Elijah years back and had also stopped bye there and seen some of his offspring on the yard, was going to do some horse trading with a few pups but lost contact. Been close to 10 years since ive seen him.
  12. mckurt

    mckurt Pup

  13. i saw so much good bullyson dogs on page but i like RAMSEY and WHITSELL dogs really...maybe someone will send me info that dogmens still is active or some contact for me..thanks...
  14. I'm a fan of the Whitie stuff coming through Timex.The guy has been running that stuff for more than 20 yrs....imo some of the best Bullyson dogs there are.
  15. MrMark

    MrMark Big Dog

    He belong's to my partner, MFK Bulldogs. He only started breeding him about a year and half to two years ago. I believe he's produce one winner so far. Still young.

    ~Mr Mark
  16. The Saint

    The Saint Big Dog

  17. nolimit

    nolimit Pup

    Bloodwork may look like bassett but moves like a cat.
  18. vellie

    vellie Big Dog

    love how this dog is breed.how old is she?
  19. SBKennels

    SBKennels Pup

    I'm not heavy of the bullyson but I use it as a out to my tombstone/bolio/redboy/Jocko wit a out of that carver/Eli and the Eli is coming through the bullyson stuff

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